Evaluation Daughtercard
SX-560 Hardware and Software Developer's Kit
Simplify Your WLAN Development
The Silex SX-560-6900 Evaluation Daughtercard allows you to
easily develop applications for the SX-560 intelligent embedded
WLAN Module. The SX-560 plugs into this daughtercard, which
provides standard I/O connectors to allow you to easily connect
computers, networking equipment, and other devices for
development and test purposes. The Evaluation daughtercard
includes a universal power supply plus all necessary antennas,
cables, and accessories.
• One (1) 3-pin connector for selecting the LCD control
method (serial port 2 or SPI)
• Two (2) 2-pin headers for selecting RS-232 or logic level
operation of serial port 2 and console port
• One (1) 10-pin header for serial port 2 logic level interface
(bypasses RS-232 drivers/receivers)
Included Accessories
The SX-560-6900 also includes the following accessories:
The SX-560-6900 provides the following capabilities:
• 40-pin header for connecting the SX-560 module
• Three (3) 9-pin connectors and two (2) 10-pin headers for
connecting the SX-560 serial ports
• One (1) 26-pin header for connecting GPIOs, SPI, and
console port (logic levels), power, and ground
• One (1) RJ45 Ethernet connector
• One (1) USB host A connector
• 2 x external antennas with 100mm (4-inch) cables
• 2 x 100mm (4-inch) cables for built-in antennas
• 5 VDC 1 Amp power supply (100-240VAC)
• AC power cords for US and Europe
• 3 x serial null modem cables with gender changer
• 4 x rubber feet with adhesive
• 3 x M2 screws and 3 x M2 nuts
• 1 x retaining bracket/shield
• 2 x built-in chip antennas
• One (1) power jack
• 3 LEDs for displaying the power and network status
• 7 LEDs for monitoring the GPIO signals
• One (1) Test Button for printing configuration data and
resetting the SX-560 to factory defaults
• One (1) 18-pin header for selecting GPIOs as modem controls
• One (1) 4-pin header for selecting USB or Ethernet operation
• One (1) 7-pin connector for connecting an optional 16 x 2
character LCD display
• One (1) 3-pin connector for selecting the LCD control
method (serial port 2 or SPI)
• 3 x nylon spacers
• CD containing ExtendView Windows management
software, Serial Port Emulator software, and user manual
The SX-560 user manual is a comprehensive document that
contains interface information, programming information,
reference design schematics, and much more.
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