Epson | C11C496032 | Datasheet | Epson Stylus CX5200

Model Name
Stylus CX5200
Part Number
C11C496034 (Western Europe)
C11C496034GE (Eastern Europe)
Ink Cartridges
Capacity: 1240 A4 pages,
3.5% coverage
Print Quality
Print Speed
Magenta: T0423
EPSON Micro Piezo™
4 colour separate cartridge system
Yellow: T0424
DURABrite Ink
Capacity: 420 A4 pages,
5% coverage
Up to 5760 optimised dpi using
RPM (Resolution Performance
Management) on suitable media
Weight: 9.0Kg
Approx. 11ppm – A4 colour text
document (Economy mode)*2
Power consumption:
23W (ISO 10561) pattern
Approx 155 seconds to print 8 x 10''
bike image (Fine mode)*4
See image samples
Noise Level: 46db(A) (ISO 7779)
Approx. 5cpm – A4 colour text
document (Economy Mode)*2
LCD Control Panel
Independent Menu, Copies/Value
Number of copies 1-99
AutoFit Function
Margin Modes: Reduced, Standard
Scanner Type: A4, Flatbed,
Single Pass Image Scanner
Optical resolution 1200 x 2400dpi
USB 1.1
Your EPSON dealer:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP:
Pentium 233MHz; 64MB RAM;
200MB HDD Space
Windows 98/ME/2000:
Pentium 233MHz; 64MB RAM;
550MB HDD Space
Windows XP:
Pentium 300MHz; 128MB RAM;
550MB HDD Space
Macintosh OS 9.1 or later:
PowerPC G3; 128MB RAM;
550MB HDD Space
Macintosh OS X 10.1 or later
(Classic Mode only):
PowerPC G3;
256MB RAM; 550MB HDD Space
Art.-Nr. 7010137 – Stand 11/02
The print times shown in this brochure are the average time for multiple
prints of the same page over one minute. Times are measured from the
‘Print’ command to the delivery of the page in the tray. The speeds were
achieved using the following system: 200Mhz Pentium PC, 64MB RAM,
2GB HDD, Windows 95 or 98.
Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000,
Macintosh OS X 10.1 or later
(Classic Mode only): PowerPC G3;
128MB RAM; 200MB
HDD Space
CCD Details: 3 line CCD
Monochrome: 8.4msec/Line
Colour: 8.4msec/Line
Print times will vary depending on computer configuration, print setting,
application, coverage and page complexity.
Macintosh OS 8.6:
PowerPC G3; 128MB RAM;
200MB HDD Space
* Test conditions as follows: (Indoor Display Condition)
Light source:
Fluorescent light
70,000 lux
Glass mount:
2mm, soda lime
Fade criteria:
Pure YMC 30% Loss at OD=1
Display-life Calculation:
Total illuminance/(500 lux x 10 hours x 365 days = 1 year)
* The data is calculated by EPSON’s accelerated test and it does not mean EPSON guarantee periods.
Tests developed and conducted by EPSON.
8"x10" Photo
(Bike Image)*4
Print Speeds Note:
Macintosh® OS (Classic Mode Only)
Reduce/Enlarge: 25 to 400%
Scanning Speed
A4 Text & Colour
Operating System
48-bit in, 24-bit out
A4 Colour
Text Memo*2
* Warranty offers are not available in all
Copy Modes: Standard, Repeat,
2-up, 4-up
Scan Quality
Standard: 1 year manufacturer's
warranty with carry-in service
A4 Black
Text Memo*1
Optional: extension of the warranty
to 3 year EPSON COVERPLUS on site
or with carry-in service
Approx. 15cpm – A4 black text
document (Economy mode)*1
Standalone Copier
CE Directive 89/336/EEC
and 73/23/EEC
Scan Technology
Dimensions (w x d x h):
453 x 434 x 254mm
Approx. 22ppm – A4 black text
document (Economy mode)*1
Approx 4ppm – A4 colour text &
graphic document (Normal Mode)*3
Copy Speed
Cyan: T0422
Print Technology
Black: T0321
ISO 9001 : 2000 BVQI Certification number 80678
ISO 14001 BVQI Certification number 80679
High performance colour printing, standalone copying,
and scanning solution for the home and office
• Fast, flexible standalone copying solution with high quality 1200dpi scanning
• NEW EPSON DURABrite inks for unbeatable plain paper results
• Up to 5760 optimised dpi for true photo quality output on suitable media
• High speed printing up to 22ppm black, 11ppm colour
• Money saving separate Intellidge Ink Cartridges
The stylish, all-in-one solution
for printing, copying and scanning
The EPSON Stylus CX5200 is a new high-end multi-function device –
a one-stop home or office printing and copying solution. It has highspeed standalone colour copying capability, with no need to power up
your PC for high quality, fast, colour copies. Based on the latest inkjet
and scanner technology, the EPSON Stylus CX5200 benefits from
DURABrite inks, separate ink cartridges and high speed,
high resolution printing and scanning.
EPSON DURABrite Performance
The EPSON Stylus CX5200 uses new EPSON
DURABrite ink technology. Durable and lightfast, DURABrite inks are fade resistant up to
70 years*, resistant to water and smudge proof.
Developed specifically to offer laser sharp
performance in black and vibrant colour
reproduction even on plain or recycled paper.
High quality, 1200dpi scanning
EPSON Speed, Quality and Simplicity
The EPSON Stylus CX5200 offers high speed
printing at up to 22ppm black and 11ppm
colour – with inks dry as soon as they leave
the printer. With an optimised resolution on
suitable media of up to 5760 dpi, the EPSON
Stylus CX5200 produces crisp, dense blacks,
vibrant colours and high definition photo
quality printing.
The built-in high quality 1200 x 2400dpi
scanner gives you the power to capture
documents, photos and an infinite range of
other business materials or family keepsakes
in accurate detail and rich 48-bit colour.
EPSON Smart Panel software provides a host
of user-friendly tools and shortcuts that
automatically chooses the correct scanning
parameters for optimum copying, scanning
and photo printing activities. A number of
options are available via the easy-to-follow
on-screen control panel:
• Photo Print – Scan, print in various formats
• E-Mail/Fax – Scan, send as e-mail or fax*
• OCR – Scan documents as editable text
• Copy – Scan, copy
* via EPSON Smart Panel software
• EPSON New DURABrite ink – amazing performance on
plain and recycled papers
• Perfect plain paper prints
• Fade resistant photo’s up to 70 years*
• Waterproof and smudge proof prints
• High-speed standalone copy solution
• High quality 1200dpi, 48-bit scanning
• Fast 22ppm printing
Advanced driver flexibility
A new printer driver offers more on-screen
information than ever. Ink levels can be
monitored, beginners can adjust basic
settings or experienced users can access a
variety of advanced controls.
• Money saving separate ink cartridges
• High quality up to 5760 optimised dpi
• EPSON Smart Panel helps make scanning the simplest
of tasks
• No cable clutter
• Space saving
• Easy to use
• Faster paper loading and time to first print
• Clear, simple LCD panel for operation without a PC
Advanced standalone copy solution
The EPSON Stylus CX5200 is a high-speed
standalone copy solution, with an intuitive
LCD interface for PC-less copying. Advanced
standalone copying and page layout options
are available that mimic the functions of a real
photocopier - without powering up your PC.
On button/Power LED
Colour and B/W Copy buttons
Copies/Value button
(Up button)
LCD panel
Menu buttons
(L and R buttons)
Copies/Value button
(Down button)
• Application – Scan to chosen application
• Creativity – Scan to photo editing software
• Scan to Web – scan, upload images to Internet
albums via EPSON's Photo Sharing website:
Intelligent ink cartridges
The EPSON Stylus CX5200 utilises separate
Intellidge cartridges for each of the four
colours. Enhanced feedback with accurate ink
level monitoring keeps you fully informed,
and resealable valves allow partially used
cartridges to be removed and replaced at a
later date – say when a full one is needed
for a large print run.
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