Print Technology
• EPSON Micro Piezo™
• EPSON QuickDry™ 6-colour inks
• CE Directive 89/336/EEC & 73/23/EEC
• ENERGY STAR Compliant
Print Quality
• Up to 5760 optimised dpi using RPM
(Resolution Performance Management) on
suitable media
Print Speed
• Approx. 7.8ppm – A4 black text document
(Economy mode)*1
• Approx. 7.6ppm – A4 colour text document
(Economy mode)*2
• Approx. 2.2 – A4 text & colour graphics
document (Normal mode)*3
• Approx. 50 seconds per photo (4x6")*4
• Standard: 1 year manufacturer's warranty
with carry-in service
• Optional: extension of the warranty to
3 year EPSON COVERPLUS on site or with
carry-in service
* See image samples
Operating System Compatibility
• Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000, Me, XP
• Macintosh® OS 8.5.1, 10.1.2 or later
Paper Handling
• Cut Sheet Sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5, Legal,
Letter, Half Letter, roll
paper (100x8mm),
Panoramic (210x594mm)
• Photo Paper:
A4, Letter, 4x6",
Panoramic (210x594mm),
roll paper (100mmx8m)
• Envelopes:
C6, No.10, DL, 5x8"
• Weight:
64~90 g/m2. Up to 255
g/m2. using EPSON
genuine Media only
• Max. Capacity: 100 A4 sheets (65g/m2)
30 Inkjet Transparencies
20 sheets of Photo Paper
65 Photo Quality Ink Jet
• Max. Print Area: 210 x 297mm*
• Min Border:
0mm on all sides*
*via driver settings
Ink Cartridges
• Black:
• Capacity:
• Colour:
• Capacity:
• Dimensions
(w x d x h):
Art.-Nr. 7010145 – Stand 10/02
• Weight:
• Noise Level:
• Power
540 A4 Pages at 3.5%
220 A4 Pages at 5%
* Warranty offers are not available in all countries.
Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98
20MB HDD Space
Windows ME
Pentium 150MHz
20MB HDD Space
Windows 2000
Pentium 133MHz
40MB HDD Space
Windows XP
Pentium 233MHz
100MB HDD Space
Macintosh OS 8.5.1
14MB (Foreground)
16MB (Background)
Macintosh OS X 10.1.2
or later
A4 Black
Text Memo*1
A4 Colour
Text Memo*2
A4 Text & Colour A4 Photo
(Bike Image)*4
*4 Illustration of ‘Bike’ image used for photo speeds.
Print Speeds Note:
Print times will vary depending on computer configuration, print setting,
application, coverage and page complexity.
The print times shown in this brochure are the average time for multiple
prints of the same page over one minute. Times are measured from the
‘Print’ command to the delivery of the page in the tray. The speeds were
achieved using the following system: 200Mhz Pentium PC, 64MB RAM,
2GB HDD, Windows 95 or 98.
Recommended System Requirements
Windows 98
Pentium 300MHz or higher
64MB RAM or more
50MB HDD Space or more
Windows ME
Pentium 300MHz or higher
64MB RAM or more
50MB HDD Space or more
Windows 2000
Pentium 300MHz or higher
64MB RAM or more
100MB HDD Space or more
Windows XP
Pentium 300MHz or higher
128MB RAM or more
100MB HDD Space or more
Macintosh OS
9.1 or later
Macintosh OS X
10.1.2 or later
Your EPSON dealer:
29MB (Foreground)
48MB (Background)
ISO 9001 : 2000 BVQI Certification number 80678
ISO 14001 BVQI Certification number 80679
467 x 256 x 212mm
467 x 484 x 309mm
39dB(A) (ISO 7779)
18 Watts (ISO 10561)
Test conditions as follows: (Indoor Display Condition)
Light source:
Fluorescent light
70,000 lux
Glass mount:
2mm, soda lime
Fade criteria:
Pure YMC 30% Loss at OD=1
Display-life Calculation:
Total illuminance/(500 lux x 10 hours x 365 days = 1 year)
* The data is calculated by EPSON’s accelerated test and it does not mean EPSON guarantee periods.
Tests developed and conducted by EPSON.
Professional quality, easy to use,
standalone photo printing
• Up to 5760dpi optimised resolution on suitable media
• True standalone printing via built-in PCMCIA card slot – no PC required
• Prints borderfree for perfect photo lab style prints up to A4
• 6 colour inks as standard for beautiful photo results
• PRINT Image Matching technology for faithful reproduction of Digital Camera Images
Introducing the EPSON Stylus Photo 915…
simplifying digital photo printing
The EPSON Stylus Photo 915 is an excellent photo printer, ideal for for all amateur digital
camera and family users. This genuine photo lab alternative provides top quality, border-free
photo output direct from a wide range of digital still camera (DSC) memory cards without
requiring connection to a PC. It gives exceptional optimised dpi print resolution using 6 colours
and will even provide up to 25 years of print life on EPSON papers*.
The EPSON Stylus Photo 915 simplifies
digital photo printing, giving high quality
results with ease and minimum effort. It’s
perfect for any modern family that enjoys
the convenience of digital photography.
It is also flexible enough to print perfect
text and graphic documents, such as
reports, assignments and DTP projects.
For Your Convenience… No PC Required
To make your photo printing as straightforward as possible, EPSON has integrated
a PCMCIA card slot into the EPSON Stylus
Photo 915.
All you need to do to achieve great quality
prints is load your media card directly into
the EPSON Stylus Photo 915’s card slot
(a wide range of memory cards can be used
via the included adapters) and choose
which images you wish to print from the
on-board LCD interface. It couldn’t be
easier to produce great quality photo
Why Process When You Can Print?
Not only does the EPSON Stylus Photo 915
boast standalone convenience, it also uses
EPSON’s revolutionary technologies to
achieve superb print quality. Combining
the unique Micro Piezo™ print head’s tiny,
Variable-sized ink droplets and 6 colour
inks, EPSON achieves a stunning print
resolution of up to 5760 optimised dpi
on suitable media which redefines highdefinition printing. The results speak for
themselves: vivid, sparkling and precise
photos that rival those from any high
street film processor.
Perfect Photos Everytime
As well as printing easily and with bestever quality, the EPSON Stylus Photo 915
offers further photo printing attributes for
greater results. It automatically prints
without borders on both 100 x 150mm and
A4 paper and with the attachable roll
paper holder, continuous photos sets can
be printed. You can also print banner
enlargements and panoramic shots easily
with this facility, enabling great special
format prints of your favourite pictures.
EPSON Ultra Micro Dot™
The permanent EPSON Micro Piezo™ print
head propels perfectly formed ink droplets
onto the page with absolute precision,
producing the virtually invisible 4 picolitre
EPSON Ultra Micro Dot™ for highest quality
EPSON Variable-sized Droplet
To keep print speeds fast, the smallest ink
droplets are only used for areas of high
detail and gradations, for areas of block
colour larger droplets are produced.
Up to 5760 Optimised DPI*
using Resolution Performance
Management (RPM)
EPSON’s RPM Technology manages the
placement of up to six ink droplet sizes and
the placement of these droplets to deliver
superior photo quality prints.
* on suitable media
Intellidge Ink cartridges
‘Intelligent’ IC chips relay precise ink levels
information to the user and resealable valves
mean the cartridges can be easily swapped
over as required.
• Exceptional print quality – up to 5760dpi optimised
resolution on suitable media
• Continuous Photolab style prints – no borders at all on
100 x 150mm and A4 papers
• Built-in PCMCIA card slot for direct printing –
no PC required!
• 6 colour standard ink set for outstanding photo quality
• Standalone operation supporting CompactFlash™,
SmartMedia™, Memory Stick®, MultiMediaCard™ and SD
Card via adaptors supplied
• Optional LCD panel for quick, clear previewing of images
via card reader
• Paper roll holder for volume printing
• Dual, high-capacity QuickDry™ ink system with Intellidge
• Ideal for A4 text and colour graphics printing such as
reports and assignments
• EPSON PRINT Image Matching™ technology for faithful
reproduction of Digital Camera images
• EPSON PhotoQuicker 3.2 advanced photo layout software
• Stylish new design
Taking Control
The EPSON Stylus Photo 915 puts you in
complete control of your digital photo
output. If you don't want to spend time
using PCs then the standalone operation is
perfect, especially with the optional LCD
print preview monitor to help with the
selection and viewing of images. When
using a PC, however, EPSON’s unique
PhotoQuicker 3.2 software gives you added
imaging functions. It’s a virtual digital
darkroom providing advanced photo
options such as image enhancing effects,
automatic resizing, filters and even
facilities for adding text.
EPSON QuickDry™ Inks
These dye-based inks have been specifically
formulated to give vibrant colours, smoother
tonal ranges and superb colour expression as
standard, whilst offering oustanding
lightfast prints on EPSON media.
* Dependent on media. Please refer to
lightfast test conditions on reverse.
Life-like Quality
The EPSON Stylus Photo 915 uses PRINT
Image Matching (P.I.M. II) technology to
ensure your prints look just like the image
you captured with your P.I.M. enabled
digital camera. Specific characteristics,
such as lighting conditions, are automatically recorded along with the image
file ensuring your finished photographs
match the original pictures taken.
Matching™(P.I.M. II)
Faithfully interprets settings and produces
images faithful to the original Digital Still
Camera image (when using a P.I.M. enabled
camera). This is achieved by the camera
actually creating print commands when the
pictures are taken.