Minuteman® Endeavor™ Series
On-line Uninterruptible Power Supply
ED1000RM(T)2U - 1000VA/800W ED2000RM(T)2U - 2000VA/1600W
ED1500RM(T)2U - 1500VA/1200W ED3000RM(T)2U - 3000VA/2100W
Endeavor UPS Model ED2000RM2U
with standard 19-inch rack mount kit
The Minuteman® Endeavor™ Series on-line
uninterruptible power supply combines doubleconversion technology with industry-leading features
in a versatile case design that allows the units to be
installed in many different formats and operating
In developing one of the best-valued, highest quality
UPS products on the market, the Endeavor Series has
these standard features:
• Floor-standing tower, 19-inch rack and cabinet
installation kits included
• 23-inch rack or cabinet installation kit optional
• Wallmount installation kit optional
• 3.5-inch (2U) rack/tower case style
• Up to a 0.8 power factor (in watts) for larger
• Output receptacle control for non-critical load
shedding capability
• Extended runtime using external battery packs
• Independent battery pack chargers to reduce
battery recharge times
• Simultaneous
• Minuteman
RS-232, USB and SNMP
SentryPlus™ UPS monitoring and
control software
• Front panel display with load/battery meter and
status indicators
• Three-year non-prorated warranty (including
• Dedicated remote Emergency Power Off (EPO)
• 120V and 208V models
• Hot-swappable batteries
• RoHS compliant
• $200,000 Minuteman Platinum Protection Plan
Endeavor UPS Model ED2000RM2U with tower
mount stand provided (standard)
(U.S. and Canada only)
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Minuteman® Endeavor Series Uninterruptible Power Supply
The Endeavor Series is rich in standard features and optional
accessories allowing users to order “off the shelf” products
and yet retain the flexibility previously only available as a
special order product.
Standard features ONLY offered on the Endeavor Series:
of critical devices during an extended blackout is handled
through the Endeavor’s load shedding function. Each model
in the Endeavor Series comes with two independentlycircuited receptacle segments. Through the use of
Minuteman’s SentryPlus™ software by communicating with
the UPS through an Ethernet/SNMP connection, users can
either turn on, off, or reset each segment independently
of the other. By reducing the load amount on the UPS, the
runtime of critical devices connected to the UPS battery
can be extended.
• Three-year non-prorated warranty (including batteries)
• RoHS compliancy for all models
• Rack/Tower/Wallmount installation formats
• Free SentryPlus software included
Communication Features
• Independent battery pack chargers
Simultaneous RS-232, USB and Ethernet/SNMP
• Concurrent communications via RS-232, USB and Communications: The Endeavor Series provides users with
optional Ethernet/SNMP card
Electrical Characteristics
Output Power Factor: All Endeavor models up to 2000VA
come with a 0.8 output power factor that increases the watt
capacity of the units. Offering larger capacities in smaller
UPS VA sizes reduces the overall cost of the UPS solution for
a specific load requirement. The 3000VA model comes with
a 0.7 power factor that provides 2,100 watts capacity in a
3.5 inch (2U) rack space.
Output Voltage: All units in the Endeavor Series produce an
electrical signal that does not vary from nominal voltage
by more than 2%. Tightly regulating the output voltage
increases the quality of power to connected equipment
adding to its life expectancy, which lowers the total cost of
ownership to users.
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): THD is the distortion of a
normal AC electrical signal when connected loads near
their capacity. This distortion can create internal heat buildup on sensitive equipment not designed to allow for these
altered AC signals. The Endeavor Series maintains an output
AC signal, at all times and with all loads, within 2% of a true
sine wave.
the ability to communicate with the UPS simultaneously
through three separate protocols: RS-232, USB and Ethernet/
SNMP. Users can now directly connect, and manage, the
UPS from multiple stand-alone or networked computers.
By including concurrent Ethernet communications (SNMP
or direct IP address), the Endeavor UPS Series provides
detailed monitoring and management for many various
Other Features
RoHS Compliancy: Recognizing the benefit of being
environmentally conscious, Para Systems developed
the Endeavor Series to be compliant with the European
Economic Unions directive on the reduction of hazardous
substances (RoHS) in electronic equipment.
Manual Self-Testing: The Endeavor Series is designed to
proactively notify users of any impending faults or failures with
the UPS. This allows for preemptive repair or replacement of
components or batteries preventing unexpected downtime
caused by the UPS.
Dedicated EPO Port: This direct access port allows users to
perform an immediate remote shutdown of the UPS in case
of emergency or when access to the UPS is restricted or
Output Receptacle Control: The ability to extend the runtime
10 Ft.
Power Cord
Load 2
Load 1
Input Breaker
Surge Protection
Option Slot
Back of Endeavor UPS Model ED1000RM2U
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Minuteman Endeavor Series Uninterruptible Power Supply
Battery Characteristics
Extended Runtime Capability: All models in the Endeavor
Series come standard with internal batteries. To protect
critical devices through extended blackouts, Endeavor UPS
uses external battery packs that can be daisy-chained in
unlimited quantities to provide a virtually unlimited amount
of runtime.
Fast Battery Recharge: With independent chargers in each
Endeavor battery pack offered, the maximum recharge
time for depleted batteries is 8 hours, no matter how many
battery packs are installed on a UPS. Without these chargers,
if more than one battery pack is used recharging batteries
could take more than an entire day.
Battery Pack Models: Because each UPS has different battery
requirements to support its maximum load capacity, the
Endeavor Series uses battery packs sized to match each
UPS model:
• ED1000RM2U and ED1000RMT2U – EDBP24XL
• ED1500RM2U and ED1500RMT2U – EDBP48XL
• ED2000RM2U and ED2000RMT2U – EDBP48XL
• ED3000RM2U and ED3000RMT2U – EDBP72XL
Battery Technology: All Endeavor units and battery packs use
valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA). All are safe for
any type of freight transport: air, sea or ground. For added
protection, all Endeavor UPS models ship with these batteries
disconnected. A “Quick Installation Guide” is included in
each Endeavor box to detail how to connect the batteries
before turning the units on.
Hot-Swappable Batteries: All models in the Endeavor line offer
battery replacement, through the front panel of the UPS,
without having to remove the UPS from service. Connected
loads are protected from voltage anomalies and spikes and
surges while the batteries are being replaced.
LED Front Panel Display
The LED indicators on the
Endeavor Series provide
many diagnostic details
about the condition of the
UPS as well as the utility input
power. These indicators can
provide visual confirmation of
anticipated battery failures or
UPS faults so that preventative
maintenance can be
performed on the UPS. The Endeavor UPS also comes with
a LED meter that measures both connected load capacity
and battery runtime capacity. The LED panel is designed so
that it can be oriented vertically or horizontally depending
on the installation format of the UPS.
Para Systems Service
Features and value are not the only assets of the Endeavor
Series. Para Systems offers some unique resources to assist in
the proper selection and sizing of a UPS installation:
• minutemanups.com – Provides full product specifications,
literature and support documents as well as contact
• SizeMyUPS.com – Provides customized UPS sizing solutions
as well as a library of common equipment loads to assist
you in getting the proper UPS solution.
• CompareMyUPS.com – Provides a competitive feature
analysis of Minuteman UPS products versus other
• SizeMyPDU.com – Provides a customized website for
selecting a specific Minuteman PDU product for any
In addition to web resources, Para Systems offers personal
support of all our products through our customer support
department and highly-trained sales staff.
Minuteman® SentryPlus™ Software
Minuteman’s SentryPlus
UPS monitoring and control
software comes included
with each Endeavor UPS
unit at no extra charge.
SentryPlus is compatible
with Windows (XP, 2000,
Server 2003, NT 4.0, ME
and 98), Unix and Linux
operating systems. With
SentryPlus software users can monitor and control both
new and previously installed Minuteman UPS products on a
connected network from one application session. The ease
of installation, ease of use, and backward compatibility
makes it the best software of its kind.
SentryPlus Features Include:
• Ethernet/SNMP compatibility
• Concurrent monitoring through
single or multiple
computers via RS-232, USB and Ethernet connections
• Monitor and control multiple UPS devices during a single
• Perform scheduled shutdowns and restarts
• Program e-mail, pager or network broadcast of userdefined UPS events
• Full diagnostic and event reporting
• Realtime graphical displays of user-defined UPS and
utility conditions
• Record and save graphical event and history logs for
future analysis
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Minuteman® Endeavor™ Series On-line UPS Specifications
Maximum Power Capacity (VA/Watts)
Power Factor
Battery and Surge Protected
Input Connection (with 10 ft power cord)
On-line Uninterruptible Power Supply
[6] 5-15/20R & [1] L5-20R [6] 5-15/20R & [1] L5-30R
([4] 6-15R)
([4] 6-15/20R & [1] L6-20R ) ([4] 6-15/20R & [1] L6-30R)
5-15P (6-15P)
5-20P (L6-20P)
L5-30P (L6-30P)
Rackmount, tower and wallmount
Nominal Voltage
120VAC (208VAC)
Voltage Range
Frequency Range
Power Factor Correction
Voltage /Frequency Range
Wave Form
Efficiency (Line Mode)
Nominal Voltage
Voltage Regulation
Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion T.H.D.
Dynamic Response
Transfer Time
Runtime: Half Load/Full Load (minutes)
Battery Type
Typical Recharge Time
Typical Battery Life
System Voltage
Internal Battery Quantity-Type
Surge Energy Rating (Joules)
Surge Current Capability
Surge Response time
Noise Filter
Audible Noise at 1 m (3 ft.)
Operating (max)/Storage Temperature
Operating/Storage Humidity
Operating/Storage Elevation
Size - Net (H x W x D) in
Size - Net (H x W x D) mm
Size - Shipping (H x W x D) in
Size - Shipping (H x W x D) mm
Weight - Net lb (kg)/Shipping - 120VAC
Weight - Net lb (kg)/Shipping - 208VAC
Battery Pack
Typical Recharge Time
Size - Net (H x W x D) in
Size - Net (H x W x D) mm
Size - Shipping (H x W x D) in (mm)
Weight - Net lb (kg)
Weight - Shipping lb (kg)
Safety and Approvals
Warranty / Platinum Protection Plan
50/60Hz +/-6Hz Auto-sensing
≥97% at full load
Output Non-battery Operation
117.6 - 122.4VAC (204 - 212VAC) / 50/60Hz ±6Hz
True sine wave
>87% (full load)
Output Battery Operation
120VAC (208VAC), User selectable: 110VAC (240VAC)
Nominal ±2% until low battery warning
50/60Hz ±0.1Hz unless synchronized to line
≤3% at full rated linear load
±5% at 100% load change in 30ms
Battery System
Sealed, non-spillable, maintenance free, value regulated lead acid
8 hours from total discharge
3-5 years, depending on discharge cycles and ambient temperature
Surge Protection and Filtering
800J (600J)
6500Amps total
0ns (instantaneous) normal mode; 5ns common mode
normal and common mode EMI/RFI suppression
+32 to +104°F (0 to 40°C) / +5 to +113°F (-15 to +45°C)
95% non-condensing
0 to 10,000 ft (0 to 3,000 m) / 0 to 50,000 ft (0 to 15,000 m)
3.5 x 17.3 x 13.1 in
3.5 x 17.3 x 17.0 in
3.5 x 17.3 x 24 in
89 x 440 x 335 mm
89 x 440 x 432 mm
89 x 440 x 610 mm
9.0 x 20.0 x 23.6 in
9.0 x 23.6 x 39.4 in
230 x 508 x 600 mm
230 x 600 x 1000 mm
29.0/39.4 lb (13.2/17.9 kg)
27.7/38.1 lb (12.6/17.3 kg)
43.1/51.3 lb (19.6/23.3 kg)
41.8/49.9 lb (19.0/22.7 kg)
46.2/54.3 lb (21.1/24.7 kg)
44.9/53.0 lb (20.4/24.1 kg)
67.7/79.2 lb (30.7/35.9 kg)
67.7/79.2 lb (30.7/35.9 kg)
Battery Packs
3.5 x 17.3 x 13.1 in
89 x 440 x 335 mm
39.6 lb (18.0 kg)
48.4 lb (22.0 kg)
8 hours maximum
3.5 x 17.3 x 17.0 in
89 x 440 x 432 mm
9.0 x 20.0 x 23.6 in (230 x 508 x 600 mm)
66.0 lb (30.0 kg)
74.8 lb (34.0 kg)
55.0 lb (25.0 kg)
63.8 lb (29.0 kg)
Regulatory Compliance
RoHS Compliant, UL 1778, cUL, CE, FCC Class B for 1000KVA,
Class A for 1500, 2000, 3000KVA and Battery Packs
Three-year non-prorated warranty, including batteries / $200,000 (U.S. and Canada only)
Para Systems, Inc./Minuteman UPS
1455 LeMay Drive, Carrollton, TX 75007 U.S.A.
Phone 800.238.7272 +1 972.446.7363 Fax +1 972.446.9011
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