Instructions Cleaning your Screen Surface

Instructions Cleaning your Screen Surface
Cleaning your Screen Surface
Over time dust and grime will accumulate on your screen. Without proper care, dust and
handprints become more difficult to remove, causing your screen to lose adequate
viewing properties.
It is important to limit contaminants in the area where your screen is installed and to
regularly remove any accumulation on the screen surface by following the
recommendations below. Proper care will extend your screen's life and will ensure
optimal screen performance.
Because screen surfaces vary, it is important that you follow the correct instructions for
your screen type. Coated screens require careful attention, as they are particularly
vulnerable to damage.
These screens should be softly wiped with a damp cloth to which a small amount of soap
has been added. If the screen has a light amount of dust build-up, it is best to follow the
instructions for coated screens.
Never use water, soap, or cleaning products when attempting to clean a
coated screen. Doing so can cause permanent damage.
e Only use a dry microfiber cloth attached to a telescopic
e Using moderate pressure, gently wipe the surface with an up
and down motion.
e Be sure to shake off accumulated dust after each stroke.
e Change the cloth as soon as it builds up dirt.
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