Draper M1300 Onyx 6', 4:3 NTSC

Permanently Tensioned Projection Screens
Quick and Easy Assembly Plus
Adjustable Surface Tension
• You can have a beautifully framed
projection screen hanging on the wall in
just 10 to 15 minutes—assembly is that easy!
• An attractive frame, a new fabric
tensioning system and ease of assembly
make Onyx the leader in permanently
tensioned screens.
• The ˝ wide beveled, extruded aluminum
frame interconnects quickly on site. Each
side piece slip fits tightly to injection
molded plastic corners, forming perfectly
mitered edges.
• An innovative approach to fabric
attachment will amaze even the toughest
of critics. There are no snaps! Uniform
tension is applied to the entire surface area,
so the surface is perfectly flat.
• Unique fabric retention system enables you
to adjust the surface tension (up to 1/2˝) in
just seconds, without tools.
• Permanent wall mounting brackets
Onyx installation by David Szathmary in Gallerie Jean Moulin, Hyde Park of Austin,
Texas. Photography: Barry Champagne, Houston Texas.
• Viewing Surfaces—M1300, M2500,
HiDef Grey, AT1200 and AT Grey for front
projection, or Cineflex rear projection vinyl.
• Frame Finishes—Black aluminum is
standard. Cover the frame with optional
velvety black Vel-Tex® to eliminate
reflections. Pictured at left.
Sizes and Formats
AV Format
from 50˝ x 50˝ to 120˝ x 120˝
rear view
Injection molded plastic corners
form perfectly mitered edges.
Viewing surface height + 8"
Viewing surface
HDTV Format
from 65˝ to 220˝ diagonal
16:10 Format
from 67˝ to 226˝ diagonal
Viewing surface width + 8"
NTSC Format
from 6´ to 15´ diagonal
Frame Detail
Side View.
surface is
1/4˝ from wall.
Wall Mounting
Brackets Included
WideScreen Format
from 99˝ to 162˝ diagonal
CinemaScope Format
from 115˝ to 204˝ diagonal
Available in virtually any custom size up to
20´ x 20´. Overall size, including frame, equals
image area plus 8”
Full details available at:
U.S. Patent No. 6,785,047; 7,113,332; and 7,369,310.
www.draperinc.com | 1-800-238-7999