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SVGA (HD 15 Pin) Male to 3x RCA Component Video Projector Cables
Part#: SV3V-3
Synnex SKU#:2011187
Part#: SV3V-12 Synnex SKU#:2011189
Synnex SKU#2011188
Part#:SV3V-25 Synnex SKU#:2011190
- Connectors: HD15 male to (3) RCA male
- Designed for satellite TV, HDTV, component YPbPr video and most LCD projectors
- Provides a performance monitor connection that maximizes color and imaging
- 24k gold connectors provide maximum resistance to oxidation for error-free data transfer
- Ultra-flexible jacket and oversized thumbscrews make installation easy
- Heavy-duty molded strain relief provides increased flexibility and durability
- Foil and braid shield for high-resolution images
- Constructed of three individually shielded miniature 75-ohm coax cables
Lengths Available: 3ft, 6ft, 12ft, 25ft
Please note: These cables are not compatible with Y/Cr/Cb video, and are not compatible with computer monitor ports.
Make sure your device supports Y/Pb/Pr component video or that your video source provides a YPbPr component video
signal from the HD15 port to use this cable. This cable will not display a picture if used to connect a computer to a TV or
any device to a computer monitor.
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