GBC 41611E laminator pouch

Laminating Pouch 67X99mm 2X180 mic
A range of sizes and laminate weights specifically designed for the visitor, publicity, identity
and license card applications.
•Sizes careful designed to fully ‘encapsulate’ card
•250, 350, 360 and 500 Micron Weight options (total thicknesses)
•50 or 100 pack options
•Usable with all Standard Identity & A4 pouch Laminators that have a Lamination width* of
at least 130mm
•Carrier­free operation
1 Seven Popular Sizes
2 High gloss finish with good polyethylene (adhesive) content
3 Photo compatible
4 With or without ‘ID Slots’
Ideal to add clips and chains for a variety of identity needs
Large size range for wide variety of standard business & identity card/license card
Polyethylene (adhesive) chemical construction is ideal to adhere to identity images
reducing forgery and substitution risks
Superb colour enhancement and long­term durability