When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should
always be followed, including the following:
Read all instructions before using this appliance.
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
1. Do not reach for a corded epilator that has fallen into water.
Unplug immediately.
The power plug and accessories connected to it are not for
immersion or for use in the shower.
Do not use an extension cord with this appliance.
Always unplug this epilator from the electrical outlet immediate-
ly after use, except when epilator is (re)charging.
Unplug and remove power supply cord from epilator before
Do not place or store appliance where it is able to fall or be
pulled into a tub or sink. Do not place in or drop into water or
other liquid.
7. The batteries used in this device may present a fire or chemical
burn hazard if mistreated. Do not disassemble, heat above 100°C
(212°F) or incinerate.
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to
En aa e
1. This appliance should never be used by, on, or near children or
invalids. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Use this epilator for its intended household use as described
in this manual. Do not use attachments or accessories not
recommended or supplied by Philips Electronics North America
3. Never operate this epilator if it has a damaged cord or charging
plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped,
damaged, or dropped into water. For assistance, call 1-800-243-
Keep the epilator, cord, charging plug and any attachments away
from heated surfaces.
Never drop or insert any object into any opening.
Do not use the adapter in or near a power outlet that contains
an electric air freshener to prevent damage to the adapter.
Do not use, charge or plug in epilator outdoors or operate
where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen
is being administered.
8. Always check rotating discs, foil and attachments before using
the epilator. Do not use the epilator if rotating discs, foil and
attachments are damaged or show signs of wear, as injury may
9. Always attach plug to appliance first, then to outlet. To
disconnect, turn switch off, then remove plug from outlet.
10. To prevent possible damage to the cord, do not wrap cord
around the epilator.
11. Never put epilator in direct sunlight or store at a temperature
above 140°F (60°C). Never clean the appliance with water above
104°F (40°C).
12. An appliance should never be left unattended while Plugged in.
13. This epilator is for use on human hair only. Do not use this
epilator for any other purpose.
14. Always store your epilator and power plug in a moisture-free
area. Make sure the cord is disconnected from the epilator.
15.When using the epilating head, keep it away from the hair on
your head, eyelashes, eyebrows, clothing, brushes, wires, threads
and cords to prevent accidents, injury or damage.
16. Never point the built-in light directly at your or somebody else's
17. Never insert any type of material into the socket of the
appliance plug.
18. Only use the power plug and other accessories supplied with the
IMPORTANT: The power plug contains a transformer. Do
not cut off the power plug to replace it with another plug as
this will cause a hazardous condition.
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re o e
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product at www.philips.com/welcome
The following information and precautions are important
when epilating:
P CAUTION: Methods of removing hair by the root can cause
in-grown hairs and minor skin injuries. Please consult your doctor if
you have any questions about the use of an epilator.
P Do not use the epilator if you suffer from varicose veins, rashes,
spots or blemishes, or when the skin is irritated or if you have
in-grown hairs or a tendency to produce in-grown hairs. Consult
your doctor first.
P Any minor injury resulting from hair removal may allow
bacteria to penetrate the injury site potentially causing
small scars or a change in pigmentation of the skin. The
risk of infection may be minimized by thoroughly cleaning
the rotating discs before and/or after each use. (See
Cleaning section).
P The epilator should only be used after prior consultation with your
doctor if you have or experience:
Open wounds
* Eczema, psoriasis (scaly eczema), inflamed skin reactions such as
folliculitis, skin rashes or the tendency to allergy or allergic skin
* Immune deficiency or disorders
* Couperose, rosacea, or varicose veins
* Pregnancy
* Reduced skin immunity as a result of diabetes, pregnancy, Raynaud's
disease, etc.
« Hemophilia
* If you have moles, raised skin bumps, etc.
DP If you have been or begin taking hormone medication, or recently
been pregnant, a change in your hormone levels may influence the
thickness, color or amount of hair growth. This is caused by the
hormonal changes, not by this method of hair removal.
P Do not use bath or shower oils when epilating on wet skin as this
may cause skin irritation.
P Clean the epilating head after each use following CLEANING
Speed Setting Lights - | and ll
On/Off Button
Battery Indicator
Release Button
Socket for Small Plug
Epilating Head
Built-in Light
Massage Cap
Facial Cap
Delicate Area Cap
Efficiency Cap (BRE650/BRE640)
Shaving Head
Shaving Head Comb
Trimmer Head (BRE640)
Trimmer Comb (BRE640)
Coupling Unit
Body Massage Head (BRE650)
Body Exfoliation Brush (BRE650)
Body Exfoliation Brush Protective Cap (BRE650)
Cleaning Brush
Pouch (Not Shown)
Full Two-Year VVarranty
45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
x This symbol indicates that
the epilator can be used in
the bath or shower.
To Charge/Recharge
D Fully charge epilator before using for the first time or after non-use
for a long period of time.
» Charging, recharging, or using epilator at temperatures below 50°F
(10°C) or higher than 95°F (35°C) adversely affects lifespan of the
EM Be certain epilator is OFF.
FI Insert the appliance plug directly into the epilator and plug the
charging plug into any 120V AC outlet. Use only the cord provided.
EM The battery indicator on the appliance will blink white to indicate
the epilator is charging (Fig. 1).
D It will take approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge the epilator for a
cordless operating time of up to 40 minutes.
EM After the epilator is fully charged, the battery indicator will light up
white continuously (Fig. 2).
After 30 minutes the battery indicator goes out,
EH If the batteries run low while using, the battery indicator will blink
EW Disconnect the cord and unplug from electrical outlet.
NOTE: If the epilator is fully charged and connected to the electrical
outlet, the battery indicator blinks a few times when you press the on/
off button. This reminds you to disconnect the epilator from the electrical
| fi Ing.
Quick Charge
P When the battery is completely empty, the battery indicator will blink
white quickly when charging.
D After approximately 15 minutes, the battery indicator will begin to
blink white slowly.
D At this time, the battery contains enough energy for 10 minutes of
How To Use Your Epilator
P Use this epilator for its intended household use as described in this
» Рог hygienic reasons, the epilator and attachments should only be
used by one person.
db Epilation is easier and more comfortable when the hair has the
optimum length of 1/8 - 5/32in/3-4mm. If the hairs are longer, pre-
trim them first or shave and epilate after 1 to 2 weeks.
DP It is normal to experience slight skin irritation (red skin or red dots)
after epilating. In this case, it is best to epilate in the evening as most
skin irritation disappears overnight. This effect will gradually lessen
with each use.
b After each use, you may want to apply a non-alcohol based mild
cream or body lotion which will help reduce the possibility of skin
irritation. Be certain it does not contain alcohol as it may cause
pb Make sure epilator is fully charged before using. This epilator will not
operate while cord is connected to an electrical outlet.
D Only use the epilator attachment to epilate areas below the neck
such as your legs, underarms and bikini line.
D For gentle, less painful epilation, epilate in the shower or bath on wet
skin with or without shower gel or soap.
DP For dry epilating, make sure your skin is clean, free from grease and
creams. Do not apply any cream before using. Hairs are easier to
remove after a bath or shower, but your skin should be completely
dry before using your epilator.
EN Before first use, clean the epilating head. See 'Cleaning' section.
EN Press the epilating head onto the handle (click) (Fig. 3).
EN If desired put an attachment on the epilating head (click) (Fig. 4).
NOTE: The attachment will only fit onto the appliance in one direction.
EN Press the on/off button once to switch on the epilator (Fig. 5).
P The epilator starts running at Speed || which is the most efficient
speed for epilating. The Speed Il light lights up.
D If you want to use Speed |, press the on/off button a second time.
Speed | light lights up (Fig. 6).
Select Speed | for areas with little hair growth, for hard-to-reach places
and for areas with bones close to the skin's surface, such as knees
and ankles.
P When you press the on/off button a third time, the epilator switches
Tip: For greater visibility of fine hairs, the built-in light goes on
automactically when epilating (Fig. 7). To turn off, press the on/off button for
3 seconds after turning on the appliance.
EEN Hold the epilator perpendicular to your leg with the on/off button
pointing in the direction you are going to move the appliance
(Fig. 8).
A Gently press and move the epilator slowly over the skin against the
direction of hair growth. If you press too lightly or too hard, the
epilator will not be able to grasp and remove the hairs. Experiment
until you find the right settings and right amount of pressure for
your type of skin and hair.
Tip: When epilating sensitive areas, stretch the skin with your free hand.
For epilating underarms, put your hand on the back of your head to
stretch the skin (Fig. 9).
Press the on/off button to turn the epilator OFF
EJ Pull the attachment off the epilating head and clean epilator and
attachment. (See section 'Cleaning').
) After using the epilator, some redness or irritation may occur. This is
normal and should disappear quickly.
» Clean the appliance and attachments after each use following
CLEANING instructions.
Overheat protection
Note: To avoid overheating of the epilator, do not press the appliance too
hard onto your skin. [he epilator works best when you move it over your
skin without exerting any pressure.
EB If the overheat protection is activated, the appliance turns off
Ihe charging light and speed lights blink red.
Let the appliance cool down.
PThe lights stop blinking after 30 seconds.
EX When the appliance has cooled down, you can turn it on again.
If the lights start to blink red again, the appliance has not yet cooled
down completely.
Using Epilator Attachments
DP When using epilator attachments, always be sure you place the heads
flat onto the skin (Fig. 10).
DP Simply snap each attachment onto the epilator head (click) (Fig. 4).
P To remove an attachment, grasp its front and back and pull it up off
the epilator head (Fig. 11).
Massage Cap
DP Attach the massage cap onto the epilating head to massage the skin
and minimize the pulling sensation while epilating.
Delicate Area Cap
D Attach the delicate area cap onto the epilating head for more com-
fortable epilating of delicate areas such as underarms and bikini area.
Facial Cap
P Attach the facial cap onto the epilating head for precise epilating of
facial hair such as upper lip.
Do not use the appliance to epilate eyelashes, eyebrows or scalp hair.
Efficiency Cap (BRE650 and BRE640 only)
D Attach the efficiency cap onto the epilating head to keep skin tight
and help reduce pain while epilating.
Body Massage Head (BRE650 only)
D Remove the epilator head by pressing the release button on the back
of the appliance (Fig. 12).
D Attach the body massage head to the coupling unit and then attach to
the appliance handle (Fig. 13). The body massage head rotates firmly
to relax muscles.
Body Exfoliation Brush (BRE650 only)
D Remove the epilator head by pressing the release button on the back
of the appliance (Fig. 12).
D Attach the body exfoliation brush to the coupling unit and then
attach to the appliance handle (Fig. 14). The body exfoliation brush
helps remove dead skin cells.
Do not use the body exfoliation brush on your face.
P Use the shaving head to shave your legs, underarms and bikini line.
DP Attach the shaving head comb onto the shaving head to shave hairs
to a length of 1/8 in./3mm (Fig. 15).When removing comb, always
grasp the comb on the sides.
) To shave legs and bikini line, always move the appliance gently over
the skin against the direction of hair growth.
DP To shave underarms, place one arm behind your head and move the
appliance up and down and from left to right.
Trimming (BRE640 only)
№ Use the trimmer head to trim hard-to-reach areas in the bikini zone.
D Attach the trimmer head comb onto the bikini trimmer head to trim
hairs in the bikini zone to a length of 1/8 in./3mm (Fig. 16).
D To create precise lines, place the trimmer head perpendicular onto
the skin (Fig. 17).
Caution: Do not use the bikini trimmer head without the comb on
intimate areas other than the bikini line as this could cause injury.
D Always switch the epilator OFF and remove plug from electrical
outlet and epilator before cleaning.
P Do not use compressed air, scouring pads, abrasive cleaners or
aggressive liquids such as gasoline or acetone to clean the Epilator.
Cleaning the Epilator Head and Epilator Attachments
D It is essential for hygienic reasons and optimum performance that the
epilating head, attachments and rotating discs are cleaned after each
В It is strongly recommended to always rinse the epilator head with
cold water to help prevent bacterial growth.
» Never clean, remove, or replace epilating head or attachments while
motor is ON. The rotating discs are not removable from the epilating
P Do not apply pressure or touch rotating discs with hard objects as
this may dent or damage the discs. If damage occurs, discontinue use
EN Be certain epilator is OFF
FX Pull any attachment off the epilating head (Fig. 11).
EN Remove loose hairs from the epilating discs and attachment with
the brush.
Never try to detach the epilating discs from the appliance.
EJ Rinse attachments thoroughly under warm tap water while turning.
ER Turn the appliance ON and rinse the epilator head under cold tap
water for 15 seconds (Fig. 18).
[3 Shake off excess water and dry epilating head and attachments
completely with a soft towel or allow to air dry thoroughly.
Place the epilating head back onto the appliance and push it against
the direction of the arrows until it snaps into place (Fig. 19).
The epilating head only fits onto the appliance in one direction.
Cleaning the Shaving Head
P Always clean your shaver and attachments after each use.
DP Always switch shaver OFF, unplug and remove power cord before
P Never clean, remove or replace shaving head while motor is on.
P Do not apply pressure to shaving head. Do not touch foil with hard
objects as this may dent or damage foil or cutters.
P Do not use shaver if foil is damaged or broken. Facial injury may
D Always put the travel cap on the shaving head to prevent damage to
the foil and cutters.
P Do not use compressed air, abrasives, scourers or aggressive liquids
such as gasoline or acetone to clean the shaver.
EN Be certain epilator is OFF.
Press the release button and remove the shaving head from the
EJ Pull the cutting unit out of the shaving head (Fig. 20).
EX Clean the cutting unit, foil, cutters and inside the shaving head with
the cleaning brush. Also, brush away any hairs that have collected
under the trimmers.
Jo avoid damage, never use a brush to clean the shaving foil,
El You can also rinse the cutting unit, inside the shaving head and
accessories under warm tap water.
[Y Allow all parts to air dry thoroughly.
Put the cutting unit back into the shaving head (click).
EJ For best shaving performance, it is suggested to lightly oil shaving
head every six weeks by spreading a drop of mineral oil over the
foil and cutters.
Replacing the Shaving Head Cutting Unit
D If the foil and cutters are worn or damaged, do not continue to use
the shaving head.
P A worn or damaged cutting unit should only be replaced with an
original Philips cutting unit which is available at www.philips.com/
store or call 1-800-243-7884 for assistance.
P The cutting unit is a precision part. Handle with care.
EB Always switch epilator OFF, remove power cord from the outlet
and epilator before replacing the cutting unit.
F1 Press the release button and pull the shaving head off the handle
(Fig. 12).
EX Pull the cutting unit out of the shaving head (Fig. 20).
EN Place a new cutting unit into the shaving head (click).
EH Attach the shaving head back onto the handle (Fig. 3).
After replacing the cutting unit, check to make sure the cutting unit and
shaving head are firmly attached before using the epilator.
his epi h
DP Be sure epilator is turned OFF. Remove cord from outlet and epilator
before storing in a safe, dry location where it will not be crushed,
banged, or subject to damage.
P Do not wrap cord around epilator when storing.
DP Store cord in a safe location where it will not be cut or damaged.
P Do not place or store epilator where it can fall or be pulled into a
tub or sink, water or other liquid while plugged in.
» Put the body exfoliation brush protective cap on the body exfoliation
brush after use.
pb Store the epilator and attachments in the pouch provided.
P For maximum epilator performance replace the shaving head cutting
unit once a year.
b If you use the body exfoliation brush 2-3 times a week, replace every
3 months.
P Replacement Shaving Head Cutting Unit
Model BRL384 — Philips Replacement Shaving Head Cutting Unit
P Replacement Body Exfoliation Brush
Model BRE394 — Philips Replacement Body Exfoliation Brush
P Replacement Parts may be purchased on our website
For assistance, visit our website:
www.philips.com/support or call toll free 1-800-243-7884
Online information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
P This Philips epilator contains a lithium-ion battery which must be
disposed of properly (Fig. 21).
P Contact your local town or city officials for battery disposal
information or call 1-800-8-BATTERY or www.rbrc.com for battery
drop-off locations.
D For assistance, visit our website, www.philips.com/support or call:
Satinelle AA ANA
BRE630 J
Cordless Epilator
Always here to help you
Register your product and get support at
4222 003 0120 2
Full Two-Year Warranty
Philips Electronics North America Corporation warrants each new Philips product,
Models BREG50/BRES40/BRE630 (except shaving head and body exfoliation brush)
against defects in materials or workmanship for a penod of two years from the date of
purchase, and agrees to repair or replace any defective product without charge.
IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse
or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any attachment not provided with the
product or loss of parts or subjecting the product to any but the specified voltage.”
In order to obtain warranty service, simply go to www.philips.com or call 1-800-243-
7884 for assistance. It is suggested that for your protection you return shipments of
product by insured mail, insurance prepaid. Damage occurring during shipment is not
covered by this warranty NOTE: No other warranty, written or oral, is authorized by
Philips Electronics North America Corporation. This warranty gives you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states
do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the
above exclusion and limitations may not apply to you.
*Read enclosed instructions carefully.
Manufactured for:
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
À division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
PO. Box 10313, Stamford, CT 06904
(4) This symbol on the products nameplate means it is listed by Underwriters
wren Laboratories, Inc.
PHILIPS is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics NW.
O 2016 Philips Electronics North America Corporation. All Rights Reserved,
If you are not fully satisfied with your Philips Epilator send the product
back and we'll refund you the full purchase price.
The Epilator must be shipped prepaid by insured mail,
insurance prepaid, have the original sales receipt, indicating
purchase price and date of purchase, and the money-back
guarantee return authorization form enclosed. We cannot be
responsible for lost mail.
The Epilator must be postmarked no later than 45 days after
the date of purchase. Philips reserves the right to verify the
purchase price of the product and limit refunds not to exceed
suggested retail price.
To obtain money-back guarantee return authorization form,
call 1-800-243-7884 for assistance.
Delivery of refund check will occur 6-8 weeks AFTER receipt of
returned product.
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