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Data Sheet
Cisco Smart Foundation Service
Protecting Your Network Investment and Your Business
In today’s interconnected business environment, customer satisfaction,
employee productivity, and business profitability are all increasingly
dependent on the business network. Designed specifically to meet the
needs of smaller networks, Cisco® Smart Foundation Service provides
the easy, cost-effective network support small and medium-sized
businesses (SMBs) need to help ensure operational reliability, contain
costs, and protect the Cisco network investment.
Mission Critical
Importance of Network
• Deliver by Cisco
• Device Coverage
• 2-Hour, 4-Hour, NBD Replacement
Smart Care
Cisco Smart
Service Needs
• Deliver by Cisco
• Device Coverage
• NBD Replacement
• Deliver by Partner
• Network-Level Coverage
• NBD Replacement
When Network Downtime Is Not an Option, Turn to Cisco Smart
Foundation Service
Today’s SMBs are often just as dependent on network applications as large enterprises
and just as vulnerable to the lost productivity and profitability that can result from a
network outage. But unlike large corporations, SMBs rarely have a full-scale IT staff
with specialized knowledge about network solutions or extra IT budget to devote to
enterprise-scale network support services. Now, you have another option: Cisco Smart
Foundation Service.
Designed for businesses with data-only networks, fewer than 250 network users (50 or
fewer network devices), and an IT staff with limited network expertise, Cisco Smart
Foundation Service offers excellent essential support with entry-level affordability.
Delivered by Cisco, this service program provides an easy, affordable way to help SMBs
quickly resolve routine issues that might arise when using Cisco SMB-class products.
Cisco Smart Foundation Service (Table 1) combines the following:
• Essential network support with clear, nontechnical tools and resources
• Step-by-step guidance from Cisco SMB Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers
who have been specially trained to work and communicate with SMB IT personnel,
who often do not have extensive Cisco networking expertise
• Next-business-day hardware replacement and software bug fixes, if required
• Affordable network support, with an annual fee lower than the cost of even a single
uncovered service transaction
Table 1. Cisco Smart Foundation Service Components
Advance Hardware
Cisco Technical
Assistance Center
Cisco Knowledge
Base and Tools
Operating System
Eligible Devices
Cisco Smart
Foundation Service
8 x 5 x next business
day (NBD)
Business hours
(8 a.m.-5 p.m.) access
to special SMB TAC
(access levels vary
by region)
Full access using
Cisco Smart
Foundation portal
Operating system
software updates for
bug fixes
Select SMB-class
data products
Data Sheet
Fast Access to the Network Experts at Cisco
You can confer with Cisco TAC engineers in a way that is most convenient and useful
for you, including e-mail, telephone, and Web-based collaboration with support
available in local languages. Access levels vary by country. Please contact your account
representative for access details for your area.
The Replacement Hardware You Need, When and Where You Need It
When you need fast access to replacement hardware, Cisco Smart Foundation Service
provides next-business-day advance replacement where available, and otherwise same
day ship. For more information, consult a Cisco account manager or authorized Cisco
reseller or review the Service Availability Matrix at
search/ for a complete listing of local delivery options.
Table 2 shows devices supported by the Cisco Smart Foundation Service.
Table 2. Cisco Smart Foundation Service: Supported Devices
• Cisco Catalyst® Express 500 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 2940 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 2970 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 3500 XL Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches
• Cisco Catalyst 4503 Switch
SOHO Routers
• Cisco 0800 Integrated Services
• Cisco 800BB Integrated Services
• Cisco 800TRAD Integrated Services
• Cisco SB100 Integrated Services
• Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Routers
• Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers
• Cisco 2600 Series Multiservice Platforms
• Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
• Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance
• Cisco ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance
• Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliance
Firewall Products
• Cisco PIX® 501 Security Appliance
• Cisco PIX 506 Firewall
• Cisco PIX 515 Firewall
Wireless Products
• Cisco Aironet® 340 Access Points
• Cisco Aironet 350 Access Points
• Cisco Aironet 1000 Series
• Cisco Aironet 1100 Series
• Cisco Aironet 1200 Series
• Cisco Aironet 1300 Series
• Cisco Aironet 1400 Series
Data Sheet
Simple, Efficient Online Management and Troubleshooting Software
The Cisco Smart Foundation portal provides SMBs with a secure portfolio of tools
that can help them efficiently perform many of the activities needed to install, configure,
and troubleshoot covered Cisco networking devices. The online portal provides fast
access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the resources SMBs need to keep the
network and the business running smoothly. The Cisco Smart Foundation portal
includes the following capabilities:
• Access and administer Cisco SMB Smart Foundation contracts
• Access and manage device inventory
• Set up, manage, configure, or troubleshoot products
• Easily add devices to the network and quickly assign an IP address
• Recover passwords using password recovery wizard
• Access tools and resources that can assist in identifying and resolving a problem
• Retrieve instructional documents on basic network configuration scenarios
• Open a service request online
• Access operating system software bug fixes
A Comprehensive Service Portfolio
Cisco Smart Foundation Service is one of a family of Cisco Smart Services for Small
and Medium Business. Offering a choice of responsive and proactive services to
complement your internal IT support capabilities and meet your network needs, Cisco
Smart Services for Small and Medium Business include Cisco Smart Care Service,
Cisco SMARTnet® Service, and Cisco Smart Foundation Service. These services are
smart based on their relevancy to the business requirements of a small or medium
organization like yours. They are part of a broader Cisco Services portfolio.
Cisco Smart Foundation Service may be purchased through a Cisco certified partner.
To find a partner, visit
Why Cisco Services
Cisco Services make networks, applications, and the people who use them work
better together.
Today, the network is a strategic platform in a world that demands better integration
between people, information, and ideas. The network works better when services,
together with products, create solutions aligned with business needs and opportunities.
For More Information
For more information about Cisco Smart Foundation Service, visit
go/smartfoundation or contact your local account representative.
For more information about other types of Cisco Services to maintain and optimize
your network, including technology-specific and remote management services, visit
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