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vertical ergonomic mouse
Grip Mouse
Ergonomic: eliminates arm twisting by keeping the forearm in
a neutral position
Buttons: 2 buttons and seperate scroll wheel (third button)
Optical: optical sensor for precise movements
Price: favorable price/ quality
Connection: USB and PS2
Cable length:: 150 cm
127 x 65 x 75 mm (W x D x H)
150 g
Product code:
Unnatural postures are a risk factor for development of
complaints of wrist and forearm (Karlqvist 1994, Jensen 1998,
Hagberg 1994). When the mouse is positioned closer to the body
the strain of shoulders and neck decreases (Armstrom 1995,
Cook 1998).Productivity is lower when using a trackball and
touchpad, standard mice and pen tablets enable a higher
1. Easy to use
Health & Safety Regulations
Council Directive 90/270/E The minimum safety and health
2. Right-handed
requirements for work with display screen equipment The use as such
of the equipment must not be a source of risk for workers.
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