High quality, A4 colour printer for the home
• Quick and easy to use for fast, fun home printing
• High quality output with 1440dpi resolution
• Incorporates the best of EPSON’s industry-leading inkjet technology
• Fast print speed for black text and colour output
• Excellent value for money
• Stylish, compact design with retractable paper tray
A superb quality, fast printing solution for
all the family
Printing letters, reports, cards, newsletters, homework and even photographs in superb quality now
could not be simpler, with the EPSON Stylus C42.
This A4 colour printer benefits from EPSON’s
industry leading Micro Piezo™ inkjet technology
to offer the user stunning results every time.
True 1440 dpi resolution and tiny 6pl ink droplets
ensure clear, crisp text and outstanding colour
graphics and photos, printed at high speed (up
to 11 pages per minute in black). Set up and
use of the EPSON Stylus C42 is simplicity itself.
Affordable and economical to run
This affordable printer comes with everything
you need to get going. Its twin, resealable
Intellidge™ black and colour ink cartridges
allow the user to monitor ink levels (via the
on-screen Status Monitor 3 utility) and swap
inks around to maximise efficiency and cost
effectiveness. Furthermore, the EPSON Micro
Piezo™ permanent inkjet printhead is lifelong
and does not need replacing.
Compact and versatile
This stylish, durable A4 printer has been carefully designed to minimise desktop coverage,
giving more space to work. With its compact,
robust design and retractable paper tray, the
EPSON Stylus C42 will not clutter up your desktop.
Ultimate connectivity
A wide range of PC systems are supported by
the EPSON Stylus C42UX's single USB port. The
straight-forward plug-and-play operation of
this connection means set-up and operation
is always a simple procedure. A second model
with a single IEEE 1284 Parallel interface
(EPSON Stylus C42SX) port is available for
those using Windows 95 and non-USB systems.†
A4 Black
Text memo*1
A4 Colour
Text memo*2
A4 Colour
A4 Photo*4
Text & Graphics*3 (Bike sample)
*4 Illustration of ‘Bike’ image used for photo speeds.
Print Speeds Note:
The print times shown in this brochure are the
average time for multiple prints of the same page
over one minute. Times are measured from the
'Print' command to delivery of the page in the tray.
The speeds were achieved using the following
system: 1Ghz Pentium III, 128Mb RAM, Windows
Me, USB Interface. Print times will vary depending
on computer configuration, settings, application,
coverage and page complexity.
Model Name
EPSON Stylus C42UX West.: C11C482041/East.: C11C482041GE
EPSON Stylus C42SX
• A4 Black and Colour Inkjet Printer
• Technology: EPSON Micro Piezo™
• Print Head configuration: 48 nozzles Black, 45 nozzles colour
(15 per Cyan, Magenta & Yellow colours)
• Print head frequency 24.3kHz in black and colour
• Print direction: Bi-directional with logic seeking
• Noise level: 48.5dBA per ISO 7779
• Power consumption: approx. 16 Watts (during printing
ISO/IEC 10561 Letter pattern)
• ENERGY STAR Compliant
• Maximum resolution: 1440 x 720dpi with EPSON VariableSized Droplet Technology in black and colour
• Maximum resolution - Media dependent
- Plain Paper: up to 720dpi
- Photo Quality Inkjet Paper: up to 720dpi
- Photo Paper: up to 1440dpi
- Inkjet Transparencies: up to 360dpi
• Maximum resolution depends on driver settings,
operating system and media type
CE Compatibility
• Directive 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC
Print Speed
• Approximately 11ppm in black A4 text
memo pattern (Economy mode)*1
• Approximately 5.5ppm in colour A4 text
memo pattern (Economy mode)*2
• Approximately 0.9ppm for A4 documents with
text and colour graphics (normal mode)*3
• Approximately 119 seconds per 4 x 6" photo
(Fine mode)*4
• Approximately 288 seconds per 8 x 10" photo
(Fine mode)*4
• Print speeds will vary depending upon configuration,
print settings, application, coverage and complexity of
the printed page
(*1234 please see thumbnails for sample illustrations)
7000629 – Stand 06/02
Colour Matching
• EPSON Colour Management System included in drivers:
- Windows 98/Me/2000 ICM
- sRGB (Win 98/Me/2000)
- Apple ColorSync 2.0 compatible (Stylus C42UX only)
Interfaces & Connectivity
• Parallel Centronics IEEE 1284 (Windows compatible)
with C42SX
• USB with C42UX
Your EPSON dealer
* EPSON Stylus C42UX supports the USB interface in the
following environment:
- PC with Windows 98/Me/2000 pre-installed
- PC Manufacturer guarantees USB operation
- Up to one hub
- USB supported Macintosh (iMac/G3/G4)
Input Buffer
• 12Kb
Paper Handling
100 A4 sheets (65gr/m2 cut sheet feeder)
65 sheets of Inkjet Paper
20 sheets of Photo or Glossy paper
10 sheets of Transparency
10 envelopes
Paper Support
• Paper size: A4, A5, A6, Letter, B5, Legal, Executive, Half Letter
• Paper weight (cut sheet): 64 to 90gr.m2
(Photo Paper = 194 gr.m2)
• Envelope: C6 (114 x162mm), No.10 (241 x 104mm)
& DL (220 x 110mm)
• Envelope weight: 45 to 75gr.m2
• Maximum printable area: (A4 paper) 204 x 291mm*
• Print margin: (A4 paper) 3mm top, left, right and bottom*
* Via custom setting in printer driver.
Otherwise bottom margin is 14mm.
• EPSON ESC/P Raster
• Storage: (wxdxh): 424mm x 229mm x 172mm
• Weight: 2.48kg
Ink Cartridges
• Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Mac
(Mac-C42UX only), (Win95-C42SX only)
PC Users: Minimum: Pentium processor for Windows 98;
133MHz Pentium processor for Windows 2000, 150MHz Pentium
processor for Windows Me, 233 MHz Pentium processor for
Windows XP; 16Mb of RAM for Windows 98, 64Mb of RAM for
Windows 2000, 32Mb of RAM for Windows Me, 64Mb of RAM
for Windows XP; 20Mb or more of free hard disk space for
Windows 98, 40MB or more for Windows 2000, 20Mb or more
for Windows Me, 100Mb or more for Windows XP.
Recommended: Pentium processor or higher for Windows 98,
133MHz Pentium processor or higher for Windows 2000, 150MHz
Pentium processor or higher for Windows Me, 300MHz Pentium
processor or higher for Windows XP; 64Mb RAM or more of
free hard disk space for Windows 98/2000/Me, 128Mb RAM or
more of free hard disk space for Windows XP; 50Mb or more
of free hard disk space for Windows 98/Me, 100MB or more
for Windows 2000/XP.
check your local supplier for availability
Macintosh users: Minimum: OS 8.1 6MB free RAM (foreground
printing, A4), 6MB free RAM (background printing, A4), OSX 10.1,
128MB free RAM
Recommended: OS 8.5.1 or 9.1, 13MB free RAM (foreground
printing, A4), 23MB free RAM (background printing, A4), OSX 10.1
or later, 256MB free RAM
• C13T036140 Black ink cartridge will print approximately
330 A4 text pages (ECMA)
• C13T037040 Colour ink cartridge will print approximately 180 A4
text pages at 15% in A4 360dpi mode (5% per colour)
• Example for printing the ‘Bike’ image* , (C13T037040) Colour
ink cartridge can print approximately 50 8 x 10" photos
• 1 year standard carry-in warranty
• 3 year optional extended
• Optional upgrade to 3 years
on-site or carry-in EPSON COVERPLUS*
* Not available in all countries
ISO 9001: 2000 BVQI Certification number 80678
ISO 14001 BVQI Certification number 80679