SwissVoice DECT Repeater RTX 4002

DECT Repeater
Repeater (DECT)
• Range extention
• Automatic handover
• Solid box
• Low power consumption
• Easy installation
small is
Repeater (DECT)
DECT Repeater
The Swissvoice DECT repeater
allows you to extend the range
of your telephone and to use
your personal freedom of
movement easily and at a good
price. This repeater is
additionally available to your
Swissvoice cordless telephone
and offers you the comfort you
want without any interference.
• Double your freedom of movement
• Automatic call handover
• Up to 6 repeaters on one base station
• Up to 2 simultaneous calls per repeater
• Easy installation and hidden mounting
• Low power consumption
Swissvoice DECT Repeater
A repeater is used when you need to extend the range of your cordless DECT telephone to include
areas where reception was previously not available.
All the usual mobile unit functions are supported by the base station in this extended
radio range. The repeater and base station have wireless connections with each other, just as the
repeater and handset have wireless connections. Signals are exchanged without the user hearing
or noticing the difference.
System with multiple repeaters
Up to 6 repeaters can be registered at a base station. The number of mobile units to be operated
only depends on the type of the base station installed. However, the number of simultaneous calls
is limited to 2.
All repeaters must be installed within the base stations coverage area, as shown in the drawings. It
is not possible to install repeaters in series. The repeaters can be used to extend the coverage area
in all directions – including up and down (e.g. to cover several floors in a building). If the repeaters
are placed correctly (overlapping
the coverage area of the base station), you can go from one area (cell) to the other
while speaking on the mobile unit. The mobile unit will automatically switch from cell to cell
(handover), without this being noticed during the telephone call.
Technichal Data
The DECT repeater can be used with
analogue or digital Swissvoice ISDN
telephones and is compatible for the
following devices:
Avena 247 / 257 / 267 / 277 and Avena 347
/ 357 / 367 / 377 and
Eurit 547 / 557 / 567 / 577.
DECT / GAP compatible
Expandable for up to 6 repeaters per base station
Outdoor range up to 300 m
Indoor range up to 50 m
Dimensions: 120 x 130 x 31 mm
Wall mountable
Coulour: black
Your dealer:
Subject to modifications.
Country availability may differ.