Vogel's PFF 1550 flat panel floorstand

Flat display floor stand
PFF 1550
• Max. weight: 45 kg / 99 lbs
• Guarantee: 5 years
• Available colours: Stainless Steel
The PFF 1550 flat display floor stand is a part of the modular system which enables you to create your own floor solution for LCD/Plasma TV's.
Flat display floor stand
PFF 1550
The PFF 1550 is a stylish brushed stainless steel flat display floor stand which can be used in many different locations like; boardrooms, hotel lobby's, retail shops, custom
install showrooms, car showrooms, shows and exhibitions.
A turn and tilt unit (PFA 9001/9002) needs to be added followed by your choice of universal LCD/Plasma interface (FAU 3125/3150), depending on the display.
• CIS® Cable Inlay System
• Combine with turn and tilt unit PFA 9001 or PFA 9002 and universal interface FAU 3150 or FAU 3125
Logistic information
• Packaging size: 790x1577x187 mm
• Max. weight: 35 kg / 76 lbs
• EAN Code: 8712285313783
Version: 19/08/2011
Subject to printing errors, technical and price amendments.
• Stylish design