Latvian Blues Band technical rider
Latvian Blues Band technical rider
Please pay close attention to this rider. It contains description of certain
equipment requirements, audio requirements and working conditions, which
are essential in order to assure a high quality of performance. If there are any
terms or conditions in which you anticipate having trouble arranging please
contact the representative immediately.
The sound system used at the performance and installed under responsibility
of the Promoter of the concert/show should meet conditions that makes the
artists performance audible to the audience with the highest possible sound
quality available. All systems used should meet professional stage standards.
We expect a first class active stereo PA system that is designed and tuned for
the venue and powerful enough to handle extensive sub bass frequencies
with ease.
Set Up:
We need 60 minutes of set-up time and sound check assuming there are
no technical problems and all the requested gear is available, hooked up
and working.
A house technician has to be available at load in, set-up, and sound check as
well as during the performance. She or he has to be knowledgeable about the
design, set-up and wiring of the house systems.
The stage shall be clean of all but the necessary equipment and shall have
adequate size, space, and entry. No equipment shall be on stage in our setup zone (mic stands, monitors, cables, etc.).
1 - PA system:
 First Class Active Stereo PA System
 At Least 20 Chanel Professional Mixing Board
 Sound Engineer
2 - Monitor System:
 Small Stage - 4 Monitors (At Least 4 Independent Lines)
 Big Stage - 5 Monitors ( 5 Independent Lines)
3 - Microphones:
 Shure Beta 58A - Vocal x 4
 Shure SM 57 – Guitar 1
 Shure SM 57 - Guitar 2
 Shure Beta 98H/C or Shure SM57 – Sax
 Shure SM 57 - Trumpet
 Drum Microphones (All Shure, If Possible)
- Beta 52A x 1 (Bass Drum)
- SM 57 x 1 (Snare Drum)
- Beta 98D/S x 2 (Toms) or Beta 56A x 2 (On The Stands)
- SM 81 x 3 (Hi-Hat + 2 Overheads)
All the drum mics should be on stands. NO CLIP ON MICS
4 - Bass:
Gallien Krueger, EBS, Mark Bass or Ampeg 4 x 10’’ Cabinet With Head
+ Guitar Stand (Small Stage)
Gallien Krueger, EBS, Mark Bass or Ampeg 8 x 10’’ Cabinet With Head
+ Guitar Stand (Big Stage)
5 - Guitar:
 Fender Twin Reverb (2x12) or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe + Guitar Stand
 Fender Hot Rod or Fender Deville + Guitar Stand
6- Drums:
Yamaha Maple Or Birch Custom Absolute
 Kick - 22’’ x 16’’ Or 20’’ x 16’’ With The Airhole In The Front Head
 Snare - 14’’ x 6,5’’ Or 14’’ x 5,5’’
 Toms - 10’’ x 8’’ Or 12’’ x 8’’
 Floor Tom - 16’’ x 14’’ Or 16’’ x 16’’ On The Legs
Carpet Under Drums (At Least 2 x 2 M)
 Yamaha HS1200 Or DW 5500D - Hi-Hat Stand
 Yamaha CS865 Or DW 9700 - Straight/Boom Cymbal Stand x 3
 Yamaha SS950 Or DW 9300 - Snare Stand
 Yamaha DS840 Or DW 9100M - Round Seat
 Yamaha FP9500C Or DFP9550C Or DW 5000AD4 or 5002AD4 Pedal
Cymbals: All Cymbals Should Be Appropriate For Blues/Soul/Jazz music
 14’’ Or 15’’ Or 16’’ Hi-Hat
 20’’ Ride
 19’’ And 17’’ Or 18’’ And 16’’ Crash
 20’’ Or 22’’ China
If you have any problems or questions about the drums, please
immediately contact:
Phone: +371 26461970
8- Microphone Stands:
 4 x Large Boom Stand - Vocals
 2 x Large Boom Stands – Horns (Sax And Trumpet)
 2 x Large Boom Stand - Overheads
 5 x Small Boom Stand - Kick,Snare,Hi-Hat,Two Toms
 2 x Small Boom Stand – Guitar
Transportation – Hotel Accommodation:
Hotel in at least 3 star class incl. breakfast for the whole group.
The employer (promoter) must provide local transportation for the following
Airport – Hotel
Hotel – Place of Performance
Place of Performance – Hotel
Hotel – Airport
Latvian, Russian or English. For any other language we would ask for an
interpreter to translate.
Food, Hospitality And Performance Requirements:
The employer agrees to provide dinner and supper for the whole band on the
day of performance.
The employer agrees to provide comfortable large dressing room with private
bathroom facilities adequate to use by the artists. The dressing rooms shall be
clean, dry, and well lighted, heated or air-conditioned, as the weather
requires. The dressing room should be capable of being locked and the key
shall be available to band.
The following shall be provided from the beginning
of set-up:
Coffee, tea, sugar, fruit juice, cold beer, cider or white wine, mineral water
(Sparkling And Still), whiskey (Jack Daniel’s 1L), ice, sandwiches, fresh fruits,
utensils (knifes, forks, spoons), plates, napkins.
At the time of the show we require the following on stage: Still And Sparkling
mineral water, towels.
Again, if you anticipate having trouble arranging any terms or
conditions given in the rider please contact:
Phone: + 371 26556044 (latvian, russian)
+ 371 26461970 (english)
Thank you
Stage Plot
Voc 1
Voc 4
Voc 2
Amp 1
Bass Amp
Amp 2
Voc 3
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