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Ease of use
Shutdown- and
UPS management software
Based on the TCP/IP network protocol, CompuWatch is applicable
to heterogeneous networks where servers and computer systems
with diverse operating systems require a safe (i.e. where all open
files are closed) and automatic shutdown process for particular
situations. It carries out its functions by passing information through
security mechanisms to all UPS protected servers and computer
systems by way of an intelligent UPS-to-server communications
interface as well as the existing network topology.
Appropriate software modules in these servers and computer systems
make it possible for them to react accordingly. A terraced shutdown
sequence can be achieved by configuring these software modules
on the affected servers. All CompuWatch modules run as service or
background processes. Individual procedures can be launched by a
shell script or batch programming techniques.
The CompuWatch client, a graphic front-end for all Microsoft
Windows operating systems, permits all UPS systems connected
to the network to be monitored and controlled. Aside from this,
a scheduler can also be used to control the entire network.
Products from AEG Power Solutions provide a total security
solution for network power from a single source:
the Total Network Security Solution.
Special features:
The Figure illustrates a heterogeneous network with a Windows
NT server configured as the master and various slave servers that
have other operating systems. The potential to implement the
automation of shutdown and reboot procedures for the entire
network, including the UPS, is inherent to these products. This
means that during a power outage of long duration the entire
data net can be safely shut down and turned off; the Shutdown
function. Following a specified delay after power has been restored,
the network will also be automatically restarted and systems will
be initialised; the Reboot function.
• Software in client/server technology
• Integration as a background process
• Supports multi-server shutdown in homogeneous and
heterogeneous networks
• System activities can be programmed via scheduler and
configured by event manager
• Monitoring UPS devices locally and remotely via network
• Selectable bar graphs for measured values
• Support of the wake-up-on-LAN function for sequential reboot
• Customizable batch files and scripts for the shutdown procedure
• Alerting of events via network messages, e-mails and SMS
• SSL encryption for multi-server shutdown
• Logging of all events in a log file
Visit for an overview about
all supported operating systems
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