Energy-Saving Business NAS Server
with Dual GbE LANs, Volume
Encryption and Complete
RAID/Snapshot Backup Solutions
Storage capacity of up to 8 TB
Dual Gigabit LAN ports support failover/load balancing/link aggregation
Volume encryption with 256-bit AES
Disk configurations: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and RAID10
Snapshot backup helps quickly recover previous versions of files
Supports encrypted remote replication, local backup and self volume to
volume backup
Hot spare and hot swappable
High Performance
To facilitate file sharing between different users or platforms, the ZyXEL NSA-2401 network storage
appliance meets the need of small business users with outstanding performance and massive
capacity designed for mission-critical storage management. Its 800 MHz-grade CPU, 256 MB DDR II
memory and dual Gigabit LAN ports empower data reading/writing and network transmission
performance outperforming the competition with the best price/performance ratio.
High Availability
In addition to typical RAID functionalities, the NSA-2401 provides a “hot spare” feature (RAID1 + Spare,
RAID5 + Spare) to reduce down time in the event of driver failure. If any HDD failure occurs, the spare
HDD in the NSA-2401 will automatically take over from the failed one and continue to function
without corrupting the files, or interrupting regular NAS operations.
The NSA-2401 can also collaborate with an optional UPS device to protect files and databases from
sudden power failures or surges. With the NSA-2401 monitoring the power level from the UPS (via
USB) port, the IT staff can be informed of power failure or low UPS power level via e-mail in order to
backup/save important data or shutdown the system safely in time. All these features ensure
maximum device availability.
Network Storage
Network Storage Appliance
Easy Capacity Expansion
The IT staff can install cost-effective, low-capacity HDDs on the NSA-2401 for applications that require only a smaller capacity. When demand grows, the
RAID5/JBOD online capacity expansion feature will allow capacity addition through simply installing extra HDDs.
Energy Saving for the Environment
More energy consumption means more carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. To better protect the environment, the NSA-2401 consumes less
power (only 58 W in access mode, 25 W in idle mode) with no compromise on performance. Compared to traditional NAS and storage servers (normally
consuming 200 W), the NSA-2401 uses 60% less power to save energy as well as the electricity cost.
In off hours such as night time, weekends or holidays with low data traffic, the NSA-2401 can be scheduled to automatically perform power management
according to specific date/time settings or idle time criteria for better power efficiency.
Enterprise-Class Backup Solutions
The NSA-2401 offers an integrated and enterprise-class backup and recovery solution to secure valuable files and databases to run the business smoothly
with less risks of data-loss disaster. It equips with the most popular backup features used by enterprises today, including snapshoot, remote replication,
local backup, instant/scheduled backup, PC client backup and Windows/SQL/Exchange server backup. With Snapshot backup, End-users can instantly
recover a previous version of the file or folder.
To lower the TCO (Total Cost Ownership) an unlimited number of licenses of the Genie Backup Manager Lite software is bundled with the NSA-2401 and
ZyXEL also provides one license for Genie Backup Manager Server software to backup your SQL/Exchange server databases. What used to be considered an
expensive luxury has now been made affordable for small business owners by ZyXEL.
Easy Recovery with Snapshot Backup
The IT staff routinely spends a considerable amount of time and resources dealing with data backup operations; worse yet, the time needed to backup
Terabytes or more of data on traditional tape or disks may becomes a serious headache when facing limited time and resources. To solve this, ZyXEL
presents Snapshot Backup technology.
The Snapshot Backup function creates special “Snapshot” folders in the file system at preset time intervals. The folders allow users to access files of previous
versions anytime when needed, and Snapshot folders can also be browsed and accessed like regular ones. To restore a previous file, simply copy it from the
Snapshot folders. It’s easy and fast.
Most Secure Volume Encryption
Important business files and databases should be securely stored or transmitted to prevent unauthorized access. Hacked or leaked critical information in
the wrong hands may jeopardize confidential information such as financial data, projects in development or sensitive customer information.
In addition to secure FTP/S and HTTP/S file transmission methods, the NSA-2401 also guards the system with Volume Encryption. Volumes or disks can be
encrypted with the robust 256-bit AES algorithm; only authorized personnel with the right password or USB key can access the encrypted data.
Easy Setup, Low Maintenance
Web-based device and disk setup Wizards can help non-technical users setup the NSA-2401 in merely 10 minutes. For first-time installation, the NSA-2401
Discovery Utility also helps with locating and managing the device’s IP address without changing the TCP/IP configuration.
The “S.M.A.R.T.” feature provides complete HDD information. This helps the IT staff pinpoint potential or critical disk issues and to prevent HDD failures or
critical data loss in advance.
Complete logs features, such as event log and Syslog, help the IT staff keep an eye on the system status, access histories and connection status. Should any
critical incident occur, the IT staff will be notified by emails and a buzzer will be activated immediately to warn the on-site personnel.
System Specifications
• Network protocol
- CIFS/SMB, NFS (for Linux/Unix)
- FTP, HTTP, DFS (Distributed File System)
• Network settings
- DHCP client
- Static IP
- NTP with daylight saving option
System Tools
• RAID level
• System maintenance
- JBOD (Just Bundle of Disk)
- System resource, session, status monitoring
- RAID0 (Striping)
- System configuration backup and restore
- RAID1 (Mirroring)
- RAID1 (Mirroring + Spare)
- RAID5 (Striped Set with Parity)
- RAID5 (Striped Set with Parity + Spare)
- RAID10 (Stripe of Mirrors)
• Hot spare
OS & File System
• Embedded OS: Linux 2.6
• External HDD: EXT2/EXT3, FAT32, NTFS, XFS
(Journal file system)
• Internal HDD: XFS
Security Feature
• Encrypted network login
• Volume encryption with AES-256
• Encrypted NSA to NSA network backup
with security
• Access control by users or groups
- A spare hard drive as hot spare in case of
disk failure
• Online expansion
- Online Expansion (JBOD/RAID5) with larger
drives capacity
• Disk maintenance
- Self-Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting
Technology (S.M.A.R.T)
- Automatically disk bad block scanning
USB Application
• Support Max two USB printer servers (by CIFS
- Firmware upgrade
• Alarm/Buzzer
- System alert and health notification
• Logs
- Syslog
- Event logs
- Acton logs for read/write files, create/delete
• Browsers supported
- IE 6.0+, Safari 3.0+, Firefox 2.0+
• Multilingual support
- English, French, Germany, Italian, TraditionalChinese
• Supported OS for Genie Backup Manager Lite®
- Windows® Vista/XP/2000/98/SE
• Supported OS for Genie Backup Manager
- Windows® 2000/2003 Server
• Support external USB HDD
LAN Feature
• Support memory stick and card reader
Hardware Specifications
• Dual Gigabit LAN
• Support USB UPS power monitoring and auto
• Processor: Freescale 8543 800 Mhz
- 10/100/1000 Mbps Auto-MDIX
- Failover
- Link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad compliant)
- Load balancing
- Jumbo frame up to 9K bytes
Backup Feature
• Snapshot backup
- Snapshot scheduler
- Snapshot rollback
- Snapshot space automatically expansion
• Remote replication
- Instant/Schedule backup manager
- NSA to NSA archive/full backup
- NSA to NSA incremental backup
- Support rsync for NSA to NSA and NSA to PC
- Backup task bandwidth control
• Local backup
- Local volume to volume backup
- Backup to USB disk
- Programmable backup button
- Recycle Bin
• Compatible backup utilities
- Genie Backup Manager Lite® (Free bundled
with unlimited license)
- Genie Backup Manager Server® (Free bundled
with one license)
Power and Thermal Management
• Power control
- Idle mode
• Memory
- 256 MB Flash
• Drive bays
- Scheduled startup/shutdown/reboot
- Up to 4 internal HDDs
- Automated power on after power failure
- Both SATA and SATA II interface supported
• Thermal management
- Automatically fan speed control according to
temperature of internal chassis
- Hot swappable
• LAN port
- 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
- Fan failure alert/buzzer
- IEEE 802.3ab compliant
- Email alert while high temperature
- IEEE 802.3ad compliant
- Auto shutdown while high temperature
- IEEE 802.3u compliant
• User & Group Management
- Max user accounts: 512
- Max groups: 32
- Max share folders: 100
- IEEE 802.3 compliant
- 2 x USB 2.0 high speed
- Type A female connector
• Buttons
- Concurrent connection: 64
- Power button
- MS Active Directory Service (ADS)
- Auto-copy button
- NTv4 domain
- Quota assignment per user
• Reset button
- Reset IP address and password to default
- Reset all device settings to default, but all the
data in HDD remains
• Device and disk setup
- Web-Based wizard for device setup and
disk setup
- NSA discovery utility
- Online help on each page
- Reset button
• Smart fan: 2 x chassis Fan
• Buzzer: System warning
• Power consumption
- Idle mode: 25 W (with 4 x 250 GB HDD)
- Access mode: 58 W (with 4 x 250 GB HDD)
• Power supply
- Input: AC 100 ~ 240 V
- Output: DC 19 V
Network Storage Appliance
Physical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
• Item weight: 6.2 kg (13.7 lb)
• Operating environment:
• Item dimensions (WxDxH):
• UL 1950
- Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C/32°F ~ 104°F
140 x 300 x 305 mm (5.51“ x 11.81” x 12”)
• CSA C22.2 No. 950
- Humidity: 20% ~ 90%, RH (Non-condensing)
• Packing weight: 9 kg (19.84 lb)
• EN60950, EN41003
• Storage environment:
• Packing dimensions (WxDxH):
- Temperature: -30°C ~ 60°C/-22°F ~ 140°F
440 x 440 x 276 mm (17.32“ x 17.32” x 10.86”)
• FCC Part 15 Class B
- Humidity: 20% ~ 95%, RH (Non-condensing)
• EN 55022 Class B
Power Adapter
• CEC Efficiency Level V
Product Introduction
Power Button
4 Hot
Swappable Trays
2 x Smart
Chassis FAN
Hot Spare
for RAID1/5
Copy Button
Reset Button
2 x USB 2.0
2 x Giga LAN
19 VDC
100 ~ 240 VAC
Application Diagram
Exchange/SQL Server
Remote Access
Dual Giga LAN
UPS Power
Home/Public Area
Network Storage
- Load Balance
- Link Aggregation
- Failover
Network Storage
Disk 0 Disk 1
Remote Office
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