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Philips AVENT
Electric Steam Steriliser
220-240 V
Sterilises 6 bottles in 8 minutes
Fast and easy to use
Fast and easy to use
Benefits and features:
• Fast and easy to use
• Sterile contents for up to 6 hours
• Large capacity
• Effective sterilisation
Electric Steam Steriliser
220-240 V
What is included
• Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions: 313 (H), 235 (W), 235 (L) mm
• Weight: 1.575 kg
Country of origin
Development stages
• England
Express Electric Steam Steriliser: 1 pcs
Feeding Bottle (260 ml/9 oz): 2 pcs
Extra soft Slow Flow teat: 2 pcs
Tongs: 1 pcs
Measuring jug: 1 pcs
Fast and easy to use
• Stages: 0–6 months
Just add water, load and switch on. Contents are
sterile and ready to use in approximately 8 minutes.
Sterile contents for up to 6 hours
Contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if
Large capacity
Holds up to six 260 ml/9 oz AVENT Bottles or two
Philips AVENT Breast Pumps and accessories.
Effective sterilisation
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Steam sterilisation is proven to be the most effective
way to protect your baby from harmful germs. Based
on the hospital principle, the intensive heat of the
steam eliminates harmful bacteria.
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