Linea flueless portrait fire, Natural gas
EAN13: 8017709114206
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 590mm x 526mm x 149mm Gas group: Natural gas: G20 Natural Gas CAT I2H Heat input:
Natural gas (Max/Min Gross): 2.0/1.0 Heat output: Natural gas (Max/Min Gross): 2.0/1.0 Efficiency: 100% Technology:
Catalytic converter system Ventilation: 100cm2 Min. Room size: 23m3 Inlet pressure: Natural gas: 20 mbar Ignition:
Piezo spark Installation: Simply hang on the wall, no recess needed, no chimney, flue or hearth required Site: Almost any
flat surface, there must be a minimum of 100mm clearance to the sides of the fire; 800mm to the ceiling, 500mm in front and
clearance to a solid floor must be 60mm. Safety features: Oxygen depletion sensor & flame failure device
P23LINP - Linea flueless portrait fire, LPG version P23LIN - Linea flueless portrait fire, Natural Gas version
Linea flueless landscape fire, Natural Gas version L23LINP - Linea flueless landscape fire, LPG version
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