Sony PCS-XG80, PCS-XG80S Datasheet

Sony PCS-XG80, PCS-XG80S Datasheet
HD Visual Communication Systems
SONY55126_PCS 3
2/4/09 10:08:12 AM
Change Your Daily Business Communication Style With the
Powerful and Compact PCS-XG80 HD Visual Communication System
Sony, a leader in the AV industry, introduces a new form of high-definition (HD) visual
communication with the PCS-XG80. Powerful, affordable, and compact – the PCS-XG80 achieves
1080i HD video quality, making your daily business communication style more effective,
productive, and comfortable.
With approximately four times more detail than standard-definition (SD) images, the exceptional
HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications to the next level. The HD video
quality provided by Sony not only enhances your daily videoconferences with life-like images, but
also lets you see details that were not before visible with SD systems – which is especially useful for
applications such as product design conferences. What's more, the HD camera of the PCS-XG80
adopts the Sony developed BrightFace™ technology, which produces clear images even when
used in rooms with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The unit also features clear and naturalsounding stereo audio, allowing you to hold videoconferences with “real communication” as if
you were talking in the same room.
To make videoconferencing a powerful mainstream business communication tool, the PCS-XG80
has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. With an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
that employs a simple layer structure and translucent cascading menus, the system makes
videoconferencing easier than ever before. Moreover, the PCS-XG80 offers a number of other
features for user convenience, such as one-touch dialing for starting a videoconference, an HDMI
interface allowing a single cable connection between the codec and display, an embedded
MCU for multi-point connections,*1 and a new RF Remote Commander® unit that can be operated
without having to be pointed directly towards the system. What’s more, the PCS-XG80 is backward
compatible with SD videoconferencing systems, allowing seamless integration with existing SD
systems your business may be running.
You can enhance the quality of your videoconferences with effective data sharing (video and
presentation data from a PC) because the PCS-XG80 complies with the ITU-T H.239 standard.*1
Presentation data can be transferred at a frame rate as high as 30fps, which makes it possible to
present animations during a videoconference. Moreover, by using the video annotation function*2
of the PCS-XG80, you can clearly point out specific parts of an image by writing on a tablet. With
these outstanding data-sharing tools, you can now minimize misunderstandings during your
With a stylish design suitable for a variety of meeting rooms, 1080i HD video quality, and life-like
sound, the powerful, affordable, and compact PCS-XG80 is ideal for videoconferencing at all levels
of business — as well as for distance learning. HD videoconferencing is now available for your
daily communication needs.
*1 Requires optional software *2 Requires an optional third-party pen tablet.
SONY55126_PCS 2
2/4/09 10:08:22 AM
Stunning 1080i High-definition (HD)
BrightFace Technology (PCSA-CXG80)
The PCS-XG80 adopts the H.264 video codec
to bring you smooth and natural high-definition
(HD) images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080
pixels. Stunning HD video enhances your
videoconferencing with life-like images. What’s
more, the unit can be operated at 720p, 60 frames
per second, to produce natural video for effective
communication. The PCS-XG80 has a dedicated HD camera (PCSA-CXG80) that adopts the Sony newly
developed BrightFace technology. This technology
optimizes the brightness of each pixel to highlight
shadows, while subduing areas of the image that
are too bright, allowing operation in less-than-ideal
lighting conditions. BrightFace technology can
provide clear images even in dimly lit rooms, for
example when using a projector, or in rooms with
poor backlighting conditions.
(simulated images)
With BrightFace Function
Superb Audio Quality
The PCS-XG80 produces clear and natural stereo
sound, using the MPEG-4 AAC compression format. And because the unit has a built-in stereo echo canceller, which helps to eliminate the annoying echo often heard with other systems,
communication sounds far more natural.
ITU-T H.239 Support (video and
presentation data) – Presentation
Data Transferred at 30fps*3
With support for the ITU-T H.239 standard, the
PCS-XG80 can send both video and presentation
data displayed on your PC to videoconferencing
counterparts for more effective communication. Presentation data can be transferred at frame
rates as high as 30fps,*3 providing natural and
smooth presentations even when using animation
effects or showing videos from your PC. This
presentation data can be shown from either a
projector or a sub display using the RGB output.
Without BrightFace Function
(simulated images)
Multi-point Connection – Embedded
Using optional MCU software, the PCS-XG80 can
be configured to communicate with up to five
remote videoconferencing sites (six sites total)
simultaneously, using either an IP (H.323 or SIP
protocol) or ISDN (H.320 protocol) connection.*3 It can also support videoconferences in which
the connections are a combination of IP and
ISDN by using a bridging function. Moreover, two
PCS-XG80 units – each installed with the optional
MCU software – can be cascaded with an IP
connection to support a maximum of ten sites.
(monitors and laptop sold separately)
SONY55126_PCS 3
2/4/09 10:08:34 AM
Continuous-presence Mode With
Voice Activated Switching*4
The PCS-XG80 supports both four-screen and six-screen continuous-presence modes in 720p HD
format, which provides clear images even on the
smaller sub screens. When using voice activated
switching in continuous-presence mode, the far-end site that is actively speaking is displayed on
the largest of the six sub screens. In addition, voice activated switching is available
when the unit is in full-screen mode. Plus, of course,
fixed-site videoconferencing is available as well.
If FAR 5 is talking
If FAR 2 is talking
Six-site Continuous Presence Mode With Voice Activated Switching
Stable and Secure Videoconferencing
Enhanced Intelligent QoS™ (Quality of
Service) Functions to Achieve Stable
To handle the transmission of large amounts of HD
video data while maintaining high-quality and stable
communication over an IP network, the PCS-XG80
incorporates the following advanced QoS functions:
• Adaptive FEC (Forward Error Correction)
• Real-time ARQ™ (Automatic Repeat reQuest)
• ARC (Adaptive Rate Control)
These functions work “harmoniously” for fast and
consistent data throughput during the transmission
of video signals by adapting to any changes in
the network condition and correcting any packet
loss. For more information on the intelligent QoS
mechanism, refer to the “Technical Note” insert.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for
High Security
Secure videoconferencing over a network is
possible because the PCS-XG80 supports 128-bit
AES encryption. The system’s encryption complies
with the ITU-T H.233/H.234/H.235 standards,
which allows encrypted communication with
other compliant systems. When the encryption
mode is active, video, audio, and presentation
data are encrypted for the duration of the
Technical Note – Intelligent QoS Functions
Sony has implemented a number of QoS
functions in all of its currently available visual
communication systems. However, conventional
QoS methods used with SD systems are
inadequate when handling large amounts of
data associated with high-definition (HD) video.
Therefore, Sony has designed and implemented
enhanced intelligent QoS functions in its HD
visual communication systems.
Two major improvements have been made
on the previous methods. First, the system
intelligently allocates the amount of ARQ, FEC,
and video data based on the bandwidth
available, which is determined by the ARC
function. Second, FEC is performed with larger
FEC blocks and the number of parity packets
are adjusted as required. This combination
is both efficient and effective for transmitting
large amounts of data over IP networks to help
maintain high picture quality.
With Enhanced Intelligent QoS
Without Enhanced Intelligent QoS
(simulated images)
SONY55126_PCS 4
2/4/09 10:08:38 AM
Video Annotation Function*5
For effective communication, the PCS-XG80 video
annotation function is available. Conference
participants can clearly point out specific
parts of shared data, including live images and
presentation data, by simply writing on a tablet. This function can help you minimize time and effort
in your communications, and allow you to deliver a
clear and strong message.
“One-touch Dialing” With Newly Designed
RF Remote Commander Unit
For user convenience, the PCS-XG80 adopts a newly
designed RF Remote Commander unit that does
not have to be pointed directly towards the system.
What’s more, the PCS-XG80 has a convenient
one-touch dialing feature, which allows you to
easily connect to any of your registered contacts
by just pushing a function button on the RF Remote
Commander unit that corresponds to a thumbnail
image on the GUI. Up to four contacts for onetouch dialing can be shown on the “home menu”
from a maximum of 1000 registered contacts. "One-touch Dialing" With Newly
Designed RF Remote Commander Unit
(simulated image)
Single Cable Connection With HDMI
(simulated images)
With the supplied HDMI cable, the PCS-XG80 can
be connected to an HDMI-equipped display. This
single cable connection transmits both audio and
video, allowing the codec and display to be neatly
and quickly wired.
Multiple Display Layout
The PCS-XG80 has multiple display layouts such as
Full Screen, Picture-in-Picture, Picture-and-Picture,
and a Side-by-Side split screen. Any of these
flexible display patterns can be selected so that
both videoconferencing images and presentation
data can be displayed in a manner that is
effective and pleasing to the eye.
Simple Setup and Easy Operation
Dual Network Interfaces – Easily Switch
Between LAN and WAN Connections*4
For ease of use in office environments, the PCS-XG80
is equipped with dual network interfaces, one for
a LAN and the other for a WAN connection. This
can save you time if you need to use the system
both within an intranet environment and over the
Internet. What’s more multi-point connections can
be made between LAN and WAN environments.
Versatile Interfaces
Intuitive GUI – Simple Layer Structure/
Translucent Cascading Menus
The PCS-XG80 was thoughtfully designed with an
intuitive GUI, utilizing translucent cascading menus. The simple layer structure and easy functionality
allow you to operate the videoconferencing system,
including the camera, much easier than ever before.
Single Cable Connection With HDMI
Dual Network Interfaces
(simulated image)
SONY55126_PCS 5
2/4/09 10:08:46 AM
Other Features
Backward Compatibility With SD
• Memory Stick® recording – video/presentation
data (including annotations) and audio can be
recorded for later review*6
• Presentation data can be sent as a single stream
by selecting the RGB input.
• Built-in streaming function for multicasting to
large audiences*6
• Support for IPv6*4
• Support for H. 460 Firewall Traversal*4
• Up to 100 camera preset positions can be stored,
each with a thumbnail image*4 for easy recall.
Since the PCS-XG80 is backward compatible with
legacy SD systems, you can seamlessly integrate
the system to your existing standard-definition
videoconferencing environment. This enables you
to migrate from SD to HD at your own pace, with
minimal upfront investment. Compact and Stylish Design Suitable
for a Variety of Meeting Rooms
With its compact and stylish design, the PCS-XG80
fits neatly into boardrooms, medium- and smallsized meeting rooms, and even classrooms. And because the compact and powerful HD
videoconferencing system is incredibly light in
weight at approximately 4 lb 14 oz (2.2 kg), system
integrators will find it easy to install.
*3 Requires optional software. These functions are available
except when using the 1080i or 720/60p video formats.
*4 These functions are available with software version 2.0.
*5 Requires optional third-party pen tablet. This function is
available except when using the 1080i format.
*6 These functions are available except when using the 1080i
Codec Dimensions (W x H x D):
Approximately 11 1/8 x 2 1/4 (including rubber feet) x 9 5/8 inches (282 x 56 x 244 mm)
excluding projections
Codec Weight: Approximately 4 lb 14 oz (2.2 kg)
Videoconferencing for Our Environment
You can help reduce CO2 emissions and support our environment by using videoconferences
in lieu of business travel. Sony HD visual communication systems can make you feel as if you are
communicating in the same room. Stay in touch, travel less, and save our earth. Sony has an answer.
Sample System Configurations
HD Videoconferencing
*Multiple site HD videoconferencing will default to ITU-T H.264, 720/30p video format.
Videoconferencing with Legacy SD systems
• ••• • • • •
• ••• • • • •
• ••• • • • •
*Videoconfiguration with SD systems will default to ITU-T H.264, CIF video format.
SONY55126_PCS 6
2/4/09 10:08:49 AM
Optional Accessories
1/3-Type CMOS HD Camera
1/3-Type CMOS HD Camera
1/3-Type 3CCD HD Camera
1/4-Type 3CMOS HD Camera
Omnidirectional Microphone
ISDN I/F Box 768Kbps
ISDN I/F Box 384Kbps
(PCSA-CXG80 is supplied with
the PCS-XG80)
(Two PCS-A1 mics are supplied
with the PCS-XG80)
HD MCU Software
Unidirectional Microphone
Echo Cancelling Microphone
(4 units per package)
HD Data Solution Software
(for H.239 video and
presentation data)
Connector Panels
Unit: inches (mm)
SONY55126_PCS 7
2/4/09 10:09:04 AM
HD Codec Unit
PCS-XG80S (software version 2.0)
HD Camera Unit
Communication Protocol Standards
H.320, H.323, IETF SIP
Compression Standard ITU-T H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.263++, H.264, MPEG-4 Video (SIP only)
4:3 QCIF (176 x 144), CIF (352 x 288), 4CIF (704 x 576)
16:9 wCIF/w288p (512 x 288), w432p (768 x 432), w4CIF (1024 x 576), 720p (1280 x 720), 1080i (1920 x 1080)
Maximum Frame Rate H.261 QCIF 30fps, CIF 30fps H.263 QCIF 30fps, CIF 30fps, 4CIF 10fps
H.264 QCIF 30fps, CIF 30fps, 4CIF 30fps, wCIF 30fps, w432p 30fps, w4CIF 30fps, 720p 60fps, 1080i 60fps
Bit Rate IP
64 kb/s to 10 Mb/s
ISDN 56 kb/s to 768 kb/s (with optional PCSA-B768S)
56 kb/s to 384 kb/s (with optional PCSA-B384S)
Bandwidth and Coding
MPEG-4 AAC-LC Stereo: 22 kHz at 128kb/s, 192 kb/s - IP Only
MPEG-4 AAC-LC Mono : 14 kHz at 48 kb/s, 64 kb/s, 96 kb/s
MPEG-4 AAC-LC Mono : 22 kHz at 64 kb/s, 96 kb/s - IP only
G.711: 3.4 kHz at 56 kb/s, 64 kb/s
G.722: 7.0 kHz at 48 kb/s, 56 kb/s, 64 kb/s
G.728: 3.4 kHz at 16 kb/s
Echo Cancellation
Stereo echo-canceling supported
Noise reduction included Automatic gain control included
Screen Layout
Full screen, Picture-in-Picture, Picture-and-Picture, Side-by-Side split screen
ITU-T Standards (excludes audio/video standards)
H.221, BONDING, H.225.0, H.231, H.241, H.242, H.243, H.245, H.350, H.460.18, H.460.19
Other Standards
RFC2190, RFC3016, RFC3047, RFC3261, RFC3264, RFC3550, RFC3984, RFC4537, RFC4587, RFC4629, RFC4856
Network Protocol
Multipoint Capability
Internal MCU Up to 6 sites (H.320/H.323) with optional software PCSA-MCG80
Internal MCU Up to 10 sites (H.320/H.323) with optional software PCSA-MCG80 Using Cascaded Connection
Data Sharing
H.239 (video and presentation data)*
Lip Synchronization ON/OFF
Mic Off Function
Encryption Protocols H.233, H.234, H.235 ver.3
Network Features
Intelligent QoS Adaptive FEC (Forward Error Correction), Real-time ARQ (Auto Repeat reQuest), (Quality of Service)
ARC (Adaptive Rate Control)
Others Network Features NAT, IP Precedence/DiffServe, UDP Shaping, TCP/UDP Port Setting, Auto Gatekeeper Discovery, Packet Reordering, URI Dialing, IPx6
Camera Control
Far End Camera Control H.281
Video Input AUX Video Input (S-Video x 1, analog component Y/Pb/Pr x 1, RGB x 1)
Video Output HDMI (video, audio) x 1, RGB x 1
Audio Input Mic Input x 2 (stereo x 1/mono x 2, plug-in power) up to 14 kHz
EC-Mic Input x 2 (PCSA-A7) up to 14 kHz
Audio Input (MIC/AUX) x 2 (RCA pin, stereo) up to 22 kHz (AUX)
Audio Output HDMI (video, audio) x 1, Line Output (RCA pin, stereo) x 1, REC Output (RCA pin, stereo) x 1
Control RS-232C
Memory Stick Memory StickTM Slot x 1
Tablet Interface
Tablet Interface x 1
Maintenance Interface
RS-232C x 1
10BASE-T/100BASE-TX x 2, ISDN Unit Interface x 1
Operating Temperature 41 to 95 °F (5 to 35 °C)
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% (non condensing)
Storage Temperature -4 to 140 °F (-20 to 60 °C)
Storage Humidity
20 to 80% (non condensing)
Power Requirements DC 19.5 V (AC Adapter : AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption 40 W (codec only)/90 W (with PCSA-CXG80, PCSA-A7P4, PCSA-B768S)
Power Consumption (stand-by) 10 W (codec only)/15 W (with PCSA-CXG80, PCSA-A7P4, PCSA-B768S)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 11 1/8 x 2 1/4 (including rubber feet) x 9 5/8 inches (282 x 56 x 244 mm), excl. projections
Weight Approx. 4 lb 14 oz (2.2 kg)
Supplied Accessories
AC adapter, HDMI cable (3m), RF Remote Commander ® Unit, Batteries for Remote Commander ® unit x 2, CD-ROM (Operating instructions, Before using this unit, Connection sheet, Quick dial guide), Before using this unit, Connection sheet, Quick dial guide, Important notice regarding software, Warranty booklet
Sony Electronics Inc.
1 Sony Drive
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
VC- 0174-B (MK10473V4)
SONY55126_PCS 2
Image Device 1/3-type CMOS
Effective Picture Elements Approx. 2 Megapixels (16:9)
Focal Length 3.4 to 33.9 mm (F1.8 to F2.1)
Focus Auto/Manual
Horizontal Image Angle Approx. 8°(tele) to 70°(wide)
Zoom Ratio x 10 optical zoom (x 40 with digital zoom)
Pan/Tilt Angle -100° to +100°(Pan), -25° to + 25° (Tilt)
S/N More than 50 dB
Control Out VISCA™ OUT RS-232C for 2nd camera control
Position Preset
100 positions Operating Temperature 41to 95°F (5 to 35 °C)
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% (non condensing)
Storage Temperature -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
Storage Humidity 20 to 80% (non condensing)
Power Requirements DC 19.5V (supplied via the codec)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 9 1/2 x 6 (including rubber feet) x 6 1/4 inches (240 x 152 x 158 mm), excl. projections
Weight Approx. 4 lb 3 oz (2 kg)
BrightFace function, Noise reduction, Backlight compensation, Auto white balance
Supplied Accessories Camera cable (3m), Hook-and-loop pads x 2, Operating instructions, Warranty booklet
* PC images up to SXGA resolution is supported.
It requires the optional HD data solution software PCSA-DSG80 to send video and
presentation data simultaneously.
Package Configuration
HD Codec Unit (PCS-XG80S)
HD Camera Unit (PCSA-CXG80)
Omnidirectioonal Microphone (PCS-A1 x 2)
©2009 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
Features and specifications are as of software version 2.0, and subject to change without notice.
All non-metric weights and measurements are approximate.
Sony, IPELA, BrightFace, Remote Commander, Intelligent QoS, Real-time ARQ, VISCA and
Memory Stick are trademarks of Sony.
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