MIDI Blaster 5000

MIDI Blaster 5000
MIDI Blaster 5000
User Manual
The “Midi Blaster 5000” is a MIDI controller based on an Arduino Mega 2560. This document is
a short manual and describes how to use the “MIDI Blaster 5000” with an unedited firmware.
Starting the controller – page 3
how to turn on and use the controller
Changing a potentiometer value – page 4
how to set up one of the potentiometer
Changing the MIDI-Channel – page 5
how to change the MIDI-Channel of the controller
Selecting a preset – page 5
how to select a installed preset
Deleting all presets – page 6
how to delete all presets on the EEPROM
Adding a new preset – page 6/7
how to add presets to the controller with the preset editor
Starting the controller…
When you start the controller, you will see the following screen.
The LEDs of the controller will start to turn on one after another. While all LEDs are turned on, the
controller reads the built-in EEPROM to load the presets. The number of presets will determine the
time this process takes.
After all LEDs turned off again, you can start to use the controller.
The home screen looks like this:
“Poti:” shows the last turned potentiometer from 1 -16.
“CC:” shows the MIDI Control Change attribute for this potentiometer (values between 0-127).
“Value:” shows the value of the Control Change.
Every potentiometer has its own toggle switch. If the toggle switch is activated, the potentiometer
changes the range that the values can have (for example 20 – 45 instead of 0 – 127).
Toggle switch off
Toggle switch on
To use the “MIDI Blaster 5000” with a MIDI device, connect the controller via the MIDI Port. Set
up all the potentiometers and you are ready to go (see “Changing a potentiometer value”).
Changing a potentiometer value…
Press the first button to enter the menu. Use the rotary encoder to move through the menu.
First button “MENU/ENTER”
second Button “EXIT/BACK”
Select “set Poti”. Press “MENU/ENTER” to select. Use the second button “EXIT/BACK” to
return to the previous menu page.
Select one of the 16 potentiometer.
Select the Control Change attribute that you want to use with the selected potentiometer (values
can be chosen between 0 -127).
To use the toggle switches properly, you have to set a range of values, in which the potentiometer
operates, when the toggle switch is turned on.
You can set the toggle min value and the toggle max value to the same number. The movement of
the potentiometer won’t change the value, once the toggle switch is activated.
If the toggle max value is lower than the toggle min value, the values will switch to set a range for the
toggle switch anyways.
After everything is set, the LCD will show the home screen again.
Changing the MIDI-Channel…
You can send the Control Changes of the MIDI controller via 16 different channels. To change the
channel select the menu “set Midichannel”
Select one of the 16 channels and activate the change with the button “MENU/ENTER”.
The controller will return to the home screen.
Selecting a preset…
The “MIDI Blaster 5000” is able to load presets from the built-in EEPROM. To select one of the
presets, go to the menu “select preset”
You will see a list with all the presets. The “MIDI Blaster 5000” is able to store up to 9 different
presets. Every empty slot is named “none”. If you start the MIDI controller for the first time, every
slot will be empty. If you select an empty slot the controller will return to the home screen, but
nothing will change.
If you select a preset, the controller will also return to the home screen, but your preset will be
If you have loaded a preset, you will see a different home screen. Instead of “Poti:” and “CC:” the
LCD will show you the name you entered for this potentiometer in the preset editor (see “Adding a
new preset”).
You can still change the value of one of the potentiometer via “set Poti”. The changes will apply, but
the changes won’t affect the preset. The name you entered for the potentiometer will also disappear,
so you can see the Control Change that you are sending.
Deleting all presets…
If you want to delete all of the presets on the EEPROM select the menu “delete presets”.
To confirm that you want to delete the presets on the EEPROM, press the button “MENU/ENTER”
The LCD will show you when it’s done. After that the controller will return to the home screen.
Adding a new preset…
To add new presets to the MIDI controller, you need the preset editor software on your Mac or PC.
Start the software and connect the “MIDI Blaster 5000” to your device via the USB Port.
Select the USB Port with the controller connected to.
Click on the Button “CONNECT”. The MIDI controller will restart.
The editor will show you, if the connection between the controller and the editor is ready.
After the restart of the controller, select the menu “connect 2 editor”.
The controller is now set up.
Return to the editor and choose a number for the preset (1 – 9). This number is the index of the
preset in the list on the controller
Fill in a name for the preset. You will see this name in the “select preset”-list
(Remember: You can use up to 16 letters for every preset name and potentiometer name).
Fill in all the other fields in the editor. Click on the button “SEND” when you are done.
You will see how the controller receives the data.
When the controller has all the needed data, the preset will be saved on the EEPROM and the
controller will return to the home screen.
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