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In case there is audible noise,
possibly caused be strong radio waves (e.g. by mobile phones)
we recommend to turn down the volume control of the unit.
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EN 55024 : 1998 + A1 : 2001 + A2 : 2003 (EN 61000-4-2 / -3)
EN 55022 : 1998 + A1 : 2000 + A2 : 2003
EMC Directive 89/336 / EEC;
We herewith declare, that the TEAC MEDIA SYSTEMS HP-7D
complies with the following norms or normative documents:
CE - Declaration of conformity
4. Please keep the product in a ventilated area and away from high
temperature place, no direct sunlight, damply or dusty environment. Also
avoid placing on top of heat radiating objects.
3. Before switching on the power of 5.1 headphone control box, please turn
the master volume of your computer down. Adjust to desired volume after
the product is working properly. Doing so, will prevent damage to 5.1
speaker units and also prevent of shock by unexpected signal volumes.
2. Before switching on the power, please make sure the USB cable is
correctly connected
1. Before operation, please make sure the driver software is correctly
installed in your computer system.
The HP-7D USB 5.1 surround sound headphone system incorporates a USB
sound decoder with a home theatre 5.1 channel amplifier integrated in a small,
handy in-line control box, and a special headphone with 6 independent sound
channels, with a total of 8 speaker drivers. The independence of channels enables
performing different sounds that together achieve perfect home theater leisure
enjoyment by full 360 degree soundscape which comes impressively close to real
theater feeling Therefore it presents real 5.1 channel surround sound effects for
DVD movies, action games or music. That offers you a perfect home theater
5.1 Surround Sound Headphone System
4. If you forgot the jack that you have installed the program, the system will
not recognize function until the correct USB jack is connected. There will
be a symbol icon displayed at the lower right corner on the screen to
indicate when the connection is correct.
3. If your computer has many USB jacks, please remember to connect the
headphone USB plug to the same jack you have installed the driver
program, each time using the headphone.
2. Before installing driver program, please first connect USB plug of this
headphone to USB jack of the computer.
1. Some USB master controllers may impact the audio output and send out
some discontinuous signals as the data bunch was lost during
transmitting. But this rarely happens.
Notes on USB interface:
6. Please adjust hardware system to maximum speed and highest sampling
frequency to achieve the best sound quality.
5. At least 50MB hard disk space.
4. Recommended RAM: At least 64MB memory.
3. CPU: INTEL PENTIUM III or AMD K6 500 and compatible, or higher
2. Operation systems supported by driver: Windows 2000, Windows XP.
Users should first confirm, the PC operating system and hardware can
support USB 2.0 specification.
1. USB 2.0 device: This 5.1 USB headphone can only be used with products
that supports USB function. It is designated for the PC USB bus to
provide 500mA power, according to USB 2.0 version full speed mode,
compatible with mainstream operation systems.
System Requirements:
Ahead of the above mentioned basic control functions, there are various settings
to adjust the sound quality and to have additional functions of the USB
headphone, controlled by the driver/software supplied with the product.
Microphone switch: Select on/off for the built-in microphone. “On”
indication by LED light.
Volume control: step master volume up and down by pressing the
Volume + or Volume – buttons.
Power switch: Select on/off for the USB 5.1 headphone system by the
slide switch. Power “On” indication by LED light.
The USB control box at the headphone cable offers the following direct control
functions without a need of software control:
Headphone Direct Operation
9. There will be a small icon at the lower right corner on the monitor screen
after restart. Please click on the icon to start operation.
8. System will restart after finishing the program installation.
7. Please wait while system may take some time to install the program.
6. System will automatically set driver program under default path.
5. You can choose to install “driver only” or “install driver and demonstration
program at the same time”. Then click "Next" to continue installation.
3. Follow system guide, click "Next" button to start installation.
2. Insert the installation CD in your CD-ROM and open the CD installation
application program. The system will guide the program installation
automatically; otherwise, double-click the "Setup.exe" to start the
1. Turn on your computer and connect the USB plug of 5.1 headphone to
the PC USB jack, then turn on the power switch on the in-line controller.
Setup and Driver Installation:
Please set the volume of all channels according to the configuration graph
to perform 6 channel output to enjoy 5.1 surround sound.
Digital Level Control: Allows adjustment of each individual channel
separately. Suggested settings for 6 channels:
Actual Speaker :Click speaker switch window for selections.
Output Device: Select 6 channel output.
1. Main settings
Software Interface
Microphone Recording Advance Setting
Microphone Recording Volume Switch
Microphone Recording Volume Control
Stereo Mix Switch
Stereo Mix Volume
Stereo Mix Balance
3. Record Volume Balance
Add New User-Defined Item
Microphone Advance Settings
You can change your
voice to Monster,
Cartoon, Male, Female
by pressing the Magic
Voice function buttons.
Microphone Echo
Volume Control.
Microphone Echo/
Magic Voice function
Magic Voice functions
Reset switch.
Magic Voice Power
6. Magic Voice
Delete Old User-Defined Item
User-Definition Name Input field
User-Defined Mode
12 Equalizer Presets
10 Equalizer Segments
5. Frequency Equalizer
Environment Size
More Options: Total of 27
Water/ Music Pub
4. Sound Effects
Microphone Switch
Microphone Balance
Microphone Control
Midi Volume Switch
Midi Volume Control
Midi Volume Balance
Wave Volume Switch
Wave Volume Control
Wave Volume Balance
Master Volume Switch
Master Volume Control
Master Balance Control
2. Mixer settings
5. Please adjust a USB webcam to minimum bandwidth while using 5.1 USB
headphone at the same time. To proceed, please follow these steps:
Open the webcam window; click OPTIONS and select VIDEO CAPTURE
FILTER; un-select USB auto bandwidth on control mode; adjust the USB
to minimum bandwidth; Select APPLY, and CONFIRM, then EXIT; Restart to resume work normally. There is no need to reset next time!
4. In the case of more then one USB device is used with 5.1 channel USB
headphone at the same time, please start 5.1 channel USB headphone
first, then the other USB equipments later. Otherwise, it will cause
malfunction to the 5.1channel USB headphone.
Frequency Range
Operation Voltage
Specifications Mikrophone
Power capacity
Speaker Driver Front
Frequency Range
Speaker Driver Rear
Frequency Range
Speaker Driver Center
Frequency Range
Speaker Driver Vibration
Frequency Range
Electret-Capsule. 9.7 mm
2200 Ohms +/- 15%
60dB +/- 2 dB
30- 16,000 Hz
nominal 4.5V
30 mm (x 2)
8 Ohms
20-120 Hz
30 mm (x 2)
32 Ohms
20-20 kHz
30 mm (x 2)
32 Ohms
20-20 kHz
40 mm (x 2)
64 Ohms
20-20 kHz
500 mW x 6
Specifications 5.1-Channels Headphone:
3. All appliances including DVD player software, DVD ROM, DVD movies,
etc. are required to provide Dolby Digital AC-3 and DTS 5.1 channel
decoding function to achieve the best 5.1 channel digital surround sound.
Also you have to set the DVD appliance to six speaker units sound output.
2. Please pay attention: Do not unplug the device while player
software or Microphone is operating; Do not unplug the device while
the red light of controller box is flashing. This indicates operation of any
player software or Microphone is on; Doing so could damage the normal
operation of the system. The correct way is to close all player programs
and microphone functions. Wait until red light of controller box stops
flashing and stays led before unplugging the USB device.
USB 2.0
20-20 kHz
20-120 Hz
>=80 dB
> -60 dB
< 0.5 %
5.0 V, 500 mA, 2.5 W
25 x 76 x 18 mm
apprx. 24 g
0-40 °C
rel. < 90%
Compatible with
Front, Rear, Center.
Signal/Noise ratio
Power supply USB power
Dimensions (W x D x H):
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
Specifications 5.1-Channels USB Amplifier:
1. When USB audio device has been wearing out caused by plugging and
unplugging too often or disconnecting device too fast from the computer,
the system may not be able to detect the change in time. In this case,
switch the USB audio device manually.
7. Important Notes
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