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Silver Surf™ Waterproof Optical Mouse
Models included: SM7, SM7W, SWM7, SWM7W
100% Waterproof • Spillproof • Dishwasher Safe • Guaranteed
Dishwasher Safe for easy cleaning
100% Waterproof Guaranteed — 2-Year Limited Warranty
Silver Seal™ Protection (antimicrobial plastic reduces bacteria growth)
Seal Glide™ Frictionless Scroll Bar for fast scrolling
Ergonomic Design for superior comfort and feel
Available in corded or wireless versions
Plug-and-Play installation
Protects Against
Family Friendly — durable and safe
Water Solvents Salt Water
Patent Pending
Disinfectants Humidity Abrasives
Dust Corrosives
SandShock Alkaline
Bleach Acid
Blood HeatCold
Silver Surf™ Waterproof Optical Mouse
100% Waterproof • Spillproof • Dishwasher Safe • Guaranteed
100% Waterproof — Guaranteed
Rugged and Durable
100% Spillproof
Dishwasher Safe
Manufactured from non-corrosive components and certified
to be manufactured with no hazardous substances (RoHS
compliant). Medical Grade.
Seal Shield™ waterproof technology (Patent Pending)
means these keyboards are fully submersible and manufactured to meet rigorous NEMA 4X / IP68 specifications.
The Seal Shield™ Keyboard is rugged and safe and is
backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty.
Accidents happen. Small spills, big spills, even complete
submersion- Seal Shield™ can handle it. Whenever
accidents happen, or just to keep the keyboard clean,
rinse it off under the faucet, soak it in the sink, or put it
in the dishwasher. Your keyboard comes out clean and
ready to use.
Seal Shield™ keyboards are easy to clean. Just put them in the
dishwasher to thoroughly clean and disinfect the unit. Laser
etched keys will not fade during washing.
Silver Seal™ Protection
This product is Silver Seal ™ protected. It contains an
antimicrobial, fungistatic agent which protects the product
and keeps it cleaner, greener and fresher by inhibiting the
growth of microbial bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on the
product’s surface.
Silver Surf™ Waterproof Optical Mouse Products Include:
SM7W Silver Surf™ Wireless Optical Mouse
Wireless Convenience
Reliable, Robust 2.4 GHz Performance
Precision optical performance with 800 dpi resolution
Seal Glide™ Frictionless Scroll Bar for fast scrolling
Ergonomic Design for superior comfort and feel
Batteries Included
SM7 Silver Surf™ USB Optical Mouse
Gold-Plated USB Connector
Seal Cap™ (Patent Pending) protects Gold-Plated connector
Precision optical performance with 800 dpi resolution
Seal Glide™ Frictionless Scroll Bar for fast scrolling
Ergonomic Design for superior comfort and feel
SWM7, SWM7W Silver Surf™ Mouse
Same as product descriptions above, but in white
Technical Specifications
Button Design:
Scroll Function:
Pointer Technology:
Resolution: Dimensions
L x W x H:
Cable Length:
Connection Types: Operating Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Button Switch Operating Force:
Button Switch Life Cycle:
Waterproof and Dustproof Ratings:
ABS plastic
2 button
SEAL GLIDE™ Scroll Strip
800 DPI
114mm x 65mm x 38mm
112g (SM7) 80g (SM7W without batteries)
6 feet (1.83m) for SM7 only
Gold-plated USB (SM7)
2.4 GHz Wireless with nano USB RF receiver (SM7W)
+ 5VDC (SM7) +3VDC (SM7W)
SM7 - 12mA(Standby) 18mA(Active)
SM7W - 3mA(Standby) 9mA(Active)
Greater than 1 million strokes
Conforms to FCC rules for a Class B computing device
100% Waterproof and Dustproof (IP 68, NEMA 4X)
2 - AAA (Included with SM7W)
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The complete line of Seal Shield™
dishwasher safe keyboards
Only SEAL SHIELD™ Silver Seal™ Keyboards, Mice and Mouse Pads are Spillproof, Washable and Antimicrobial
The CDC recommends that you “Clean Your Hands Often” and “Routinely Clean and Disinfect
Surfaces” including common touch surfaces such as keyboards, mice and remote controls.
Prior to starting a shift, thoroughly spray SEAL SHIELD™ Medical Grade
Washable keyboard, Mouse or Mouse Pad with SEAL SHIELD SafeHands
surface cleaner or any Kaiser-approved disinfectant.
Use SEAL SHIELD™ SafeHands Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer before
and after using the keyboard.
Wash the SEAL SHIELD™ Medical Grade Keyboard, Mouse and Mouse
Pad in the sink or dishwasher as necessary to remove residue or buildup.
When washing SEAL SHIELD™ products, be sure to use the SEAL CAP™ to
keep the USB connector dry.
Seal Shield™ dishwasher safe mouse pads
with Silver Seal™ for antimicrobial protection of the mouse pad surface.
Thoroughly wipe the SEAL SHIELD™ keyboard, mouse and mouse
pad surfaces as necessary using SEAL SHIELD™ brand disinfectant
wipes or any other Kaiser-approved cleaning solution.
Help prevent infections. Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly and often!
The SEAL SHIELD™ keyboard and mouse with Silver Seal™ protection have earned
the seal after evaluation or review by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.
Seal Shield, LLC
Jacksonville, FL 32205
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