Fitting Your Suspended Ceiling
Fitting Your Judge Suspended Ceiling
Exposed Grid System Guide
Take your time planning and preparing properly and you’ll end up with a
professional installation. Here’s how…
NOTE: Grid edges can be sharp. Open and handle kits with care.
Step 1
Draw a plan of your room to establish the position of main supporting tee bars and the
size of cut you’ll need to make to perimeter tiles.
Note the direction of ceiling joists (if any). These will usually span the narrowest width.
Run main tees in the opposite direction so they ‘cross’ joists.
Step 2
Decide on the depth of your suspended ceiling. The minimum depth to drop a
suspended ceiling is 100mm (approx) but you’ll need more room (at least 150mm)
above the suspended ceiling if you’re fitting lighting.
Mark a line around your room at the desired height using a spirit or laser level
(available from
Measure and cut your first wall angle and fix to the wall (with the deepest edge against
the wall). For brick/plaster walls we would suggest masonry nails or screws and plugs
at approx 300mm intervals. Other surfaces may require different or additional fixings.
Step 3
Measure and cut main tees to size. Run a main tee from the centre of the wall angle
(going across the line of your ceiling joists). Run further main tees, adjacent to the first,
at 1.2 metre intervals.
Main tees have a standard length of 3.6m. For rooms requiring a longer main tee use
the built in joint plate to attach additional lengths.
For lengths shorter than 3.6m cut main tees (and all additional cross tees) with tin snips
or hacksaw.
JUDGE EXPERT TIP: Pay careful attention to keeping the slots on the main body of
the tees in line. If they’re not straight your finished ceiling won’t be either. Our tip?
Stretch a string line across the room where the first row of cross tees will be placed.
This will show you where the first row of pre-punched slots needs to be.
Support each main tee with a wire hanger positioned at the centre and then at approx
1.2m intervals from the centre with the final hanger 300mm from the perimeter.
Fitting Your Judge Suspended Ceiling
Exposed Grid System Guide (contd.)
Step 4
Install cross tees, linking 1200mm tees into main tees and 600mm tees into 1200mm
tees to form a 600 x 600mm lattice of squares.
If you’re using 1200x600mm (rather than 600x600mm) tiles then omit the 600mm cross
Cut perimeter cross tees to size and rest them on the wall angle (and see Step 5).
Step 5
With the framework in place and rigid you can now insert the ceiling tiles. Tilt each tile
up through the opening and lower to rest square on the grid.
JUDGE EXPERT TIP: Before fixing perimeter cross tees in place drop in a few tiles to
square up the grid. Then fix perimeter tees.
Use a Stanley-type trimming knife to cut suspended ceiling tiles.
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