Capture books, papers, photos, and other documents.
COPY CAT is a handheld, portable scanner you can
use to capture books, papers, photos, and other
documents on the go. This compact, high-resolution
scanning device works in modes up to 600 DPI and
writes to a micro SD card so it’s compatible with a
wide range of devices.
You can store more than 30,000 pages of scans on
readily available micro SD cards (up to 32MB). COPY
CAT also has a USB cable so you can connect it to
your computer for easy, drag-and-drop transfer to
your Mac or PC.
COPY CAT runs on standard AA batteries, which last
over 200 pages. It also comes with OCR software,
which enables your computer to transform scanned
words into editable text.
Transform all kinds of pages, pictures, books, and
documents into the computer realm with COPY CAT.
Includes two AA batteries.
• Handheld scanner for books, papers, photos,
and other documents
• High-resolution, color scanning up to 600 DPI
• Color, monochrome, and resolution options for
full-page scans as fast as two seconds
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
• Scans in JPEG format onto micro SD cards up
to 32GB and transfers to computer via USB
• Realtime distortion compensation and captureoptimizing feedback for great scans
• Runs on two included AA batteries for more
than 200 pages
Tech specs
• Resolutions: 600x600, 300x300 DPI
• Modes: Color 600 DPI, Color 300 DPI,
Monochrome 600 DPI, Monochrome 300 DPI
• File format: JPEG
• Max scanning area (WxL): 8.27” x 50” (300 DPI)
/ 25” (600 DPI)
• White balance: Auto
• Display: LCD
• Memory card support: micro SD up to 32GB
• USB: USB 2.0
• System compatibility: Windows XP SP2, Vista,
Mac OS X 10.4+
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