Patient I.D. Solution
Have You Thought About What Laser Wristband Printing Is
Really Costing You?
At first glance, laser may seem like an adequate print technology for
wristbands. But, in reality, the hidden costs as well as staff
inefficiencies and frustrations add up fast:
•With laser, the adhesive backing on the wristband and label forms can ooze and cause performance problems for the
printer. This leads to increased help desk calls and higher
maintenance costs.
•Laser toner is expensive, and more toner is used to print
high-density bar codes than plain text.
•Laser wristband printing can be time consuming and labor
intensive. With some laser bands, the staff must load forms into a
special tray, print labels, apply a label to the band, and then fold a
laminate coating over the band to protect the bar code image.
•Many laser forms include extra wristbands and labels that are not
needed and must be destroyed under HIPAA guidelines.
Zebra’s new HC100 Patient I.D. Solution overcomes all of these
obstacles. Now your hospital staff can produce and attach a longlasting, antimicrobial-coated thermal wristband in just two steps. No
wasted time with the cumbersome wristband assembly many laser
solutions require. No jammed laser printers. No toner. No ribbon. It’s
that simple.
All-in-One Wristband Solution
• Remarkably easy to use
• Accommodates Zebra’s entire line of
Z-Band® wristbands
• Bar codes on Z-Band wristbands remain
scannable for longer than the average
patient stay
• Small footprint fits well in crowded
Bar Coded Wristband Printing Made Easy
and Cost-Effective
Introducing the HC100 Patient I.D. Solution: an Easy and
Cost-Effective Way to Improve Patient Safety
This all-in-one print solution combines the reliable HC100 direct thermal
printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated
wristbands on the market—Zebra’s Z-Band® wristbands.
There’s minimal training required! Pop the wristband cartridge into the
printer and the HC100 automatically detects the wristband size, immediately
calibrates, and prints. You get long-lasting wristbands with bar codes
that remain scannable for longer than the average patient stay. When the
cartridges are empty, return them for recycling.
For optimal printing quality and proper printer performance, the HC100
printer is designed to work only with cartridges of genuine Zebra™ Z-Band
Zebra partners with the leading Admissions Discharge Transfer (ADT)
software providers to enable hospitals’ easy integration of our wristband
print solutions.
For added peace of mind and a cost-effective way to plan
for your annual maintenance expenditures, protect
your investment with a ZebraCare™ service
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Laboratory Tes
l Wristbands
l Antimicrobia
Direct Therma
Learn More About Zebra's Antimicrobial Wristbands
Download our free white paper, Laboratory Testing of Zebra's Z-Band Direct Thermal
Antimicrobial Wristbands, by visiting www.zebra.com/healthcare.
Patient Safety Starts at the Wrist
Zebra’s HC100 Patient I.D. Solution accommodates
our entire line of white and color Z-Band
wristbands—including soft, flexible Z-Band
Comfort with superior resistance to hand sanitizers
and an adhesive tab, and Z-Band QuickClip™
with clip closure—in infant, pediatric and adult
sizes. Bar codes on Z-Band wristbands are proven
to withstand water, soaps, foams, alcohol and
other common solvents found in a healthcare
environment and remain scannable for longer than
the average patient stay.
Z-Band wristbands are the only bands on the
market to feature our patent-pending antimicrobial
coating that protects the wristband.
Z-Band additionally meets the patient I.D.
guidelines of the American Hospital Association,
the Joint Commission and the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Zebra's Z-Band wristbands also were tested
by an independent MRI testing company and
were determined “MR-Safe” (MR Safe—an
item that poses no known hazards in all MRI
environments) according to the terminology
specified in the American Society for Testing
and Materials (ASTM) International, Designation:
F2503-08: Standard Practice for Marking Medical
Devices and Other Items for Safety in the Magnetic
Resonance Environment. These wristbands do not
appear to present an additional hazard or risk to a
patient undergoing an MRI procedure.
Choose the HC100 Patient I.D.
Solution for a Lower Total Cost of
Ownership Than Laser
The HC100 Patient I.D. Solution uses thermal print
technology, which in the long run saves time and
money over laser printing.
• Avoid the wasted wristbands and labels that come with laser
printing. With the HC100, you print wristbands as needed. And
the HC100 automatically calibrates to the wristband size.
• Laser printing requires expensive toner, and printing bar codes
uses more toner than printing plain text. With the direct thermal
HC100, there’s no toner and no ribbons.
• Wristbanding with the thermal HC100 Patient I.D. Solution is
considerably less labor intensive than with most laser wristband
solutions. Zebra’s solution requires two simple steps—print
the wristband and place it on the patient. Many laser solutions
require six or seven steps to print and assemble the bands.
• With laser, the adhesive backing on the wristband and label
forms can ooze and cause performance problems for the
printer. This leads to increased help desk calls and higher
maintenance costs.
Purchase the HC100 off a
GPO Contract
The HC100 Patient I.D. Solution is available
through these GPO contracts: Amerinet, MAGNET,
MedAssets, and MHA.
With better connectivity options
and a smaller footprint than any laser
printer, the HC100 printer works with your
network and fits your workspaces
Specifications at a Glance*
Standard Features
Printer Specifications
Networking Options
• Quick & easy media cartridge loading
• Automatic media loading—no user contact with the
media during loading or removal
• 300 dpi print resolution (12 dots/mm)
• Prints at 2"/51 mm per second
• Direct thermal printing of bar codes, text, and
• Dual-wall frame, impact resistant plastic
• ZPL® or ZPL II® programming language
• 32 bit RISC processor
• 16 MB Std SDRAM memory (4 MB available to user)
• 8 MB Std Flash memory (2 MB available to user)
• Zebra E3™ Printhead Energy Control
• Dual communications interface: Serial & USB
• Odometer for print length tracking
• Illuminated Media Low/Media Out indicator
• Tool-less printhead and platen replacement
• Unicode™ compliant for multi-language printing
• XML-Enabled printing—allows XML communications
from information systems
• Instant media calibration—no wasted media
• 16 resident expandable bitmap fonts
• One resident scalable font
• Standard tear-off mode feature
300 dpi/12 dots per mm
Ethernet—ZebraNet® 10/100 Internal Print Server
Factory installed only, offered in combination with
serial and USB interfaces
• 16 MB Std SDRAM memory (4 MB available to user)
• 8 MB Std Flash memory (2 MB available to user)
• 64 MB (58 MB user available) Flash memory (Factory installed option)
Maximum print length
22.0"/558 mm
Wireless 802.11b/g
Factory installed only, offered in combination with
serial and USB interfaces. Advanced wireless
security—including WPA and WPA2
Agency Approvals
FCC Part 15, Subpart B, VCCI, C-Tick
Minimum print length
3" (76 mm )
3 media widths
0.75"/19.05 mm, 1"/25.4 mm, 1.1875"/30.16 mm
Print speed
2"/51mm per second
Media sensors
Head-up, Media low, and Media out sensors
Emissions and Susceptibility
(CE): EN55022 Class-B, and EN55024
CB Scheme IEC 60950-1:2001, TUV NRTL
Power Supply
IEC 60601-1:1995
Media Characteristics
Wristbands feature patent-pending silver antimicrobial coating to protect the wristbands.
Z-Band Comfort—Adhesive Closure
Part Number
1" x 11" (25.4 mm x 279.4 mm)
White, 10010951-1K (Red), 10010951-2K (Blue), 10010951-3K (Green),10010951-4K (Purple), 10010951-5K (Pink), 10010951-6K (Orange), 10010951-7K (Yellow)
0.75" x 11" (19.05 mm x 279.4 mm)
1.1875" x 11" (30.16 mm x 279.4 mm)
1" x 7" (25.4 mm x 177.8 mm)
1" x 6" (25.4 mm x 152.4 mm)
Soft Infant Z-Band Direct
1" x 7.6875" (25.4 mm x 195.3 mm)
Z-Band QuickClip™ Wristbands
1.1875" x 11" (30.16 mm x 279.4 mm)
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Purple clips
1" x 7" (25.4 mm x 177.8 mm)
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Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Purple clips
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*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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