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Greener Office Solutions from Aurora
Greener Office Solutions
Recycled Plastic
Recycled plastic from post comsumer sources has been
used in production. The reduction in use of new plastics leads
to less petroleum being used in production which reduces the
environmental impact.
Recycled Packaging
The packaging and instruction manual use over 90% recycled
paper. The reduction in use of new paper helps to sustain
precious forestry resources and again further reduces the
environmental impact.
Semi-Desktop Calculator
The new EcoCalc range combines outstanding
business and office calculators with a greener
manufacturing process and reduced carbon footprint.
For the first time Quality, Value and Environmental Benefits
have been combined in one product range, EcoCalcs provide
the ideal solution for any organization looking to implement
a greener procurement policy and reduce their own
environmental impact.
Easy Viewing and Simple Operation
An extra large 12 digit angled display, large well
spaced keys and large clear numerals ensure
ease of use.
ISO 14001 Certified
Our production process has been independently certified
and complies with the Environment Management System
ISO14001. This means we have taken steps to minimize
our environmental impact and are committed to continual
improvement of our environmental performance.
WEEE Compliant
Our environmental commitment means we operate an
‘end of life’ recycling scheme, all our products are
designed to be recycled and we are part of an official
WEEE Recycling Scheme. This means end of life products
will no longer enter the general waste system, but instead
will be recycled again, reducing the environmental impact
RoHS Compliant
All our products are free from lead, mercury, cadmium and
other toxic substances in accordance with the RoHS
directive. This ultimately reduces the risk of such
chemicals entering our waste and water systems and
improves recyclability.
Zero Air Miles
Our transportation commitment is that the Eco Range
will never be transported by air. All international transport
of this range will take place by sea, a much greener
alternative to air transport. Transportation accounts for a
large percentage of global emissions, by restricting
transportation methods in this way we further reduce the
impact to the environment.
Unique Features that Improve Efficiency
The patented large ‘equals’ bar is easier
to use and improves speed of use significantly.
Dual Powered Protection Using Greener Solar Energy
Solar powered with a replaceable battery backup
for poor light conditions, and ‘auto power off’ for
energy saving when not in use.
Business Features Provide Increased Functionality
The Cost/Sell/Margin feature allows the user to easily calculate
profit margins, suggested selling prices and required cost price.
Additional Calculator Features
• 3 key memory
• Percent key
• Square root
• Sign change key
• Dimensions 98x137x28mm
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