Dahle 00565 paper cutter

Dahle 00565 paper cutter
Safety Guillotine
A „Safety first“ guillotine with comfortable equipment. The
built in strip cutter on the front stop makes it easy to cut
even the narrowest strips.
•Ground upper and lower blades.
•Rotary guard.
•Automatic clamp.
•Scale bar with cm and inch markings.
•Adjustable back stop.
•Front stop can be extended to 170 mm.
•Strip cutter.
•Table marked out in DIN sizes.
•Tested according to GS safety regulations.
•5-year warranty, excluding wear parts!
Cutting length:
390 mm
Cutting capacity:
4,0 mm
Table size exterior dimensions: 475 x 355 mm
8,9 kg
Bar code No:
Extendable front stop with
integrated narrow-strip cutting
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