With a unique fanless design and high cooling performance, Titan TTC-HD90 RTNV HDD cooler got a lot of rewards and
highly recommend by magazines and websites.
Today we unveiled a new model, TTC-HD92, which is as the same design idea as TTC-HD90 to significantly helps
reduce HDD Temperature and Noise. It is also a fanless design with high performance aluminum heatsink, which is
able to provide great performance with super silent cooling. Moreover, there is a large pieces of high conductive
thermal pads attached to the upper heatsink and the aluminum heatsinks, and the high conductive thermal pads can
actually provide the best effect of heat dissipation. The only different is we changed the size to be a smaller one for
easy installation and easy carry.
Installing this TTC-HD92 HDD cooler is very
simple. Just attach the cooler on the place
of the hard disk, tighten few screws as the
installation guide and it's done!The cooler
is very elegantly designed and looks sleek
and stylish.
More important is the actual cooling performance. We connected 3
HDD (Samsung Model HD252KJ)with Tosiba Notebook;one is with
TTC-HD90, another is with TTC-HD92 and the other is with no cooling
kit in the same time and the thermal record shows on the display. It is
obvious to see that the HDD cooler has significantly lowered the hard
drive by nearly 9.4 degrees Celsius. The TTC-HD92 not only works
well, but completely silent too!
Fanless design with high performance aluminum
hest sink.
High conductive thermal pad to provide the
best effect of heat dissipation.
Suitable for 3.5” Hard Disk Drives.
Stylish design, easy installation.
Outline Dimension
128 x 101 x 11.6 mm
Thermal pad
100 x 100 x 25mm