Next-generation hybrid presentation imager
Innovative hybrid design
Truly designed for ease of
use for both hands-free
and handheld scanning;
dynamically switches
between modes
Comprehensive data
capture: 1D, 2D and PDF417
symbologies; image capture;
signature capture and RFID*
Delivers application flexibility;
eliminates need for multiple
devices — and associated
costs; future proof — built-in
support for the applications
of tomorrow
Innovative combination scanner offers
the best of all worlds
Achieve a new level of productivity and throughput
at the checkout stand — with the DS9808.
The groundbreaking DS9808 is designed inside
and outside to bring a new level of versatility,
functionality and performance to the checkout stand.
Outside, the DS9808 offers an extraordinary one-ofa-kind hybrid form factor by marrying a solid base
with our advanced handheld ergonomics, creating
a scanner that is truly designed to deliver superior
comfort and ease of use in both handheld and handsfree scanning modes. The integrated base requires
very little real estate at the point of sale — ideal
for space constrained checkout stands. Inside, the
DS9808 offers the very latest in scanning technology,
delivering record swipe speeds for 1D and 2D bar
codes, as well as the ability to capture images and
signatures. When it comes to scanning distance, the
DS9808 sets a new level of flexibility. The handheld
decode range on the standard range (SR) model
can scan up to 10.5 inches/26.7 cm away; the long
range (LR) model can scan up to 18 inches/45.7
cm away — ideal for retail stores with a mix of
merchandise that includes bulky or heavy items that
should remain in the cart. Additionally the hands-free
decode range in both models can be adjusted to
meet your needs — for example, to match the EAS
deactivation range or prevent inadvertent scanning of
items in space constricted cash-wraps.
The performance you need to maximize
productivity — and value
The DS9808 has what it takes to keep the checkout
lines moving, enhancing customer satisfaction
and sales. A swipe speed programmable up to
100 inches/254 cm per second provides rapid fire
scanning — a must in busy environments. With
omni-directional scanning, there is no need to take
the time to orient bar code and scanner. The ability
to capture virtually any 1D or 2D bar code quickly
and easily — even from mobile phone displays
— eliminates the need for checkers to manually
enter a UPC code. The ergonomically positioned
EAS compatible
Enables automatic
deactivation of EAS
security tags
Omni-directional scanning;
wide working range, laser
aiming pattern
Easy to use; no need to align
item and scanner; virtually no
training required
Withstands multiple 5 ft./
1.5m drops to concrete
Designed to endure the rigors
of everyday use for maximum
reliability and uptime and a
low total cost of ownership
Swipe speed programmable
up to 100 inches/254 cm
per second
Optimized scanning speed
delivers robust performance
and accurate capture of a
wide variety of bar codes
Flexible working range
Two models to best
meet your working range
requirements: the DS9808-SR,
which offers a handheld decode
range of up to 10.5 in./26.7 cm;
and the DS9808-LR, which
offers a handheld decode range
of up to 18 in./45.7 cm
Supports RSM (Remote
Scanner Management)
Lowers IT expenses and
TCO by enabling remote
management from a
central location
trigger enables easy and comfortable scanning
in handheld mode. A specially designed lasergenerated aiming pattern offers a clear and bright
field of view even in bright sunlight, ensuring first
time accurate aim. The extra loud beeper provides
audible verification of an accurate scan in even the
busiest retail environments. And a single swipe can
simultaneously scan the price and deactivate an EAS
tag, further protecting productivity at the checkout
stand — and preventing erroneous alarms that
embarrass customers and waste security staff time.
Reduce costs and increase sales with the
applications of today…and tomorrow
The adaptable DS9808 is ideal in a wide variety of
retail operations. For countries that utilize a PDF417
bar code on a national ID card or drivers’ license,
embedded and server-based parsing agents enable
decoding with very little effort. The parsing is
executed either in the scanner or the host, enabling
department, specialty and convenience stores as
well as pharmacies to implement a wide range of
applications that can improve productivity, customer
service, customer retention and sales. For example,
a quick scan can instantly and accurately autopopulate a credit application, reducing processing
time. For pharmacies, a quick scan enables efficient
electronic record keeping to help meet compliance
regulations for the purchase of certain over-thecounter and prescription medications. Retailers
who sell items with age restrictions can prevent
unlawful transactions with a quick scan of a driver’s
license for automatic age verification. At the returns
desk, a quick scan helps retailers who do not
require receipts to better prevent fraudulent returns.
The DS9808 also decodes 1D and 2D bar codes
from mobile phone displays, providing support for
emerging applications including mobile coupons,
mobile payment, mobile boarding passes and
digital loyalty. Support for an optional RFID module*
enables your retail operation to embrace the benefits
of RFID in the future.
Durable design for a low total cost of ownership
The DS9808 offers a new standard for bar
code scanner reliability, providing the maximum
uptime required in the demanding retail environment.
The 5 ft./1.5 m drop to concrete drop specification
ensures dependable performance — in spite of the
inevitable everyday drops and bumps.
Rapid return on investment (ROI)
With the flexible DS9808, there is no need to
purchase multiple devices to enable different
types of data capture in your enterprise — no
matter what applications you need now or in the
future, the powerful comprehensive feature set
will meet your needs. You enjoy the functionality
of an image capture device, a bar code scanner, an
EAS tag deactivator and an RFID reader* — all in
a single device. Capital and operational costs are
significantly reduced — there are fewer devices
to purchase and manage, and compatibility with
Remote Scanner Management (RSM) enables
remote configuration, deployment and day-to-day
management of the devices. And for true service
peace of mind, Motorola recommends Service from
the Start Advance Exchange Support. This multiyear coverage plan provides the next-business-day
device replacement you need to keep your business
running smoothly and productively. Your DS9808 will
also be protected from the unexpected with built-in
Comprehensive Coverage, which covers internal and
external components damaged through accidental
breakage. The result is an extraordinary lifecycle,
extraordinary uptime — and a truly outstanding ROI.
For more information on the DS9808, access our
global contact directory at www.motorola.com/
enterprisemobility/contactus or visit www.motorola.
DS9808 Specifications
Physical Characteristics
Imaging Characteristics
8 in. (max) H x 5.4 in. L x 3.4 in. W
20.3 cm (max) H x 13.7 cm L x 8.6 cm W
Graphics Format Support: Images can be exported as Bitmap, JPEG or TIFF
12 oz./340 g
Voltage and
Maximum: 5 VDC +/- 10% @ 450 mA
Maximum (with optional RFID module*):
5 VDC +/- 10% @ 1.2
Twilight Black
Image Transfer Speed:
USB 2.0: Up to 12 Megabits/second
RS-232: Up to 115 kb/second
Image Transfer Time:
Typical USB application is ~0.2 seconds with a
compressed JPEG of 100kb
Image Quality:
120 DPI on a 4 x 6 in./10.2 x 15.2 cm document
@ 6.5 in./16.5 cm
Performance Characteristics
User Environment
DS9808-SR and DS9808-LR Imager Mode
Operating Temperature:
32° to 104° F /0° to 40° C
Light Source:
Aiming Pattern: 650nm laser diode
Illumination: 630nm LED
5% to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Imager Field of View:
39° H x 25° V
Drop Specification:
Withstands multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete
360°, ±65°, ±60°
Swipe Speed :
Programmable up to 100 in./254 cm per second
(Horizontal Read Rate)
Frame Rate:
Up to 60 frames per second
Ambient Light Immunity: Incandescent – 150 ft. candles (1,600 Lux)
Sunlight – 8,000 ft. candles (86,000 Lux)
Fluorescent – 150 ft. candles (1,600 Lux)
Mercury Vapor – 150 ft. candles (1,600 Lux)
Sodium Vapor – 150 ft. candles (1,600 Lux)
Immune to normal or artificial light
DS9808-LR Laser Scanner Mode
Light Source:
650nm LED
Interfaces Supported:
Scan Angle:
40° ±3° nominal
USB, RS-232, RS-485 (IBM 46xx Protocols),
Keyboard Wedge
Symbology Decode Capability
JAN-8/JAN-13 plus supplementals, ISBN
(Bookland), ISSN, Coupon Code), Code 39
(Standard, Full ASCII, Trioptic), Code 128
(Standard, Full ASCII, UCC/EAN-128, ISBT-128
Concatenated), Code 93, Codabar/NW7,Code
11 (Standard, Matrix 2 of 5), MSI Plessey, I 2 of
5 (Interleaved 2 of 5 / ITF, Discrete 2 of 5, IATA,
Chinese 2 of 5), GS1 DataBar (Omnidirectional,
Truncated, Stacked, Stacked Omnidirectional,
Limited, Expanded, Expanded Stacked, Inverse),
Base 32 (Italian Pharmacode)
Electrical Safety:
UL6950-1, CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1,
EN60950-1 / IEC60950-1
Laser Safety:
EN 60825-1,IEC 60825-1, 21CFR1040.10, CDRH
Class II, IEC Class 2
FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B, EN 55022,
EN 55024 AS/NZS 4268:2008, Japan VCCI
Compliant with RoHs directive 2002/95/EEC
Electronic Article
Compatible with Checkpoint EAS
deactivation systems
(and variants):
PDF417 (Standard, Macro), MicroPDF417 (Standard,
Macro), Composite Codes (CC-A, CC-B, CC-C)
Wall Mount Bracket; RFID Module*
TLC-39, Aztec (Standard, Inverse), MaxiCode,
DataMatrix/ECC 200 (Standard, Inverse), QR
Code (Standard, Inverse, Micro)
U.S. Postnet and Planet, U.K. Post, Japan Post,
Australian Post, Netherlands KIX Code, Royal
Mail 4 State Customer, UPU FICS 4 State Postal,
Subject to the terms of Motorola’s hardware warranty statement, the DS9808
is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of
3 years from the date of shipment. For the complete Motorola hardware
product warranty statement, go to: http://www.motorola.com/warranty
Nominal Working Range See chart on back.
Recommended Services
Customer Services:
Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support
See charts on back...
Nominal Working Range See chart on back.
(Hands free):
Minimum Resolution:
Code 39 – 4 mil, UPC – 7.8 mil (60%),
PDF417 – 5 mil, Datamatrix – 5 mil
*The RFID module is a future option for use with the DS9808-LR only and will not be available for all countries. Please contact your local Motorola representative
regarding availability.
Multiple on-board
interfaces; universal
cable compatible
Easy to install; future proof
design easily connects to the
hosts of today and tomorrow
Extra loud beeper
Audible in the loudest
Extra large LED indicator
Clearly visible from all
scanning positions
Rubberized handle
Provides workers with a
comfortable, sure grip
Recessed connector
in the base
Minimizes the
scanner footprint
Next-generation hybrid presentation imager
Nominal Working Range (Handheld):
Code 39 – 5 mil: UPC/EAN – 10 mil (80%): UPC/EAN – 13 mil (100%): 0 – 5.0 in (0 – 12.7 cm)
0 – 13.5 in (0 – 34.3 cm)
0 – 18 in (0 – 45.7 cm)
Code 39 – 5 mil: UPC/EAN – 10 mil (80%): UPC/EAN – 13 mil (100%): 0 – 4.5 in (0 – 11.4 cm)
0 – 8.5 in (0 – 21.6 cm)
0 – 10.5 in (0 – 26.7 cm)
PDF417 – 6.6 mil: Datamatrix – 10 mil: 0 – 5.0 in (0 – 12.7 cm)
0 – 6.0 in (0 – 15.2 cm)
Nominal Working Range (Hands-free):
Code 39 – 5 mil: UPC/EAN – 10 mil (80%): UPC/EAN – 13 mil (100%): PDF417 – 6.6 mil: Datamatrix – 10 mil: 0 – 4.5 in (0 – 11.4 cm)
0 – 7.0 in (0 – 17.8 cm)
0 – 8.0 in (0 – 20.3 cm)
0 – 4.5 in (0 – 11.4 cm)
0 – 4.5 in (0 – 11.4 cm)
Note: The decode range in hands-free mode is programmable
and can be limited to 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) for UPC/EAN – 13 mil
bar codes, if desired.
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