Epson | C11C424042 | Datasheet | Epson Stylus C80

Model name: EPSON Stylus C80
Part Number: C11C424042
Input Buffer
Paper Handling
• A4 Black and Colour Inkjet Printer
• Technology: EPSON Micro Piezo™
• Print Head configuration: 180 nozzles Black, 180
nozzles colour (60 per Cyan, Magenta & Yellow
• Print Head frequency 27KHz (maximum)
• Print direction: Bi-directional with logic seeking
• Noise level: 45 dbA per ISO 7779
• Power supply: 220–240 V model
• Power consumption: approx. 17 Watts
(per ISO 10561 Letter Pattern)
• Energy star compliant
• Maximum resolution: 2880 x 720 dpi with EPSON
Micro Dot™ 4 picolitre & EPSON Variable-Sized
droplet Technology in Black and colour
• Maximum resolution – Media dependant
- Plain Paper: up to 1440 dpi
- Photo Quality Inkjet Paper: up to 1440 dpi
- Photo Paper: up to 2880 dpi
- Premium Glossy Photo Paper: up to 2880 dpi
- Glossy Film: up to 2880 dpi
- Inkjet Transparencies: up to 360 dpi
• Maximum resolution depends on driver settings,
operating system and media type
CE Compatibility
• Directive 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC
Print Speed
• Approximately 20 ppm in black A4 text memo*1
pattern (Economy mode)
• Approximately 4.3 ppm in colour A4 text and
colour graphics*2 pattern (Normal mode)
• Approximately 153 seconds per photo*3 8 x 10"
(Superfine mode)
• Approximately 350 seconds per photo*3 8 x 11"
(Photo mode)
• Print speeds will vary depending upon configuration, print settings, application, coverage and
complexity of the printed page.
(*123 please see thumbnails for sample illustrations)
150 A4 sheets (64 gr/m2 cut sheet feeder)
65 sheets of Inkjet Paper
20 sheets of Photo or Glossy Paper
1 sheet of Premium Glossy Photo Paper
30 sheets of Transparency
15 envelopes
Paper Support
• Paper size: A4, A5, A6, 5x8", 8x10" Letter, B5,
Legal, Panoramic (210 x 594 mm)
• Paper weight: 64 to 255 gr.m2 (Premium Glossy
Photo Paper = 255 gr.m2)
• Envelope : C6 (114 x162 mm), No.10
(241 x 104 mm) & DL (220 x 110 mm)
• Envelope weight: 45 to 75 gr.m2
• Maximum printable area: (A4 paper)
x 291 mm*
• Print margin: (A4 paper) 3mm top, left, right
and bottom*
*Via custom setting in printer driver.
Otherwise bottom margin is 14 mm.
• Storage: (wxdxh): 452 mm x 320 mm x 201 mm
• Printing: (wxdxh): 452 mm x 562 mm x 295 mm
• Weight: 6.0 kg (without ink cartr
Ink Cartridges
• TO32140 Black ink cartridge will print
870 A4 text pages (ECMA)
• 3 separate Colour ink cartridges will print
approximately 420 A4 text pages at 15 %
(5 % for each colour)
• Example for printing the 8 x 10" ‘Bike’ image
Colour ink cartridge can print approximately:
Bk: 434 pages/Cyan: 143 pages/Magenta: 96
pages/Yellow: 128 pages. (8 x 10")
Paper: Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Quality: Default (fine, 720 x 720 dpi)
Optional Media
• Premium Glossy Photo Paper:
A4 (20 sheets)
100 x 8 metres
210mm x 10 metres
• Premium Semigloss Photo Paper:
A4 (20 sheets)
• Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper:
A4 (100 sheets)
• Photo Quality Ink Jet Card:
A6 (50 sheets)
• Photo Quality Ink Jet Note Card
5" x 8" (30 sheets)
8" x 10" (30 sheets)
A6 (20 cards with 20 C6 envelopes)
5 x 8" (10 cards with 10 envelopes) S041148
• Photo Quality Ink Jet Greeting Cards with
envelopes 8 x 10"
(10 cards with 10 envelopes)
• Others
Bright White Ink Jet Paper
(500 sheets)
Premium Ink Jet Plain Paper
(250 sheets)
Transparencies A4 (30 sheets)
Cool Peel ‘Iron-on’ Transfer Paper
A4 (10 sheets)
Photo Quality Self-Adhesive Sheets
A4 (10 sheets)
A4 Matte Paper – Heavyweight
(50 sheets)
Archival Matte Paper (50 sheets)
• Windows 95/98/Me/2000 DOS & Macintosh
(OS 8.5.1 or later) with USB
PC Users:
Minimum: i486/25 MHz Pentium processor for
Windows 95; i486/66 MHz Pentium processor for
Windows 98, 133 MHz for Windows 2000, 150
MHz for Windows Me, 16 Mb of RAM for Windows
95/98; 64 Mb of RAM for Windows Me/2000; 20
Mb of Free Hard Disk space for Windows
95/98/Me and 40 Mb for Windows 2000.
Recommended: 133 MHz Pentium processor or
higher, 32 Mb RAM or greater for Windows
95/98/Me & 64 Mb RAM for Windows 2000, 50
Mb or more of Free Hard Disk space for Windows
95/98/Me and 100 MB for Windows 2000.
Mac Users:
Minimum: Mac OS 8.1; 10 Mb (Foreground
Printing) and 13 Mb (Background Printing).
Recommended: Mac OS 8.5.1 or 9.1; 25 Mb or
greater (Foreground Printing) and 41 Mb or
greater (Background Printing).
Colour Matching
• Colour management system included in Windows
and Macintosh drivers:
- Windows 95/98/Me/2000 ICM
- sRGB (Win 98/Me/2000)
- Apple ColorSync 2.0 compatible
• 2 interface as standard:
- Bi-directional Parallel I/F (IEEE-1284) – USB*
Art.-Nr. MSEDG 1169 • Stand 08/01
• 256 Kb
*EPSON Stylus C80 supports the USB interface in the
following environment:
- PC with Windows 98/Me/2000 pre-installed
- PC Manufacturer guarantee USB operation
- Up to one hub
- USB supported Macintosh (iMac/G3/G4)
A4 Black
Text memo
A4 Text &
A4 Photo*3
*3 Illustration of ‘Bike’ image used for photo speeds.
Print Speeds Note:
The print times shown in this brochure are the
average time for multiple prints of the same page
over one minute. Times are measured from the
'Print' command to delivery of the page in the
tray. The speeds were achieved using the following system: 1 Ghz Pentium III, 128 Mb RAM,
Windows Me, USB Interface. Print times will vary
depending on computer configuration, settings,
application, coverage and page complexity.
Your EPSON dealer:
• EPSON Net 10/100 Base
External Print Server
• USB A-B cable
• 1 year return or replacement
• Optional upgrade to 3 years On-site
High performance Inkjet printer
• 20 ppm high quality plain paper inkjet printer
• Money saving separate ink cartridges
• Laser-crisp text and vibrant colour up to 2880 dpi
• Smudge-proof and waterproof pigment-based inks
The next-generation solution for ultra high speed, high performance
home and small office printing. Simply the best printer for high quality
laser-crisp text and vibrant colour on plain paper.
Designed and engineered with performance
and efficiency in mind, the EPSON Stylus C80
offers laser fast print speeds and a host of
developments that offer simple, superb, costeffective printing from start to finish. Now
one-off or multiple business documents of all
kinds can be printed on plain paper without
compromising quality.
Outstanding resolution, combined with
smudge-proof and water-proof inks, ensure
that reports and presentations, newsletters
and brochures, Internet downloads and
Setting new performance standards –
even on plain paper
The EPSON Stylus C80 combines breakthrough
quality with laser-fast print speeds up to
20ppm black and 10.5ppm colour, making
multiple print jobs a super-fast process. True
black text has never been sharper, while
colour graphics and images are richer, and
more vibrant than ever. What’s more, this
printer is designed to maximise print quality
for all your printing needs on plain paper –
simply, and as standard, offering superior
value for money.
graphics have never looked better or been
more durable, while remarkable ease of use
Exclusive EPSON pigment-based inks
and low cost per page make the EPSON
The EPSON Stylus C80 introduces reformulated EPSON pigment-based inks, which not
only produce crisper, high-definition laser
quality true blacks and more vibrant colours,
but are also super-penetrating, quicker drying, smudge proof and water and fade resistant. This means that your prints not only
look better, they have what it takes to stand
up to the rigours of business use.
Stylus C80 the high-value choice.
Key Features
• High ‘Laser’ speed printing – up to
20ppm black text and 10.5ppm colour
• Laser sharp quality on plain paper in
both black and colour
• Convenient separate ink cartridges for
maximum performance and outstanding
• Smudge proof and waterfast quick drying,
pigment black and colour inks
• EPSON ‘Intellidge’ Ink system for accurate
ink level information for each individual
• Up to 2880 x 720 dpi resolution for high
quality black and colour printing
• EPSON’s unique PerfectPicture Imaging
System™- technologies working together
for quality and speed
• Parallel and USB connectivity for
Windows® and Macintosh®
• Advanced driver features including
PhotoEnhance 4 software for automatic
image optimisation
• 150 auto sheet feeder for large print runs
and multiple document handling
• Optional networking solutions
Advanced printer driver
providing full guidance
through all user operations.
Money-saving ink cartridge system
Quality and efficiency are further enhanced
by the introduction of four separate ink
cartridges. The ability to replace individual
colours (via a simple push-in pull-out
system) makes high volume black or colour
printing such as multiple copies, or documents with blocks of colour much more
straightforward and economical. These high
level EPSON ‘Intellidge’ ink cartridges, with
integral CSIC chips, keep track of ink levels
and accurately relay them to the user onscreen via EPSON Status Monitor 3.
Featuring a reclosable valve, a part-used
cartridge can be replaced with a full one
say for longer print jobs, and when
replaced it will ‘remember’ the precise
ink levels, with the ink staying as good
as new for up to six months.
EPSON Stylus C80
A high-speed USB plug-andplay interface as standard.
150 sheet auto feeder
Plug-and-play connectivity
The EPSON Stylus C80 is built to handle
demanding, high-throughput office printing. With the 150 sheet auto sheet feeder
being ideally suited to printing multiple
copies of presentation documents and
reports simply, economically and at high
speed. Also, for added professionalism and
efficient use of media, manual duplexing
software enables printing on both sides of
the page.
A standard USB port provides simple connectivity to a range of PC and Mac systems
including G3, G4 and iMac™, while a standard Parallel interface is included for nonUSB connection. Also, multiple users can
access the unique capabilities of the EPSON
Stylus C80 through the easy to use, optional external networking solution.
Keeping it simple
EPSON printer drivers offer a range of features designed to combine superb printing
with simple, easy operation. Setting up is a
breeze, with regular pop-up messages to
guide you through, followed by comprehensive feedback and control of every aspect
of printing, from resolution, media types
and formats to a range of custom options.
Features such as EPSON PhotoEnhance 4
and Web smoothing automatically optimise
print quality from lower resolution digital
camera or Internet images and offer
straightforward image editing, special
effects and layout options.
New aesthetic design
Once again, EPSON matches exceptional
performance with super-quiet operation,
compact dimensions and sleek good looks.
The latest ‘lifestyle’ design includes an
innovative paper tray and smoother, modern lines which are sure to add style to any
EPSON Genuine Consumables
There’s a simple way to ensure that your new EPSON Stylus Inkjet provides the ultimate combination of performance, reliability and a long, trouble-free working life – use only genuine EPSON
consumables. Choose from EPSON’s extensive range of media formats and finishes designed for a
wide range of applications that bring you the ultimate in print quality.
A4 Premium Ink Jet
Plain Paper
A4 Bright white
Inkjet Paper
Five separate pigment based EPSON
‘Intellidge’ Ink Cartridges – T032140/
T032240/T032340/T032440/T032540 –
enable prints that are dry to touch as
soon as they leave the printer.
A4 Photo Quality
Inkjet Paper
A4 Premium Glossy
Photo Paper
A4 Matte Paper –
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