Data sheet
Simple connectivity.
Greater convenience.
The Jabra GN1215 cord is the solution for Avaya 9600/1600 Series
phone systems where microphone volume configurations are needed in direct connect applications. The Jabra GN1215 cord has been
designed to offer unique connectivity at an affordable price.
Now your choice of headset is no longer limited by the telephone
system. With the Jabra GN1215 cord you are able to connect all GN
Netcom’s most popular professional Jabra headsets dedicated for
all-day use in even the toughest environments. And best of all, the
Jabra GN1215 cord represents an extremely affordable solution for
Avaya 9600/1600 series phones.
Jabra GN1215 features eight microphone amplification settings ensuring proper compatibility transmit levels with Jabra corded headsets. Simply connect the Jabra GN1215 cord and Jabra headset from
GN Netcom through the Quick Disconnect plug and set the selector
switch to the appropriate compatibility setting.
Available in a straight and corded version, the Jabra GN1215 fits
virtually all telephones featuring a standard RJ9 modular connector.
Jabra GN1215
Jabra® is a registered trademark of GN Netcom A/S
Jabra GN1215
Simple 8-position slide adjustment
No need for a user manual; simply slide until receiving end can hear you clearly
Standard connector (RJ9)
Connects to all Avaya 9600/1600 series phones using standard modular plug
Standard GN Quick Disconnect plug to headset
straight 80 cm/31.5 inch cord
Designed to work with all GN headsets equipped with Quick disconnect
The Avaya 9600/1600 series have headset ports with unique
electrical characteristics that are not compatible with some existing
GN Netcom direct connect corded headsets. This compatibility issue
is resolved when using the GN1215 cord.
Products such as the GN9125 and GN9300e Series are inherently
compatible and do not require the GN1215 cord.
Wireless products and amplifiers such as the GN9125 and GN9300e
Series, and GN8000 and GN8210 are fully compatible with Avaya
9600/1600 Series phones on compatibility setting ”A“.
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