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For a safe and practical IT enviroment
TWIST 66010
Very strong protection for desktop computers.
Fits Small Form Factory-models
This theft protection is mounted under, on the upper side of the
table or on the wall.
It can be mounted both portrait & landscape.
Stable, immersive steel construction.
Heavy lock cases of special made steel.
Examples of uses:
Schools, public, offices
Technical details:
SSF approved fixed size 3 lock positions, antracit:
Available dimensions Tower: 113 x 400 x 400 mm
(W x H x D)
Available dimensions Desk-Top: 400 x 113 x 400 mm
(W x H x D)
Package information:
Weight kg: 9,5
Package size:
Number per full pallet:
7 350 017 676 600
Keyed 66010KA
Master key 66010MK
Masterkey for locking system
Does your workplace have IT products you
need for daily use?
Are the computers on the floor and sucks up
dust by the fans?
Safeware has a wide range of products that
practical and ergonomic get your IT in place.
Is there a risk that you are exposed to theft or
burglary we have the products that make it
difficult for the thief and keeps your IT safe.
Keep in mind that the products are not that
important, but that you avoid downtime and
loss of information.
We recommend IT-lock delaying the thieves in
combination with alarm that notifies the
Guardians that something has happened.
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