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P-touch 2700
Brother P-touch labels have been subjected to a series of rigorous tests which prove that even when they’re exposed to extreme conditions our labels
have been designed to last.
Laminated – our unique laminated tape technology
ensures that a layer of super-clear polyethylene
laminate protects your text.
Chemical Resistant - after being submerged for 2 hours
in a variety of chemical substances, no change in
appearance or structure of P-touch labels occurred and the
labels remained affixed.
Temperature Resistant – P-touch labels can withstand
extreme temperatures, from -80°C to 150°C.
Water Resistant – after submersion in water over a long
period, the tape structure and adhesive strength of P-touch
labels remained unchanged.
Strong Adhesion – specially developed adhesive
means P-touch labels will stay firmly affixed to a
wide range of surfaces.
Fade Resistant - after a year in a simulated sunny
climate P-touch labels showed very little change
visible to the naked eye.
Abrasion Resistant – In the P-touch abrasion test using a
1kg sanding device, lettering remained completely intact,
only the protective layer was slightly scratched.
Easy Peel – enables convenient removal of the tape
backing before applying the label.
Professional Labelling Solution
Technical Information
Built-In Software
Housing Dimensions
Housing Weight
Housing Design
Housing Colour
Number of Keys
Included Items
Tape Type
Tape Size
Print Head
Print Speed
179.5 mm (W) x 247.9 mm (D) x 71.8 mm (H)
Silver & Black
AA Alkaline Batteries x 8 or AC Adapter (Model H1)
16 chr. x 3 line (Graphical display)
128 dots x 48 dots, Back Light
User Guide, Software Installation Guide (Windows/Mac),
CD-ROM- Printer driver, P-touch Editor 4.2 (Win) &
3.2.9 (Mac), P-touch Quick Editor 2.0 (Win)
& 1.2.9 (Mac)
24 mm Black on White Tape (8m),
AC adapter (Model H1)
USB cable & Carry case
3.5 / 6 / 9 / 12 /18 / 24 mm
180 dpi
10mm / sec.
Minimum System Requirements (for computer connection)
Max. Print Height
Character Size (Pts)
Label Length Setting
Multi - Line
Multi - Block
Tab Function
Text Buffer
Type Style
Framing & Fill Pattern
Copy Printing
Mirror Printing
Vertical Printing
Auto Formats
Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP
SVGA High colour graphics support or higher
USB Port (1.1 or 2.0 protocol)
Battery Weak Display
LCD language change
Mac OS®X 10.1-10.4.4, Mac OS® 9.1-9X*
(*For Mac OS® 9.1-9.X, visit
SVGA High colour graphics support or higher
USB Port (1.1 or 2.0 protocol)
Unit Change
Auto Power Off
Print Image Preview
8 fonts (Helsinki, Brussels, US, Florida, Belgium, San Diego,
Los Angeles, Calgary )
8 sizes (6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 42 and extra BIG)
30mm - 300mm
7 lines
2800 chrs ( 99 areas )
Normal / Bold / Outline /Shadow / Solid /
Italic / Italic Bold / Italic Outline / Italic Solid / Italic Shadow
17 Frames, 3 Patterns
CODE39, CODE128, EAN8, EAN13, EAN128, UPC-A, UPC-E,
1 ~ 99
Block Layouts ( 24 layouts )
Templates ( 17 formats)
(English / Spanish / French / Portuguese / German / Dutch / Italian /
Danish /Swedish / Norwegian / Finnish)
Yes (cm / inch)
Always at your side
• Standalone desktop or PC/Mac operation
(via USB)
• Uses 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24mm width
TZ tape
• Large LCD with vivid back-light
for easy viewing
Time and Date Function – Ideal for making labels for visitor badges, permits
or food storage that require time and date accuracy.
Large LCD with Backlight – 16 character x 3 line LCD with a vivid backlight
for easy viewing, even in dim lighting.
Memory Function & Label Templates – Save and easily re-print your
favourite labels at the touch of a button or use the pre-designed label templates to
help you quickly create your own.
• Time & date function for display
or printing
Barcodes – Access the most popular barcodes built into the machine and even
more through P-touch editor software.
• Prints up to 7 lines
Auto-Cutter – Increases efficiency and keeps tape wastage to a minimum making
• 8 fonts, 11 type styles
it ideal for printing large volumes of labels.
• 17 frame styles and 120 symbols
PC/Mac Connectivity – Connect easily to your PC/Mac and create labels with
your special requirements using Brothers superior P-touch Editor software.
• 9 types of barcode supported
• Store up to 99 files for Memory Print
• Power supplied by 8 x AA batteries or
AC adaptor (adaptor included)
Includes carry case, adaptor and tape
• Includes 24mm x 8m black on white tape
TZ-251, carry case and adaptor
Why do Brother P-touch labels last longer ?
The PT-2700 from Brother – labelling at its best!
Unlike ordinary labels, Brother’s patented laminated
tape technology ensures that a layer of super clear
polyethylene laminate protects your text. Our
laminated tapes consist of six layers of materials,
resulting in a thin, extremely strong label.
Characters formed with thermal transfer ink are
actually printed on the underside of the laminate and
sandwiched between layers of PET (polyester film).
This lets you create characters that are virtually
indestructible on labels that stand the test of time.
In a busy working environment, it’s important to
have the right equipment to hand. The Brother
P-touch 2700 professional labelling machine will
meet all your labelling requirements, helping you to
organise and identify your items quickly and easily.
This feature packed machine prints up to 7 lines
and includes a range of in-built fonts, frames and
symbols. With the option of PC/MAC connectivity
you'll be able to import barcodes, graphics,
logos and icons, making the possibilities of label
design endless.
protective coating (PET) 38µm
adhesive (Acryl)
base film (PET)
colour layer for the base film
adhesive (acrylic)
backing paper
Brother Laminate Tape Construction
Wide Range of Tapes
TZ tapes are available in a large range of colours and
widths. Standard tape length is 8m providing
approximately 100 labels (based on 10 characters and
standard label length of 8cm). For full tape line up see
TZ tape catalogue.
Within the TZ tape range we also offer special tapes,
Strong Adhesive Tape - To give improved adhesion
for those even more demanding applications and
Security Tape - Designed to leave a checkerboard
pattern as an indicator that the tape has been
Fabric Iron -On Tape - Produces washable cloth
labels ideal for labelling uniforms, work wear,
bedding and table cloths.
Flexi ID Tape - Ideal for cylindrical surfaces and
flagging cables.
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