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OpenCom X320
VoIP simply complete –
Communication made simple
All aspects of VoIP combined in the OpenCom X320 :
Internal use of structured cabling with IP-phones, DECToverIP
base stations and soft phones.
Internet connection for networking PBXes, remote access from
home office or filial also with DECT on remote sites, PPTP and
IPsec with DynDNS and last but not least telephony via internet
with SIP.
Even with the new Linux operating system the configuration is as
easy as usual like whole OpenCom 100-Family. There is no
software needed nor any cryptic telnet access – web browser will
System requirements
» Telephony fully equipped
» Like OpenCom 131, 130, 150, 510
» 2 x BRI (1 x fix external,
1 x switchable)
Additional with OpenCom X320:
» Browser for configuration and use of
internal applications like OpenCTI 50
» Linux operating system
» 3 x UPN (for digital phones
OpenPhone 6x, 7x or DECT-base
stations RFP 22, 24)
» 8 x analogue with CLIP
» 2 slots for M100-modules
(subscriber-/ trunk-modules)
one of them for media gatewaymodule M100-IP
» 1 x WAN-Port – for connection to
DSL modem
» 3 x LAN-Ports – two of them
powered PoE regarding
IEEE 802.3af
» Router function with > 16 Mbps DSL
» VPN-End point for VPN-tunnel
(min. 4)
» IPsec – with AES 256 and hardware
encoded for speed and security
» PPTP – Point-to-Point-TunnellingProtocol
» L2TP – compatible with Windows
XP clients
» Java for some applications I.e. busy lamp
field under OpenCTI 50
Ordering name
» OpenCom X320
Part number
» OpenCom X320rack
delivery from 1st Q/ 2007
» Licence OpenLine
» Licence OpenLIne SIP 2
» DynDNS – support of networking
with dynamic IP-addresses from
» 1 slot for FAX module incl. COM port
for external call data recording
Internal gateway features
Stand: 07.2008 • Produkte ähnlich Abbildungen
Technische Änderungen und Liefermöglichkeiten vorbehalten
» 32 Gateway channels on board with
G.711 and without echo cancellation
Direct connection of IP-phones
(OpenPhone 6xIP and 7xIP) or
DECToverIP base stations (RFP 32
IP, 34 IP and 41 WLAN)
» Gateway module M100-IP (Slot 2
only) is necessary for SIP-telephony,
for external use of IP-phones (Home
offices, VPN access etc.) it is
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