The new SEAT Ibiza. Start moving.

The new SEAT Ibiza. Start moving.
Start moving.
The new
SEAT Ibiza.
SEAT Ibiza
Made to move you, body and soul. The new SEAT Ibiza is the
freedom to choose, to be, to go. Wherever the city takes you, get
there in style with precision design and engineering. Inside and
out, adventurous spirit comes as standard. So, are you ready?
Created in
1953. The first SEAT rolls off our Barcelona production line and a
whole country starts moving. More than 60 years later and we’re
moving people all over the world. But we’ll always be Barcelona.
It runs through our veins. Inspires every car we create. In fact,
50% of the energy we use to make our cars comes direct from
Spanish sunshine. This is a city that never stops moving.
And neither will we. Why? Because you have places to be.
Your easy
life mobility
Your Ibiza
18 Exterior Design
22 Interior Design
24 Technology
26 Safety
Your way
30 FR trim
34 Xcellence trim
38 Style trim
42 Reference trim
46 Wheels
50 Colours
54 Upholstery
Your accessories
60 Performance
64 Interior
66 Customised interior
70 Customised exterior
72 Transport
78 Protection
80 Infotainment & Safety
At your service
Your easy
life mobility.
One life.
Do it justice.
This is not a dress rehearsal. Now is
your moment to get out there and
explore. Take chances. Have fun.
It’s okay. We’ve got you. SEAT is here to make it easy
for you to move through life. It’s what we do. Because if
it doesn’t set you free, give you pleasure, make things
better, what’s the point? If it’s not easy, it’s not mobility.
Easy life mobility
that great
meeting you
had once?
Easy life mobility
would never
have gone to
the moon.
Easy life mobility
This is life without obstacles. So you’re free to seize the day.
Take the leap. Make the big decisions. Why wait? Waiting
doesn’t make the world go round. It’s time to tear through
your to-do list, one bold step after another.
What’s wrong
with now?
Your Ibiza.
On your marks.
Get set.
Why stay the same? The new SEAT Ibiza comes with
more technology, more space and more ways to
make it your own. Everything is sharper. Smarter.
Made to take on the city like never before.
Exterior design
Life’s too short
to stand still.
The new SEAT Ibiza is designed to move. A new aerodynamic
shape helps you go faster and get further, with less fuel.
Bold blisters and Full LED lights demand to be noticed.
Now you’re unstoppable.
Exterior design
Let’s roll.
Agility comes in the form of tailor-made rims, now available
in 18" across the FR Trim. Alloy brings lightness and strength,
in your choice of design. And because they’re galvanized,
they’ll stay fresh. Good to go?
Xcellence Trim is shown in images.
Up to 17" Alloy wheels available.
Interior design
Want change?
Things are different now. An updated dashboard with a
digital 8" glass display and ambient lighting offers new
levels of customisation and technology.
So go on, break the mould.
Why wait
for tomorrow?
It’s all right here, right now. Your 8" glass display with Full Link
technology and Navi System helps adventures stay on track.
The Connectivity Box with wireless charging and GSM
amplifier keep you powered up and in range. And with the
Keyless System and Heartbeat button, you can get in and
get going in a heartbeat.
Go on, we’ve
got you.
Whatever the road brings, your new SEAT Ibiza has you
covered. From Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist and
Tiredness Recognition Systems to Hill Hold Control,
Electronic Stability Control and a Tire Pressure Monitor.
With front, side and curtain airbags as standard too,
you can relax and enjoy the ride.
Your way.
Because no one
ever changed things
by following the herd.
It’s easy to be yourself with the new SEAT Ibiza. Choose
the trim. Choose the colour. Choose the wheels and
upholstery. You’re in charge. (Feels good, doesn’t it?)
Your way
FR Trim.
SEAT Ibiza
Are you playing,
or spectating?
The 8" digital glass display
on your new SEAT Ibiza is
command and control.
18" performance alloy
wheels. Lightweight and
robust. Four new reasons
to get excited.
Alcantara® upholstery
with colourful contrast red
stitching and FR steering
wheel detail keep things
sporty inside.
Dynamic down to the last detail.
The FR Trim is smart, sporty and
stylish. Set your own pace with
a SEAT Ibiza that’s made for life
in the fast lane.
See the world in high
definition with your Glossy
Black Exterior Mirrors.
Stay juiced up all day,
every day with your
Connectivity Box.
Your leather multi-function
sports steering wheel with
FR pin is centre stage.
Your way
SEAT Ibiza
Don’t do ordinary?
You’ll see them coming
with Atom Grey Mirrors.
And they’ll be looking.
Full LED Headlights are as
bright as they are efficient.
This is how to lead the way.
Stand out with Mystic
Magenta upholstery.
Contrast stitching adds
a pop of colour to the
seats and steering wheel.
Live extraordinary with the
new Xcellence Trim. It’s the
new SEAT Ibiza guaranteed
to turn heads in the city.
17" Alloy Wheels will turn
heads with the highest
level of trim.
The BeatsAudio™ system
is everything you need to
soundtrack your mission.
The leather multi-function
steering wheel with XC pin
shows you’re in control.
Your way
Style Trim.
SEAT Ibiza
Seize the day,
in style.
Chrome detailing around the
gear stick brings the bling.
At the flick of a switch,
your cruise control is
motorway ready.
Super-bright rear LED
brake lights attract
attention for the right
The Style Trim combines some
of the best features of the
new SEAT Ibiza with a fit and
finish that’s yours to choose.
Now you’re really owning it.
It’s about you from the
ground up with 16" alloy
Fuel consumption and
range calculated, right
where you need it.
Built in climatronic BI-Zone
+ Air Care always keeps
you cool under pressure.
Your way
SEAT Ibiza
Ibiza, pure
and simple.
Staying in touch is easy
with a 5" touch screen.
Wherever the road takes
you, you’re connected.
Twin halogen headlights
come standard on the new
SEAT Ibiza. Shine brightly
every drive.
15" alloy wheels are sturdy
and agile. Keep it four to
the floor, wherever you go.
The Reference Trim has
everything you need and
nothing you don’t. Time to
own the road, Ibiza style.
Matt black door handles
and exterior mirrors make
the perfect contrast to the
Slip into a new way of doing
things with upholstery as
comfortable as it is stylish.
Your responsive steering
wheel brings sporty moves
to a city car. This is the
new SEAT Ibiza standard.
Your way
Reference R
Style St
Xcellence XE
Serial Opcional Reference 14"
Urban 15"
Enjoy 15"
Design 16"
Design 16"
Machined w/mickeys
Dynamic 17"
Machined w/mickeys
Dynamic 17"
Performance 18"
Accessories Wheels.
*SEAT Sport Line: All accessories wheels fitted at SEAT Sport.
Order through Car Configurator and receive them already
mounted on your new car.
Diamond cut 17"
in Piano Black
Diamond cut 18"
in Piano Black
Your way
Reference R
Style St
Xcellence XE
Serial Opcional Pirineos Grey
Midnight Black
Mystic Magenta
Desire Red
Mystery Blue
Mediterraneo Blue
Candy White
Your way
Cloth Plus
Acero / Clip Titan
Black - AF
Cloth Orgad
Grey / Ice
Touch - CB
Cloth Sound /
Hill / Nora
Black - FL
+ PL0
The images refer to the upholsteries, for the interior combinations please check the Car Configurator.
Cloth Edge Mystic
& Plus Mystic / Clip
Titan Black - DL
Cloth Edge Mystic
& Plus Mystic / Clip
Titan Black
- DL + PIG
Alcantara® Black
- DL + PL0
Alcantara® Black
- DL + PL0 + PIG
Reference R
Style St
Xcellence XE
Serial Opcional The images refer to the upholsteries, for the interior combinations please check the Car Configurator.
Your accessories.
Ready for anything.
Any time, anywhere.
Want to be faster? Better protected? Take more with you? Go
for it. SEAT Ibiza Accessories are the best way to get the most
out of every ride. Tailor-made for whatever you have planned.
Your accessories
Track car looks. City car spirit. Your new SEAT
Ibiza comes with the option of sporty extras
that improve its performance, and lift its
character with bright colour accents and
moulded enhancements.
*SEAT Sport Line: All Performance accessories fitted at SEAT Sport.
Order through Car Configurator and receive them already mounted on your new car.
Front Styling Kit
Style up your front end with
a dynamic bumper lip, that
complements your car’s main
colour with a contrasting one
of your choice.
Side skirts
Look great from every angle and
feel the improved aerodynamics
with skirts that fit perfectly to
the side of your new Ibiza.
18" alloy wheel
Want to upgrade? These stylish
rims are the best in show.
Mystic Magenta, Mystery Blue
and Desire Red hub cap colour
options round off pure
Your accessories
If you’re going to get there, get there with
some sporty attitude, right? These accessories
are designed to boost performance, and look
like you’ve just come from the track.
*SEAT Sport Line: All Performance accessories fitted at SEAT Sport.
Order through Car Configurator and receive them already mounted on your new car.
Nothing says sporty like
a spoiler. Enjoy enhanced
aerodynamic performance
and downforce while looking
like you just came from the track.
Rear diffuser
You’ll always make a stylish exit
with this aerodynamic rear
bumper, featuring an aluminium
decorative that sits below your
number plate.
Hatchback moulding
Available in Chrome or Black.
Look great with a smart hatch
door moulding that fits perfectly
to the rear of your car.
Your accessories
Rearview mirror
Nextbase 101 Elite
Complement your dynamic
In-car video camera that can
interior. Available in a range
be easily rotated to record the
Easy life mobility made even easier.
of Ibiza colours, this is a cool
inside of you Ibiza. Equipped
This practical and polished range is made
finishing touch.
with 3G sensor in the event
for every journey.
of sudden braking. Recordings
aren’t deleted until you decide.
The ultimate in-car monitor,
this is an extra security
measure, inside and out.
Net between seats
Handy, stylish and protective,
this seat net is next-level
Spherical cup holder
Universal Magnet Mount
Illuminated side sills
Smart and simple. Keep your
Designed to place your phone
Light up your life with these
essentials close to hand.
at the best height for driving.
decorative side sills. They
This is a modern-day must-have.
illuminate when you open
your doors, with no electrical
Your accessories
The new SEAT Ibiza now comes with three
dramatic, spacious interiors: Sport, Urban
Tech and Trend. Updated footrests, pedals,
floor mats, gear knob and steering wheel keep
things as fresh inside as they are outside.
Urban Tech
Steering Wheel
Where the magic happens.
First, second, third, and beyond.
Your custom steering wheel, with
This is changing mode, new
a bold new design. For leather
SEAT Ibiza style. Not available
steering wheel only. Not available
with automatic gearbox.
for FR and Xcellence versions.
Gear Knob
Your accessories
Urban Tech
Floor mats
Pedals & foodrest
Key Cover
Always be guaranteed perfect
Dynamic control with pedals
Step up to the plate with
This smart key cover offers
grip. These custom, anti-slip
and footrests in your style.
custom fitted stainless steel
protection and matches your
mats are ideal for sporty
Pedals not available for
doorsteps on the front doors,
choice of interior perfectly.
Automatics. Features not
adding great value protection
available for RHD vehicles.
to your design.
Your accessories
Trend exterior sticker
Keep it on trend, with this
Make it yours with these accessories,
cool sticker that matches
designed to enhance your new Ibiza’s look
your interior design.
and feel. The sporty roof stickers come in
three options to keep you looking fresh.
Exterior mirrors
You can change the colour of
your exterior mirrors to Piano
Black, Desire Red, Mystic
Magenta and Mystery Blue.
Looking fresh from all angles.
Sport exterior sticker
Designed to complement your
interior, this unique design not
only looks fly but keeps your
roof in great condition. Your
sporty Ibiza just got sportier.
Urban Tech exterior sticker
A great addition if you’re
rocking the Urban Tech interior.
Refined lines, inspired by the
digital age. Expressive and
protective in one.
Your accessories
It’s all yours.
Your accessories
Ski rack
For all the excitement that life brings,
Trip to the slopes? This ski
have what you need when you need it.
rack is especially designed,
and perfect for family use.
Holds 4-6 skis or 2-4
Tow bar bicycle rack
Surf rack
Never miss a break with this
A foldable metal rack attaching
handy surf rack. Adapts to
to your Ibiza’s tow bar, it can
the shape of your surfboard,
carry two bicycles. This is
and can carry two of them.
mobility for your mobility.
For coast to coast action.
Roof box
Protect your luggage from the
weather, with this stylish and
aerodynamic roof box. Simple
to assemble and anchor,
it opens on both sides and is
used together with roof bars.
Ideal for longer family trips.
Your accessories
Tow bar
Low profile and strong. When
you need to take it with you,
this handy tow bar is ready
for action.
Tow bar ski rack
Live for the piste? This tow bar
is designed to carry up to
6 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.
Your accessories
Boot organiser and separation grille
There are years of fun ahead, so protect
Perfect for pets, everything
your new SEAT Ibiza with a range of custom
fits neatly to the floor panel.
accessories. Designed for whatever the road
The boot organiser comes
holds, you’ll keep everything in its place, and
complete with telescopic bars.
in the best condition.
Only available for luggage
compartment with double level.
Rubber floor mats and mudflaps
Snow chains
Be prepared when winter comes.
These snow chains are easy to
transport and attach, improving
your new Ibiza’s grip.
Simple and effective. These
rubber floor mats are a great
way to protect the inside of
your new Ibiza. Front and rear
mudguards do the same for
the outside.
Reversible boot mat and foam boot tray
Handles whatever you throw
at it. Carry wet and dirty
objects easily, and protect
your luggage compartment.
The foam protector fits in the
same way, and both are only
available for single level
Your accessories
& Safety
The new SEAT Ibiza comes with custom seats
and safety features to take care of everyone,
plus the latest onboard infotainment devices
to keep them happy. This is the future of easy
life mobility.
Seat Peke G1 Kidfix
Suitable for mass groups II, III
(15 kg-36 kg). Installed either
with the car seat belt or iSOFiX
plus car seat belt. Height
adjustable backrest. The cover
is removable and washable.
Navlet 7"
Head-up display equipped
HD Europe TeleAtlas maps.
LiPo battery and quad-core
processor keep you in the loop
while a 5MP front camera and
2.3MP rear camera keep track.
Headrest bracket and suction
cup available for passenger
and driver use.
At your
& Maintance.
Want the best from your SEAT?
The SEAT Service team are here
to help keep it in peak condition.
And of course, the SEAT Maintenance Programme
uses only SEAT Genuine parts. So you can rest
assured you’re giving your Ibiza the very best.
At your service.
Worry-free driving.
for money you need, with the level of service you expect. Starting from
Peace of mind
for longer.
XX€/month, you can leave your worries behind and save up to 50%
A SEAT Warranty Extension lets you extend
on Maintenance, Warranty, Insurance and Mobility.
your 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for 1, 2
SEAT CARE means you can benefit from our range of services, at a very
competitive fixed monthly rate. It’s about not having to think about what your
car needs, just having it all taken care of. SEAT CARE is the flexibility and value
and enjoy the road for longer. The warranty
We’ve got
you covered.
extension is available only for new cars
SEAT Insurance offers an insurance product
or 3 years under the same great conditions.
So you can continue to benefit from expert care
(all models, engines and versions).
That means, fast repairs with SEAT Genuine
on call.
Parts carried out in our official SEAT workshops
We’re here for 24/7, 365 days a year.
and 24-hour customer service all year long.
SEAT SERVICE Mobility is SEAT’s roadside
And if your car is vandalized or stolen, we’ll
assistance service. It comes with every new
Don’t worry,
be happy.
drive you to the destination of your choice.
SEAT, completely free for 2 years. You can
Why worry about unexpected repair bills?
designed specifically for your SEAT Ibiza.
extend the service annually for up to 10 years,
if all work is carried out by SEAT in that time.
(Fees for additional years are added to your
Inspection Service price.) Benefit from phone
assistance and on-the-spot repair, towing,
fuel refills, and more. SEAT SERVICE Mobility
is available everywhere in the EU, plus most
neighbouring countries.
SEAT Service & Maintenance Contracts include
services and maintenance for the first three,
four or five years. Covering most of the services
in the SEAT Maintenance Programme, you can
keep your Ibiza in tip-top shape. If you’re
financing your car, you can add a SEAT Service
& Maintenance Contract and pay monthly,
or as a one off. Contracts are available in
Basic and Premium, tailored to all budgets.
SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications, colours and prices without notice. The information in this brochure can
therefore be given as guidance only. While SEAT makes every effort to ensure that specifications are accurate at the time of publication, you should always check with your authorised SEAT Partner
for the latest informa­tion. Due to limitations of the printing process the colours reproduced in this brochure may vary slightly from the actual paint colour and material. This vehicle and all its parts,
as well as the original spares, were designed according to the Legal Regulations governing the prevention and minimisation of Environmental lmpact, through the use of recycled/recyclable
materials, with measures taken to achieve suitable recycling for the conservation and improvement of environmental quality.
05/2017. Printed in Spain.
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