microSDHC Mobile Memory Card
Lexar offers a comprehensive line of award-winning memory cards in
various speeds, formats, and capacities. With so many options, it’s easy to
find the right Lexar® memory card to fit your needs and lifestyle.
The high-capacity Lexar microSDHC™ mobile card is ideal for increasing
the storage capacity of your microSDHC-enabled cell phone, PDA, or
other mobile device, allowing you to download, play, and store media and
applications. The card is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities.
Unleash the Power of your Mobile Device
Product Highlights:
• Store up to 3,200 songs; 14,000
photos; or 4,600 minutes of video*
• Works with microSDHC-enabled mobile
phones, digital cameras, MP3 players,
PDAs, and more
Take Mobile Technology to the Next Level. In the ever-changing world
of mobile technology, you need a memory card that can keep up with the
demands of the latest applications found in today’s feature-rich devices.
The Lexar microSDHC mobile card is designed to maximize the capacity
and capabilities of your microSDHC-enabled handheld device. It can
significantly increase your storage capacity for multimedia files, including
songs, photos, video, games, ringtones, and more.
Serious Storage. The Lexar microSDHC mobile card is a reliable,
high-capacity solution that maximizes the storage and capabilities of your
handheld device. Available in a range of large capacities, the card gives
you the ability to download and store a huge number of media
files—great for your mobile lifestyle.
• Five-year limited warranty
Lexar offers a comprehensive line of innovative, award-winning memory
products in several categories, including memory cards, card readers,
DRAM, USB flash drives, and portable backup drives. With so many
options, it’s easy to find the right Lexar solution to fit your needs.
Lexar. When Memory Matters.™
*Based on 16GB capacity. 3-megapixel JPEG. 4MB MP3 song. 384-kpbs QVGA video. Actual number of photos, songs, and video
minutes will vary depending on camera/device model, format resolution and compression, usable capacity, and bundled software.
Some of the listed storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion
bytes. For more information, go to
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