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Gumstix Arbor Series Designed for Handheld and Smart Home Devices
Now supporting 4.3”, 5.0” and 7.0” NewHaven Capacitive Touchscreens
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. November 17, 2015 — Gumstix, Inc. the premier provider of tiny Linux®
computers-on-module (COMs) for electronic manufacturers, educators and hobbyists, today announced three
new Overo COM based Arbor expansion boards that support the NewHaven Display International’s capacitive
multi-touch screens of multiple sizes and options. These boards were custom designed in the Geppetto™
Design-to-Order tool to support the advanced technology needs of handheld and smart home devices. The
Arbor boards feature a parallel RBG touch panel interface that connects to an appropriately sized capacitive
multi-touch screen. The prominent connectivity options on this board include a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet jack,
stereo audio-out and line-in and USB Host and USB On-The-Go (OTG). The boards are different for each
screen size, to support screens variations in physical dimensions, screen resolution, TFT driver and cable
placement. The Arbor expansion boards are based on the popular Overo COM series, which utilize either
the Sitara™ AM3703 processor or the DM3730 media processors from Texas Instruments (TI).
Screen size
TFT driver
Cable distance
from edge (mm)
Arbor 43C
4.3 inches
(105mm x
480 x 272
Built-in Himax HX8257-A
18.75 ± 0.50
Arbor 50C
5.0 inches
(120.7mm x
26.15 ± 0.50
800 x 480
Arbor 70C
7.0 inches
(165mm x
Built-in OTA7001A (source)
Built in OTD9960A (gate)
20.39 ± 0.50
The Arbor Expansion boards emphasize performance, flexibility, ease of integration and reduced system cost.
Custom Designed In Geppetto
All three boards were designed in Geppetto, a free, online Design-To-Order tool, which allows users to
compare module cost during design, create multiple projects and share ideas. Each Arbor board is placed in
the “Designed by Gumstix” library and can be cloned and modified to meet custom design requirements.
Geppetto designs can be designed online in a day and shipped production ready in 15 business days.
About Gumstix, Inc.
As a global leader in hardware design and manufacturing solutions. Gumstix® gives its customers the power to
solve their design, business, and environmental challenges with Geppetto -- the online design-to-order
system-- and a broad portfolio of small computers and embedded boards. In addition to engineers and
industrial designers, Gumstix helps students, educators, and makers unlock their creative ideas to bring them
to market. Since we pioneered the concept of an extremely small computer-on-module (COM) with a full
implementation of Linux in 2003, the company has grown to support over 20,000 diverse customers and is
listed in 100+ patents and cited in over 2,200 articles. Our systems have launched some of the world’s coolest
products - from phones to drones - on commercial, university, and hobbyist workbenches in over 45 countries.
For more information, visit
Contact: Karen Schultz Gumstix, Inc. [email protected]
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