SIP Connect 112
Upgrade kit for the OpenCom 131
Internet telephony and convenient automatic routing
Internet telephony (Voice over DSL) using the OpenCom 100
Internet telephony has become a serious competitor for conventional fixednetwork telephony. The reasons are the growing number of broadband Internet
connections, the introduction of a protocol for assigning telephone numbers to IP
addresses, the wide range of gateways offered by various vendors and the
proliferation of the SIP protocol. Voice quality and availability have long passed
the stage of being experimental.
SIP Connect 112 upgrades Aastra-DeTeWe’s OpenCom 131 for Internet
telephony. It consists of the M100-AT4 interface module and the external IPGateway 1.
The intelligent routing selection of the OpenCom 100 enables three convenient
methods of route selection for SIP telephone numbers:
» automatic, using LCR
» automatic, using a telephone book
» manual, using a route code
Features of IP-Gateway 1:
Technical Data IP-Gateway 1:
» At least two simultaneous Voice-overIP calls
» DHCP server for automatic
assignment of IP addresses in
the LAN
» 1 WAN/DSL port (10/100 Mbps)
» SNTP client and server for
synchronisation of date and time on
all PCs in the LAN with time servers
on the Internet
» WAN: PPPoE protocol and fixed
IP address
» 1 LAN port (10/100 Mbps)
» Four SIP accounts can be configured
» Intelligent route selection using the
LCR of the OpenCom 100
» Configuration of the OpenCom 100
and the IP-Gateway 1 by means of a
Web browser
» Configuration via a Web browser
(independent of operating system)
» Remote configuration via ISDN or
DSL possible
» Internet telephony (via DSL)
» Internet telephony using the SIP
protocol, compatible with sipgate and
other popular Internet telephony
» STUN protocol supports operation on
external routers, e.g. VPN-router
» Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
(plug-in adapter)
» Dimensions (W x H x D):
262 x 157 x 56 mm
» IP-Gateway 1 is suitable for tabletop or
wall-mounted operation. The M100-AT4
is fitted in the OpenCom 131
Scope of delivery
» Firewall with port forwarding
» Up to four SIP accounts can be
assigned to the four analogue ports
of the OpenCom 100, and a default
provider selected for each port
» M100-AT4
» Traffic shaping
» IP-Gateway 1
Order Information
» Up to four simultaneous Internet
telephone calls are possible
(depends on the DSL upstream
bandwidth provided). The number of
simultaneous calls can be configured
- up to four are possible under certain
» Part no. 69515
» EAN-Code 4 019 617 695 154
» Automatic negotiation of the codec as
configured; choice is based on the
criterion of maximum compatibility
with the other party
IP Gateway
» Codecs: G.711 A-law / µ-law,
G.726-32 and GSM 6.10 in the
following combinations (examples are
simultaneous calls, bandwidth
requirements apply to both up- and
downstream transmission):
• Four calls using G.711; required
bandwidth is 4 x 80 kbps >
approx. 350 kbps
ISDN für
• One call using G.726 and three calls
using G.711; required bandwidth is 1
x 48 kbps + 3 x 80 kbps > approx.
300 kbps
• Two calls using GSM 6.10 and two
calls using G.711; required bandwidth
is 2 x 30 kbps + 2 x 80 kbps >
approx. 220 kbps
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SIP Connect 112