Instruction Manual for the Ceramic Hob

Instruction Manual for the Ceramic Hob
Instruction Manual for the
Ceramic Hob
Dear customer,
Thank you for purchasing our ceramic hob.
Please read this instruction manual carefully before using and ensure it is
installed by a qualified electrician and to current UK regulations.
Care & Maintainence
· Avoiding banging pots and pans down on the hob.
The glass surface is tough but not unbreakable
· Avoid rubbing with any abrasive or with the base of the pans etc as in time
this will deteriorate the markings on the top of the ceramic hob
· Avoid using pans with rough or dented bases which can cause scratches
to the glass surface
· Place the pans in the middle of the cooking zone.
· Do not leave any empty pan on the heating zone
High temperature protection
If excessive temperature is detected, the cooking plate will automatically
disconnect until a lower temperature is maintained
2 Residual heat indicators
After using the hob, residual heat remains in the heating area. The
LED shows the code “H” which indictates that the zone is not safe to
3 Auto shut down protection
During operation the hob will automatically shut off as detailed in
chart below
Power level
Default working
Selection of installation equipment
Drill holes on the work surface in accordance to the sizes shown below.
Be sure the thickness of the work surface is at least 30mm. Please select
heat-resistant work surface material to avoid larger deformation caused by
the heat radiation from the hotplate.
As shown in Figure (1)
2 Under all circumstances, make sure the ceramic hob is well
ventilated and the air inlet and outlet are not blocked.
Ensure the ceramic hob is in a good work state. As shown in
Figure (2)
mini 750mm
mini 5 cm
Air exit
mini 5 mm
mini 2 cm
Air intake
Figure (2)
Note: The safety distance between the ceramic hob and the cupboard
above the hotplate should be at least 750mm.
3 Place the hob on the table and screw the four brackets to the bottom of hob
(see picture) After installation adjust the bracket position to suit for
different table top thickness.
rew t
sc acke
br se
Please note
1. The ceramic hob must be installed by qualified personnel
or technicians in accoradance with current regulations. Please
never conduct the installation by yourself.
2. The ceramic hob should not be mounted above cooling equipment,
dishwashers and rotary dryers.
3. Please ensure there is adequate ventillation underneath the ceramic hob
to enhance its reliability
4. A steam cleaner is not to be used.
4 Power line connection
The socket shall be connected according to the relevant standard
or connected to a single-pole cut-out. 30amp minimum supply.
The method of connection is shown in Figure (3):
connect to the main power supply
The installer must ensure that the correct electrical connection has
been made and that it complies with wiring diagram above.
Figure (3)
If the cable is damaged or to be replaced, the operation must be
carried out the by a qualified electrician with dedicated tools to avoid
any accidents.If the appliance is being connected directly to the
mains an omnipolar circuit-breaker must be installed with a
minimum opening of 3mm between contacts. The installer must
ensure that the correct electrical connection has been made and
that it complies with wiring diagram.
The cable must not be bent or compressed.
The cable must be checked regularly and replaced by authorised
technicians only.
The ceramic hob appearance
Glass plate
Power cord
Control panel
Schematic diagram of the control panel
Timer regulating key
Power regulating key
Childproof lock key
Instructions for Use
Put the pan in the centre of the heating zone.
Preparation before using
After power on, the buzzer bleeps once, all the indicators light up for 1 second
then go out, indicating the ceramic hob enters into standby mode.
Operation Instructions:
After the " ON/OFF "key is pressed,all the indicators show " - ".
Then you can set the heat setting of corresponding heating zone
Note: 1. In standby working mode, press the"ON/OFF" key the
hob switch off.
2. In the standy mode,if no any other action within 1
minutes,the hob switch off.
3. Every heating zone is independent each other.
Timer function
Cooking timer
Select first one cooking zone by press the “-” or “+” of the
corresponding heating zone,then the cooking zone display flashing.
Then adjust timer by +/- of timer, after the timer indicator flashing 5
seconds, the timer is confirmed. You will find a red dot display at the
cooking zone indicator you selected. It reminds you this cooking zone
is with a timer setting. When cooking timer expire,relative cooking zone
will be swhitch off automatically. Cooking timer only works for one
cooking zone at the same time.
Minute reminder
Timer can be used as a Minute reminder. Active timer by press “+”or ”-”
key, display shows "00", adjust timer by press +/- key, single touch
+/- key will increase or decrease 1 Minute, by press and hold +/- key
you can adjust time by 10 Minutes. After 5 seconds, display will stop
flashing, Minutes reminder start count down. Buzzer will bips for 30
seconds when setting time reached and the display shows "- -",
cooking process and power setted will not be affected by Minute reminder.
Timing cancellation:
If press the "+" and "-" simultaneously, the timing can be cancelled
automatically, with the timing indicator showing “--”.
Lock function :
To ensure the safety of children, the hob is provided with the function of
lock function.
Activating the lock function : When the lock is deactivated, touch the
"Lock" key to activate the Lock function, and the timer indicator shows
“Lo”,and the indicator lamp will light up.The rest keys disabled except
the "ON/OFF" key.
Child safety
Deactivating the lock function : When the hob in the locking mode, you
can deactivate the lock function by holding the “lock” key for a while.
The power of each heating zone are shown as follow:
Heating zone
Left rear Right rear Right front
Left front
Safety Reminder and Maintenance
A dedicated power protection
air swith protection air switch
must be incorporated in the
fixed wiring in accordance
with the wiring rules.
Never use the ceramic cooker
hob in high temperature
environments such as near a
gas stove or kerosene stove.
Do not put any detergents or
flammable materials in the
equipment installed under the
ceramic hob.
Do not leave metallic objects,
such as knives, forks, spoons
and lids on the hob as they may
get hot.
For sealed foods such as
canned goods, please do not
heat them before opening their
covers so as to avoid any
dangers of explosion due to
heating expansion.
If the supply cord is damaged
, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent
or similarly qualified persons
in order to avoid a hazard.
Do not place rough or uneven If the surface is cracked, wipe
pans which may
off the appliance to avoid the
damage the ceramic surface. possibility of electric shock.
Never have the ceramic
cooker hob to work without
food inside, otherwise its
operational performance may
be affected.
After being used for a long
time, the corresponding
heating zone of the ceramic
cooker hob is still hot. Never
touch the ceramic surface to
avoid burning.
Keep electrical appliance out
of reach from children or
infirm person. Do not let them
use the appliances without
DISPOSAL: Do not dispose this
product as unsorted municipal
waste. Collection of such waste
separately for special treatment
is necessary.
Indoor use only.
Clean the ceramic hob
on a regular basis to prevent
the build up of food residue
Care and Maintenance
You can easily clean the surface of the ceramic hob if
following the methods given in the table.
Type of contamination
Burnt on stains
Rings and lime
or plastics
Method of cleaning
Articles used for
clean with damp cloth and
dry it with another cloth
Cleaning sponge
clean with damp cloth and
dry it with another cloth
Specialist ceramic
Apply white vinegar to the
surface, then wipe it
dry with soft cloth
Use a scraper suitable for
ceramic glass to remove
Specialist ceramic
Specialist ceramic
We recommend the use of Hob Brite to maintain the condition of the ceramic surface:
Caution: please disconnect power before the cleaning.
Your guarantee
For any failure of the product, please contact the
customer service centre.
1. There is a 2 year guarantee with this ceramic hob
2. The period of warranty shall start from the date on which the invoice
is issued.
3. Any one of the following cases is not covered by the guarantee:
Damage caused by improper use, storage and maintenance.
Damage caused by unauthorized disassembly and repair.
Valid receipt cannot be present.
Damage caused through mis-use.
Using the ceramic hob for commercial purposes.
Special DecIaration
All the contents in this material have been subjected to careful check.
For any mistake and omission in printing or misunderstanding of the
contents,the company keeps the right of interpretation.
Addition:any technical improvement will be placed in the revised
manual without notice;for product appearance and color is according
to the actual one
IMEC60T2 2009.04.27e
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