Stereo headphones
Outstanding audio quality
with Philips stereo headphones
Ultra-lightweight headphone designed for comfort during extended use. The bass beat
vents produce deep, rich sound. Sounds around you are perfectly blocked out while the
sound from the headphone is kept in a sealed chamber for perfect quality.
Superior audio quality
• Professional headset that enables concentrated transcription in busy office environments
• 30 mm speaker driver delivers big sound performance
• Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound
For optimal results
• Reinforced cable connectors ensure quality and durability
• Ultra lightweight headband improves comfort and fit
• A 3 meter/10-foot cable for freedom to move about your work area
Stereo headphones
•Type: binaural
•Sound modus: stereo
•Technology: dynamic
•Acoustic system: open
•Magnet type: ferrite
•Voice coil: copper
•Diaphragm: mylar dome
•Frequency response: 18 Hz–20 kHz
•Impedance: 32 Ohm
•Maximum power input: 100 mW
•Sensitivity: 96 dB
•Speaker diameter: 30 mm
•Cable connection: two parallel, symmetric
•Cable length: 3 m
•Connector: 3.5 mm stereo
•Cable type: copper
•Plug type: gold plated, right angled stereo plug
Package contents
•Two exchangeable ear cushions
•All Philips desktop dictation and transcription
•Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder LFH9375,
LFH9380, LFH9500 series, LFH9600 series
•Philips Pocket Memo meeting recorder LFH0955
Green specifications
•Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
•Lead-free soldered product
•Product dimensions: 170 mm × 135 mm × 50
mm/6.7" × 5.3" × 2.0"
•Weight: 75 g/2 oz
•Philips USB audio adapter LFH9034
Everything you need
Philips accessories are designed to help you make
the most of your Philips dictation devices. They
guarantee optimal results and ensure that your
Philips products enjoy a long life.
30 mm speaker driver
Compact for wearing comfort, yet big enough to
deliver crisp, powerful sound, the 30 mm speaker
driver is the perfect size for non-distorted listening
Bass beat vents
Bass beat vents allow air movement for better
sound with a deep rich bass.
Reinforced cable connection
A soft plastic part on the earshell reduces cable
strain, protects the connection and prevents
damage from repeated bending.
Ultra lightweight design
The slim, lightweight stainless steel headband is so
light you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.
3 meter/10-foot cable
The 3 meter/10-foot cable gives you the freedom
to move around your work area without having to
remove the headphones.
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