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The LAP30ULV Cart has been tested
by Underwriter Laboratories to UL
60950 Safety of Informational
Technology Standards for the United
States and Canadian markets.
Made In The USA
• Welded and fully assembled at the factory, simply uncrate and use to store and charges up to 30 laptop computers. Room provided on the
top shelf for a work surface or for use with printers. Laptops store vertically and charging and feature an easy to use labeling system that
coordinates each laptop with a power source.
• Includes three 10-outlet electrical units with overload protection and on/off switch for charging laptops and powering other equipment.
Electrical units are powered through the Power Management System, or Brain, which regulates the power and allows all 30 computers to
charge from a single outlet without the use of a timer.
• The Power Management System operates in three power modes, Round Robin Mode for charging all laptops through power cycling, Turbo
Mode that dedicates power to a single computer bank and charges 10 laptops quickly, or Auxiliary Mode, which shuts power off from the
laptop electrical banks and provides power on top for printers or scanners.
• When charging computers the Power Management System constantly monitors the battery needs and reduces power as they become fully
charged to keep them within thermal limits and extend battery life. In Round Robin Mode, battery charge is monitored and power sent to the
bank most discharged. Power cycles through both banks and all laptops are charged together.
• Rear access Cable Closet provides access to power outlets and laptop cords while providing a place to keep the laptop power transformers.
Divider wall reduces the amount of heat that can reach the computer, keeping them cooler and extending battery life.
• Hidden 1 amp outlet provides power for a wireless device and is always live when the Power Management System is switched to on.
• The cabinet is perforated on all sides to allow air to circulate and the vent heat from equipment when charging.
• Cabinet doors bolt closed with padlocks to help deter theft and top and bottom shelves overlap the doors, making entry by pry bar difficult.
Two user programmable padlocks included.
• Easy rolling 5" casters all swivel for tight spaces and two may be fixed to provide added control when moving down a hall. Top shelf handles
provide added control.
• Welded construction with an average of 30% post-consumer recycled steel. Laptop computer carts are certified to GREENGUARD Children &
Schools Indoor Air Quality standards.
LAP30ULV-CT Overall:
43-3/8"w x 27-3/8"d x 45-1/8"h
LAP30ULV laptop storage carts are made at Bretford’s Chicago area
Overall Interior Shelf Size:
39"w x 15-3/4"d x 3"h
manufacturing facility using union labor.
Space for Each Laptop:
2-5/8"w x 15-1/2"d x 12-5/8"h
Laptop Transformer Bins:
33"w x 4"d x 3-1/2"h front lip
Top Shelf:
42"w x 26"d x 40-1/2"h
The Power Management System monument, or Brain, mounts above
PMS (Brain) Footprint:
8"w x 4-1/2"d x 4-3/4"h
the top shelf and uses a microchip to distribute power and decrease
3-5/8"d x 25-1/4"l
laptop battery heat and electrical stress. As batteries near full charge,
the electrical current is reduced to keep batteries within their thermal
limit and extend useful life. A push button cycles between three
The rear cable closet provides organization for computer power
power modes and LED lights indicate what functions are being
transformers and is divided into three 10-outlet power banks, Bank A,
performed. Round Robin Mode monitors the power draw on each 10-
Bank B and Bank C. A labeling system is included to coordinate
outlet electrical bank and provides power to the bank with the most
computers in the front with power in the back.
discharged computers. Power needs are regularly evaluated, sending
power to the most discharged batteries, allowing all computers to be
charged at once from a single power circuit. Turbo Mode dedicates
power to one power bank, charging 10 computers rapidly. Auxiliary
Mode shuts power off to the laptop power banks and diverts it to
auxiliary outlets on the Power Management System monument for a
printer or scanner. The Power Management System is controlled by
an on/off switch and features a 12' power cord.
A 1 amp electrical outlet is located inside the Cable Closet to provide
power to a wireless router. Power is controlled by the on/off switch
on the Power Management System monument and the outlet is
always powered regardless of the power mode selection.
Assembled Notebook Storage Cart has one (1) 42"w x 26"d, 16-gauge
steel top shelf, which includes a Power Management System control
monument mounted at center rear. The underside of the work
Concrete (-CT) powder paint
surface has two (2) stiffeners and four (4) corner braces all 16-gauge
steel. Cart also has one (1) 42"w x 26"d, 18-gauge steel bottom shelf
with two (2) stiffeners and four (4) corner braces, all 16-gauge steel.
LAP30ULV-CT: 270 lbs., Freight class 125
Bottom shelf is welded to two (2) 16-gauge cross beams at the outer
Ships assembled in one (1) carton
edge, front to back, which support four (4) 5" plate casters. Two
LAP30ULV-CT - 0 96633 31646 5
casters swivel with locking brakes and two swivel or can be locked
Box Dims: 48-1/2"w x 33"d x 50"h / 270 lbs.
into a fixed position for control when moving. Cabinet consists of
Note: All computer carts are secured to a 42"w x 30"d skid at the
four (4) 1-7/8" square 16-gauge steel corner tubes, one (1) 39"w x
time of shipping. Carriers are instructed not to remove the product
16"d, 18-gauge interior shelf, two (2) 26-3/4"h x 18-1/4"w, 18-gauge
from the skid to prevent damage.
outer panels, and one (1) 39w x 26-5/8"d, 18-gauge divider panel
separating the laptop storage from the cable closet. Twenty-eight
(28) steel wire dividers clip to the underside of the top and interior
The LAP30ULV laptop storage cart has been tested by Underwriter
shelves to vertically separate laptops. The cable closet has three (3)
Laboratories and certified to comply with UL 60950 Standards for
UL listed, 10-outlet electrical units that attach inside the cart along
Safety of Informational Technology. Certified for the United States
the side and top panels. The cable closet includes two (2) laptop
and Canadian markets.
transformer storage bins, each 4"d x 33"w x 3-1/2"h. Transformers are
placed inside the bins and excess cords are wrapped with velcro
straps, included. Front and rear compartments are accessed by four
Carts are constructed using “prime” steel which has a 25% to 35%
(4) 20-3/4"w x 30-1/4"h, 18-gauge doors, two front and two rear.
post-consumer recycled content. All steel components are recyclable
Doors are overlapped by the top and bottom shelves to deter theft
at the end of the product life cycle. Components are finished in
and have multi-point locking system with user programmable, four-
environmentally friendly powder paint that reduces VOCs. Laptop
dial combination locks, locks included. All panels and doors have
carts are certified to GREENGUARD Children & Schools Indoor Air
ventilation holes and cart has two (2) push handles. Each model is
Quality standards.
finished in powder coat paint. Ships assembled by truck only.
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