Hypertec Accessories
Dicota SmartSkin
Includes 2 small
accessory pockets
Padded Handles
30 Years
Dicota SmartSkin
SmartSkin from DICOTA is the ideal solution for all users wishing to transport their
Notebook in a simple yet flexible manner. SmartSkin is made from robust and particularly
flexible neoprene and fits snugly around your Notebook like a second skin, thereby ensuring
that your computer has optimum protection from scratches. A further advantage: The zip is
equipped with extra protection on the inside to prevent scratches to your Notebook whilst
packing or unpacking it. SmartSkin is equipped with a practical handle so that you can
conveniently carry it around. Two small pockets on the front of the case also ensure that
small accessories are always neatly stowed away and are within easy reach.
SmartSkin from DICOTA is available in black in the following sizes: 7"-10,2", 10"-12,1", 13"14,1" as well as 15"-16,4"
Part Codes
SmartSkin 7"-10.2"
SmartSkin 10"-12"
SmartSkin 13"-14"
SmartSkin 15.4"-16.4"
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