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Customer Display
Customer Display
Epson’s DM-D500 customer display is a highperformance pole display that provides a
wide range of clear, easy-to-read characters
and graphics.
Built by the leader in POS technology, Epson’s DM-D500
customer display offers a high-resolution, fluorescent, largescreen display with a wide viewing area up to 42 columns
wide x 8 lines high.
Quality and adaptability
• Large, easy-to-read 256 x 64 dot matrix display
• Can display graphics, logos and Asian character sets
• Vertical and horizontal scrolling of text
and graphics
• User-defined characters easily downloaded
with built-in flash memory
• Easy connectivity to a wide range of Epson
POS products
• Available in Epson Cool White and Epson
Dark Gray
The clear, easy-to-read DM-D500
vacuum fluorescent customer display
offers a large 256 x 64 dot matrix area
capable of displaying custom fonts,
graphics and Asian character sets
(42 columns x 8 lines max). The
DM-D500 can be freely tilted and
swiveled to a variety of viewing
angles, and is available with
space-saving configurations that
attach directly to Epson printers.
Designed for easy integration
With its pass-through functionality,
The DM-D500 is easy to connect with
Epson POS printers or IR terminals,
and can directly connect with your
existing host terminal (serial port
with a 12 V power supply required)
for expanded system flexibility. In
addition, the DM-D500 is fully
backwards-compatible and can display
20 columns x 2 lines. This allows you
to use the DM-D500 as a drop-in
replacement for older pole displays.
The printer interface (based on RS232) allows you to connect both a
printer and the display with only one
port on the host computer side. Best
of all, you can purchase everything you
need from the same source—Epson.
Performance and reliability
you can count on
The DM-D500 has a data-transfer
rate of 115,000 bps. It has extremely
low energy consumption, using only
six watts of power. With an MTBF
of 30,000 hours, it delivers the
outstanding reliability that is critical
to high-volume, customer-friendly
business environments. The DM-D500
offers high-quality performance in a
large screen display that will give
your customers added confidence
during transactions.
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Customer Display
DM - D500 Customer Display
Display method/color
Vacuum fluorescent display/Green
256 x 64 full dot matrix/42 columns x 8 lines max. (5x7)
300 cd/m2
Buffer size
Receive 4k bytes/Macro 2k bytes
Character font
5 x 7 dot matrix, 8 x 16, 16 x 16 dot matrix
Character type
Alphanumeric: 95, International characters: 37,
Graphic characters: 128 x 12 pages, kanji characters
Euro symbol
Dot pitch
0.55 x 0.55
Download characters
132/94 characters (Kanji gaiji)
ECW (Epson Cool White) and EDG (Epson Dark Gray)
Overall dimensions
213mm(W) x 51mm(D) x 83mm(H)
Approx. 460 g
5.81” (148mm) with stand-alone base
15.87” (403mm) with base and extension
Pass through type*/Direct connection
Baud rate
2,400 ~115,200 bps
30,000 hours
Power Supply
12 – 48 VDC/Approx. 6 W
PS -180
EMC standards
VCCI class A, FCC class A, CE marking
Safety standards
UL/USA/TÜV (EN60950)
*Note: Available with the baud rate 2,400~38,400 bps when displaying 20 columns x 2 lines.
TM-T88III, TM-T90,
TM-U200 Series
stand-alone model
TM-H6000, TM-U950,
TM-U675, NT Series
TM printer externally attached
TM printer internally attached
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Intelligent Register (IR)
IR internally attached
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