Power Protection for
Business-Critical Continuity
UPStationTM GXT 2U
The New Shape of Network Power Protection
The Reliability Of True On-Line Operation,
The Configurability Of A Computer
The Liebert GXT 2U UPS system takes the outstanding features and unmatched
reliability of Liebert’s UPStation GXT series - and puts it all into a smaller 2U
size cabinet. As a true on-line UPS, GXT 2U includes power factor correction,
internal batteries, frequency conversion, capability unlimited external battery
connectability, and internal automatic and manual bypass capability.
The Liebert GXT 2U is designed with the features you need to protect mission-critical
equipment from a variety of power problems:
True on-line design
Wide input voltage window allows UPS support
without going to battery, extending systems
Built in Surge Suppression
User replaceable batteries without removing
GXT 2U from rack
SNMPE3 compatible
Compatible with new SNMP/Web Card
Compatible with Multiport4 or 8
Compatible with RelayCard INT
Compatible with MultiLink
External plug and play, 2U battery cabinets available
Standard two-year warranty
Configurable as rack or tower
On-Line UPS
Protection for Essential
and Critical Applications
The GXT 2U will transfer the critical
load to utility power (bypass mode)
in the event of adverse conditions
within the UPS. This adds an extra
measure of reliability and availability
to the supported equipment. No
additional cabinets are necessary.
Power Factor
The Right Features In Just The Right Size
On-line design means zero transfer time from external to internal power. When utility power fails, your critical
load remains supported by a seamless flow of power from the GXT 2U.
For maximum control, the GXT 2U is custom configurable to your needs using a specially designed Windows
software package. Offered in 700,1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 VA capacities, the GXT 2U also provides easy
serviceability with user replaceable batteries. This is all available in one of the most affordable UPS systems in its class.
Quality Power
The Liebert GXT 2U is a true on-line power source, so whatever the
quality of power coming in – the pur e sinewave output meets the exacting
standards of your equipment. Unlike other UPS technologies, the GXT 2U’s
design handles all these potential power problems:
Power spikes and transients
EMI/RFI noise
Voltage sags and brownout conditions
Power-factor corrected loads
Built-In Reliability
The GXT 2U is designed from the inside out for maximum reliability. It
includes operating features that simply are not available on other units
in its price range:
Power-factor corrected loads – the GXT 2U m aintains stable voltage
output even with the power-factor corrected loads typical of modern
computer equipment.
Frequency conversion – allows 60Hz in put/50Hz output or 50Hz
input/60Hz output with no derating.
Unlimited external battery connectability – any n umber of 2U
battery cabinets can be added to supply additional battery time.
Internal automatic and manual bypass capability – as sures
continuity of power to critical loads during system problems or
Sophisticated Protection In An East-To-Use Package
The GXT 2U is easy to install... easy to set up... and even easier to use. It features simple operation with a single
switch for uncomplicated, error-free start up. A front-mounted panel displays system status, load levels, battery
capacity and any alarm conditions.
For maximum flexibility, the GXT 2U can be easily
installed as a space-saving, rack-mounted unit or as a compact
freestanding tower. This versatility allows it to be used to protect
networks, servers, telecommunications equipment or industrial
process equipment... just about anywhere.
In order to fully protect your network, a UPS must be
able to deal with different types of power input, including
imperfect power from your electric utility, the variable output of
most standby generators, and harmonics from inside the building
or even from your own network equipment. The Liebert GXT 2U is
designed to handle these situations. If a UPS can’t provide proper
protection under these conditions, then it isn’t providing complete
A New View On Configuring Your UPS
Each GXT 2U is shipped with Windows ® compatible software that allows the user to
program a variety of operating parameters. This capability allows you to customize the GXT
2U’s performance to your specific requirements, providing a new level of power protection
control and adaptability.
The software allows configuration of the following:
Output voltage selectable: 200V, 208V, 220V, 230V and 240V.
Enable or disable auto restart.
Enable or disable line-neutral reversal detection.
Select frequency converter mode:
•60Hz input/50Hz output with no derating,
bypass is disabled
•50Hz input/60Hz output with no derating,
bypass is disabled
Change the low battery warning from the standard 2 minutes.
Select how often you want the automatic battery test to occur.
Disable automatic battery test if desired.
Program the UPS for the number of external battery cabinets
connected, allowing the UPS to report the correct run time.
•Configure Output Voltage
•Enable/Disable Auto Restart
•Enable/Disable Line Neutral
Reversal Detection
•Select Frequency Converter Mode
•Select Low Battery Warning Time
•Select Automatic Battery
Test Time
•Select Number of External
Battery Cabinets
•Enable/Disable Automatic
Battery test
Communications For
Power Monitoring and Control
The GXT 2U offers a variety of communications options to provide the monitoring and control
capabilities demanded by today’s network computing systems.
Intellislot ® SNMP/Web Card
For enhanced UPS communications and control, the Intellislot SNMP/Web Card will deliver SNMP and webmanagement communications capability to your GXT 2U unit. This feature will provide flexibility in how you monitor
and control your UPS over the network. The card is also easily configurable to work in a standard SNMP implementation
and with Liebert’s MultiLink unattended shutdown software.
SNMP/Web Card monitors a
wide range of UPS
information, allowing users to
monitor, control, and manage
their GXT 2U UPS over the
network via the Web and
MultiLinkTM Shutdown Software
Your GXT 2U UPS system can be used with Liebert MultiLink shutdown software. This package automatically
shuts down computer operating systems in a smooth and orderly manner if UPS battery capacity runs low.
MultiLink automated shutdown software performs the critical task of protecting information for one computer
or a network. It is available in both single and multi-user versions and is designed to run on a wide variety of
operating platforms. During an extended utility failure, MultiLink automatically shuts down computer operating
systems in a smooth and orderly manner if UPS battery capacity runs low. MultiLink is designed to keep users
informed. Notification about critical alarms can be sent to alphanumeric pagers or directly to the computer screen
via pop-up messages. MultiLink may be configured for either in-band or out-of-band operation. Using the
network to send alarm messages and data can dramatically reduce cable and installation costs. Alternatively, separate
communications cables can be run to each computer when network wiring is a concern.
Automatic Responses
for every UPS event
may be customized.
details appear in the
bottom window
pane when the
event and response
type are selected.
The Ability To Handle
A Wide Range Of Power Input
When your computer system can’t be without power, even for scheduled UPS maintenance,
a Liebert 2U POD™ ensures continuous uptime. The 2U PODTM provides maintenance bypass
capability as well as power output distribution. The 2U PODTM can be used with your GXT 2U
UPS system in either the rack mount or tower configuration.
The 2U POD TM allows you to manually transfer your connected equipment to utility power via a maintenance bypass switch,
permitting scheduled maintenance or UPS replacement without power disruption. Transferring back to UPS power is
equally easy; simply turn the switch to the indicated position and your load is protected by the UPS.
Use of the 2U PODTM offers many benefits:
Provides utility power to your attached equipment when switched to maintenance bypass mode.
Allows UPS maintenance or replacement of the UPS without discontinuing power to critical equipment.
Easily installed – the UPS and u tility power are both connected to the 2U PODTM with the supplied cords.
Rotary switch and LED indicators make the unit simple to operate.
The 2U POD has two modes of operation, UPS mode (UPS available) and utility mode (maintenance bypass). During
the UPS mode, the power is being routed through the UPS system as per Figure 1. During the utility mode of operation,
power is being routed around (bypassing) the UPS system as per Figure 2, with power being supplied to the connected
load through the 2U POD.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Optional 2U POD TM
output distribution
and maintenance
bypass module
ensures continuous
uptime, even during
UPS maintenance.
Model Number
Power Rating VA/W
Double Conversion True On-Line
Input AC Parameters
Voltage Range
230 VAC nominal (119 to 280 VAC variable based upon output load)
40 - 70 Hz; Auto Sensing
200/208/220/230/240 (user configurable) VAC
50 Hz or 60 Hz (user configurable)
Wave Form
Output AC Parameters
Valve regulated, non spillable, flame retardant, lead acid
Quantity x Voltage X Rating
4 x 12 V x 7.0 x or 7.2 Ah
4 x 12 x 9.0 Ah
Hot Swappable Battery
6 x 12 V x 9.0 Ah
Back Up Time
Typical Load
24 minutes
13 minutes
10 minutes
8 minutes
8 minutes
Half Load
44 minutes
25 minutes
20 minutes
14 minutes
16 minutes
Recharge Time
5 Hours to 95% capacity after full discharge into 100% load
Input Sockets
Output Sockets
D89 Communication Port
EN 60320/C14
EN 60320/C20
(4) EN 60320/C13
(4) EN 60320/C13
(1) EN 60320/C19
Yes (serial communication)
Dimension and Weight
Dimension W x D x H
89 x 546 x 432 mm
Shipping Dimension W x D x H
89 x 615 x 432 mm
268 x 692 x 535 mm
Net Weight
22 kgs
23 kgs
23 kgs
25 kgs
34 kgs
Gross Weight
27 kgs
27 kgs
27 kgs
28.4 kgs
35.4 kgs
Operating Environment
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Relative Humidity
0 C to +40 C (+32 F to +104 F )
-15 C to 50 C (+5 F to + 122 F )
0% to 95%, non condensing
No. of Input Cables Included
No. of Output Cables Included
Please use the cable provided with your server
MultiLink Auto Shutdown Software CD
MultiLink Communication Cable
User Configuration Kit
MiniTower Kit
Rack Mounting Handles
Rack Mounting Support Rails
Standard Warranty
2 years
Extended Warranty
Standards and Approvals
Surge Immunity
EN 50091-1-1, CE compliance mark, for both Low Voltage and EMC Directive
EN 50091-2, Class A
EN 61000 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5
ISTA Procedure 1A
While every precaution has been taken to ensure accuracy and completeness in this brochure, Liebert Corporation assumes no responsibility, and
disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of this information or for any errors or omissions.
© 2005 Liebert Corporation. All rights reserved throughout the world. Specifications subject to change without notice. All names referred to are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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