Projection System
• RGB Liquid Crystal Shutter Projection System
• Size: 0.87 inches (x3) (EMP-TW100), 0.90 inches (x3) (EMP-TS10)
• Driving Method: Poly-silicon TFT Active Matrix
• Pixel Number: 921600 dots (1280x720)x3 (EMP-TW100), 480000 dots (800x600)x3 (EMP-TS10)
• Native Resolution: W-XGA (EMP-TW100), SVGA (EMP-TS10)
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Wide) (EMP-TW100), 4:3 (EMP-TS10)
Projection Lens
• Type: Manual: zoom/focus
• F-number: 1.74 to 2.06
• f-number: 28.3 to 37.98mm
• Zoom Ratio: 1:1.35
• Type: 150W UHE
• Spare Lamp number: ELPLP17
• Life: 3000h
Optical Features
• Screen Size: 0,77 – 7,62m (0.91 to 13.01m: EMP-TW100), (0.87 to 12.48m: EMP-TS10)
• Keystone Correction: Vertical: -30 to +30 degrees (EMP-TS10), -15 to +15 degrees (EMP-TW100)
Horizontal: -10 to +10 degrees (EMP-TS10)
• Brightness: 700 ANSI lumens
• Contrast Ratio: 600:1 (EMP-TW100), 500:1 (EMP-TS10)
• Colour Reproduction: Full colour (16.77million colours)
Sound Output
• 5W (EMP-TS10)
Frequency Range
• Vertically: 50-85 Hz (EMP-TW100), 43-120 Hz (EMP-TS10)
• Horizontally: 15-92 KHz (EMP-TW100), 15-107 KHz (EMP-TS10)
• Pixel Clock: 14-160 MHz (EMP-TW100), 14-230 MHz (EMP-TS10)
Video Component Input Signal
• Video Standard: 525i(60)/625i(50)/525P(60)/625P(50)Y/Cb/Cr
Video Composite/S Input Signal
• Video Standard: NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL/M-PAL/N-PAL/PAL60/SECAM
Analog RGB Input Display Performance
• Native: W-XGA (EMP-TW100), SVGA (EMP-TS10)
Digital RGB Input Display Performance
• Native: W-XGA (EMP-TW100), SVGA (EMP-TS10)
Connecting Terminal
• Input Terminal-RGB:
DVI Type I x 1 (DDC 2B compatible)
Mini D-sub 15pin x 1
• Input Terminals-Video:
Composite Video: RCA x 1
Component Video: Mini D-sub 15 pin x 1. RCA x 3 (EMP-TW100)
S Video: Mini DIN x 1
• Input terminals-Audio/Control:
Audio: Stereo Mini Jack RCA x 2 (EMP-TS10)
Control USB Connector series B x 1 (EMP-TS10)
Remote Control: Stereo Mini Jack x 1 (EMP-TS10)
• Output Terminal:
Trigger out: Mini Jack x 1 (EMP-TW100), Mini D-sub 9pin (EMP-TS10)
Monitor out: Mini D-sub 15pin (EMP-TS10)
General Characteristics
• Dimensions (Exclude projection lens & feet): 348(W) x 104(H) x 274(D)mm
• Maximum Dimension: 349(W) x 114(H) x 276(D)mm
• Weight: Approx. 9.3lbs/4.2Kg
• Power Consumption: 100-120V 1.3 -2.7 A 50/60Hz
• Power Supply Voltage: 100-240V/200-240V ±10%, 50/60Hz AC
• Fan Noise: 30dB (EMP-TW100), 31dB (EMP-TS10)
• Power Cord: 3m
• Remote Control
• Battery: AA x 2
• Component Video Cable: 3RCA-HD15 (EMP-TS10)
• Rubber Stand
• User’s Manual
• 3 year European warranty,
2 year world wide warranty
* “DCDi” is a trademark of Faroudja, a division of Sage Inc.
EPSON CoverPlus
Enhanced Warranty
The EPSON EMP range of projectors has been
designed to withstand the rigours of mobile use,
offering amazing strength and durability despite
lightweight construction.
The ensure you continue to enjoy complete
confidence in your EPSON projector, it is
supported by a 3 year warranty within Europe,
2 years worldwide.
Enhanced Warranties
For additional peace of mind, EPSON CoverPlus
warranty packs can be purchased to enhance
the warranty to include the provision of a loan
projector. Contact your dealer for availability in
your country.
Your EPSON dealer:
ISO 14001 BVQI Certification Number 80679
ISO 9001: 2001 BVQI Certification Number 80678
Advanced, high quality home cinema projectors
• Bringing widescreen entertainment into your home
• Exceptional image quality for large screen projection
• Easy to use, quiet and compact
• 5 different colour settings to suit different applications
• Multi-function remote control
• Compatible with TV, DVD, Video, PC and games consoles
Bringing the widescreen cinema
experience into your home
The new EPSON EMP-TW100 and EMP-TS10 LCD projectors bring superb quality,
big screen entertainment into your home. Simple to set up and operate, quiet and
compact, these small wonders are compatible with analogue or digital TVs, VCRs,
DVD players, game consoles and PCs, and will have a big impact on how you view
home entertainment. When it comes to flexible, high quality, value for money home
cinema, the EPSON EMP-TW100 and EMP-TS10 are the hottest tickets around.
EPSON Advanced Technologies
EPSON’s industry leading LCD technologies,
which include EPSON Dream2 LCD wide
panels, ensure maximum image quality
whatever you’re watching. The EMP-TW100
is also fully HDTV compliant and features
the latest ‘Faroudja DCDi’* advanced image
processor, which ensures smooth and natural
High resolution widescreen format
Ideal for the home cinema experience
Crystal clear brightness
“Faroudja DCDi*” advanced image processor
for smooth and natural outlines
• Ceiling or table mounted for
convenient viewing
• Quietest and most compact in its class
Amazing big screen quality
Now you can experience clear, stunning big
screen images up to 300 inches in size to
create your own superb home cinema. From
DVDs to games, with up to 600:1 contrast
ratio, the new EPSON EMP-TW100 and EMPTS10 projectors have what it takes to
provide a high level of clarity, contrast,
colour and image definition. Revolutionise
your home entertainment set-up – even in
daylight conditions.
EPSON reliability guaranteed
under 3 years European warranty
and Coverplus programme
Five colour settings for Personal choice
A new Colour Adjustment Menu offers five image
colour modes to maximise quality depending on
your personal choice or application:
THEATRE for DVD/movies,
NATURAL for natural colour reproduction,
DYNAMIC for vivid TV and PC games,
PC for the brightest image,
sRGB for colours in accordance with the
sRGB standard.
Up to six preferred colour settings can be stored
for each colour mode for future viewing.
• View the big screen, 4:3 aspect ratio
• High quality, affordable home
entertainment projector
• Stylish design to suit any home
• Quietest and most compact in its class
• Horizontal & vertical keystone correction
for uniform projection at any angle
Easy to use and setup
Clear control panels and on screen menus
make these projectors simple to set up and
use, while a comprehensive remote control
provides the power to direct operations
without leaving your armchair. These versatile
projectors are capable of handling both
analogue and digital signals. Additionally the
Automatic Source Recognition feature
switches instantly to the incoming signal.
Remarkably quiet and compact
Sleek and compact, weighing in at just 4.2kg
with a footprint of only 348 x 274mm. These
stylish projectors are the quietest in their
class. The EMP-TW100 and EMP-TS10 can
be easily integrated into a range of home
environments and even transported between
They can be ceiling or table mounted
and positioned as close as 1.87m
from the screen, or perform at an
acute angle thanks to built-in digital
keystone correction technology.