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World Championship Mouse England
Support the English national soccer team with this World Championship mouse!
• Optical navigation 800dpi
• Working on any surface (except glass)
• Optimal design and fitted with scroll
• Equipped with 3 buttons, retractable
cable and USB connector
• Easy installation
• 2-Year warranty
• Accessible helpdesk
The Eminent EM3193 World Championship Mouse England is a special designed
mouse for the World Championship of 2010. The mouse is ideal for home use,
office use and travel use.
Special design for England
This mouse is especially designed for England to support the English national soccer
team during the World Championship. It is a limited edition, so get your mouse fast!
No drivers needed, just plug in and go!
You don’t need drivers, this EM3193 works out of the box. Simply plug in the mouse
into an available USB port and use it instantly!
With optical precision and power saving
Enjoy optical precision thanks to the 800 dpi sensor. The mouse works on almost every
surface. The Eminent mouse is also equipped with a power saving function.
technical specifications:
Optical sensor: 800dpi
Buttons: 3
Scroll wheel: Yes
Cable: Retractable cable
Power saving: Yes
system requirements:
Ein verfügbarer USB-Anschlus
Windows, MacOS, Linux
EM3191 8716065255447 Optical Mouse Deutschland
EM3190 8716065255430 Optical Mouse Holland
EM3192 8716065255454 Optical Mouse Italy
EM3193 8716065255584 Optical Mouse England
For use wherever you are
The EM3193 World Championship Mouse England is fitted with a retractable cable
and has a scroll wheel. You can use it at home, in your office or when you are on the
Being part of it
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