Stand-up Booklet protective case for the iPad
The Apple iPad has arrived and DICOTA offers the ultimate in
snug protection with its new PadBook. The multifunctional
Booklet protective case will impress you with its high quality
outer material made from 40% wool and 60% acrylic and it is
tailor-made for the iPad. The Pad Book offers the option of
using the iPad whilst it is secure in its case. In addition, the
PadBook has a feature allowing it to function as a stand. The
stand can also be adjusted to different angles.
The PadBook is available in black.
Art. Nr.: N27108P (black)
Weight: 0.2 kg / 0.44 lbs
Dimensions: 255 x 199 x 15 mm / 10 x 7.8 x 0.6 inch
For Notebooks up to: 243 x 14 x 190.0 mm / 9.6 x 0.6 x 7.5