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Goldtouch Numeric Keypad
Ergonomics from Hypertec
The Goldtouch USB Numeric Keypad allows you to do all your calculations from the keypad; there
is no longer any need to use the mouse separately to select these functions, between entering the
values manually. Errors are reduced and productivity enhanced.
Can be positioned to suit the user, thereby reducing the risks of RSI.developing.
22 keys
2 USB ports
Excel spreadsheet shortcuts, such as Tab, Escape, Backspace
Includes frequently used symbols such as , () % $ Y L E c \
Calculator functions include MS, M+, MC, MR, which speed up use.
00 button helps effiency when entering financial values.
Soft tactile feel.
Switch Life
Operating Force
Total Travel
Tactile Force
20 million cycles
2.0oz μ 0.7oz
0.08‰ μ 0.24‰
0.16‰ μ 0.2‰
2.3oz μ 0.7oz
Part Codes:
Available from:
Hypertec Ltd
2 Swangate, Charnham Park, Hungerford, Berks, RG17 0YX
t: 0870 243 5603
f: 0870 243 5604
w: www.hypertec.co.uk
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