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Data sheet:
Product code
Product name
: LN-309
: Printer Server for all-in-one
EAN code
: 8716502016396
Printers & Storage
This multifunctional USB Server is the ideal solution for
sharing your All-in-One USB printers, USB printers and USB
scanners in your network. Connect the USB Server to your
router or switch and you can print, scan or fax from
anywhere in the house or office, and the equipment no
longer has to be close to your PC. The USB Server is also
suitable for connecting external USB hard disks, so that
you can also share and save files from any PC in your
Easily share a printer
Share your USB (All-in-one) printer
via your network
Optimal compatibility
Works with external
hard drives
and scanners
Box content:
System requirement:
• Printer Server
• User manual
• CD-rom, Power Adapter
• Windows 2000/Xp/Vista
• Free network port on Hub, Switch, PC or notebook
Designed in Europe
No. 12107